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xiaomi mijia m365 pro electric scooter, up to 100 kg, black logo

I was surprised by the quality for this price.

Revainrating 5 out of 5

So, finally, I bought myself a proshku. Last summer I took a regular 365 from a colleague at work and was delighted. But the problem is that I love to eat, and for me it is frankly weak. No, he pulled everywhere, but the reserve was about 15-20 km. I liked the idea myself, and now they bought 2 scooters: I’m a bug and an ordinary girl. And it turned out that we are driving on a level, both in terms of speed and mileage. Pukhlyasha pulls me for 100 about 30-35 km. It's really cool! It is no longeSee full review

xiaomi mi x mijia wiha precision screwdriver set (dzn4000cn), 25 pcs logo

I was disappointed with the deception on the part of the store, in the photo and in the name one thing, but another comes. Therefore, I put two stars, if the store does something, I will change the ratingSee full review

saw bosch psa 700 e logo

It is possible to cut trunks at ground level. It was necessary to saw off an incorrectly growing trunk near the viburnum with a thickness of 10 cm. I coped easily. with a hacksaw at such a level from the ground I could not cut it down, and I would have to sweat.See full review

tent extreme double tramp sarma v2, gray logo

I'm very happy, it really is worth buying.

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Has pros: Reasonable price, light weight! Durable, comfortable, did not get wet in the daily rain! Cons below: Drops fall through the inner mesh. Pegs are not convenient to stick with your bare hand.See full review

wheel disk skad veritas 6x15/4x114.3 d66.1 et45, selena logo

The discs are of high quality, perfectly balanced with Yokahama tires, one disc is completely zero without loads! Respect seller!See full review

wall-ceiling lamp in home spo-108 (36w 6500k 2700lm), 36 w, 119.2 x 7.5 cm, armature color: white, shade color: white logo

Disgusting quality, impossible to use.

Revainrating 1 out of 5

Simply amazing delivery! The goods are sent in a factory film, which is safely torn during transportation. Yes, and managed to bend the body. You should not order such a product on , then you will have to bother with the return, or put up with jambs on the product.See full review

grill redmond steakmaster rgm-m813, black logo

It was a reasonable purchase, will order more.

Revainrating 4 out of 5

Its pros: Excellent grill, prepared cutlets, burgers, shawarma, sandwiches, sausages, kupaty, pancakes, chicken breasts. Everything is fine. Both automatic programs and manual mode. Panels are removable and easy to clean. The grill itself is well made. With its cons: We take off a star for delivery, as the application postponed it two days in a row.See full review

maurice logo

Sofa for the money is excellent, the material is pleasant moderately rough. The only thing that came completely disassembled. I advise everyone because for such money it is better not to buy this fact.See full review

water pump xiaomi xiaolang tds automatic water supply white logo

I have been using the pump for half a year now and I am very satisfied with it. It is convenient to use, it works for a long time without charging, you can track the quality of the purchased water and its modern design attracts. No complaints yet.See full review

filter under the sink aquaphor osmo 50 version 5 logo

I am delighted, the product is really worthy.

Revainrating 5 out of 5

I could never bring myself to drink plain water. At all. Now I drink with pleasure. The pH of the water has changed from 9 to 6; Kh from 8 to 3; Gh from 12 to 1See full review

synthetic engine oil general motors dexos2 longlife 5w30, 2 l logo

I was surprised by the quality for this price.

Revainrating 5 out of 5

There is not enough sticker on the box "Top. Do not turn over! ". Its pros: This is the second time I order this oil (5 liters) from this supplier. Everything is fine. Made in EU. Cons below: Both times the canister in the box was upside down. A little spilled. Gram 10 literally. Not critical, but not pleasant.See full review

cpu cooler alseye h120d, black/rgb logo

In general, I am satisfied with the cooling, but if I knew in advance the nuances with the mount and the strange engineering idea for two coolers, I probably would have thought about whether to take it. One good person in the reviews noted that the coolers have different blades for blowing in and blowing out. It is important to properly place them or the cooler itself so that hot air is thrown out of the case. Under the cooler that in air, there is a sticker and a snowflake icon, they say coSee full review

computer chair aerocool crown gaming, upholstery: textile, color: steel blue logo

My money wasted, product is terrible.

Revainrating 1 out of 5

This is some kind of horror for this money, DO NOT BUY THIS product, order White chair and it turned out to be dirty, KARLLL it is dirty from the hands of the Chinese, but okay with color and dirt, there were no holes in the backrest to the seat! I had to open the cover, look for a hole for the bolts and cut a hole for fastening, then it’s better, the bolts were not signed, put it as you want, you can scatter it on the maps, you can guess from where to know which bolt goes where ? The instructioSee full review

for plumbing, repair and precision work technics business 620794, 94 prem. green logo

I had a couple of tool kits and ratchet wrenches Business of Technology, so I ordered this set, as they say "without thinking". And damn it, this time everything went wrong. In addition to my complaint about the lack of a long collar that could easily fit in a case, there are specifically jambs of my set. The most insignificant thing is the absence of an elongated head 10mm 1/4", instead of it in the set, the head is 11mm. Further worse. The complete ratchet for 1/4" wedged quite well (of courseSee full review

continental icecontact 3 215/65 r16 102t winter logo

There are pros and cons, think before buying.

Revainrating 3 out of 5

Initially, I chose quiet tires of a famous brand, because I drive a lot on the highway . I read reviews and the choice was between Michelin and Conti, before that, the first contiayscontact suited everyone on the previous car, so I took Conti again . auto Skoda Octavia a7 1.8 rolled tires as the manufacturer advises, but it did not help . two seasons half of the spikes are gone . from 60-90 rumble on clean asphalt . the previous one seems to have been quieter . German-made tires!See full review

💾 transcend storejet 1tb portable usb 3.0 hard disk (ts1tsj25h3p) - fast and reliable external storage solution logo

It's been over two years since I started using it, and the flights have always been fine. As soon as I got it, I formatted it in exFAT and only removed it from my computer using Windows' safe removal of devices or Linux's equivalent. While the disk is spinning, it is immobile because of the gyroscope effect, which places a load on the axis of rotation. It takes roughly 30 Mb/s to write large files via USB 3.0, and about 60-70 Mb/s to read them.See full review

nokia 5.4 unlocked smartphone with android 10, 2-day battery, dual sim - us version, 4/128gb, 6.39-inch screen, 48mp quad camera - dusk logo

I'm worried the cameras' protrusion will cause them to pokotsatsya. Buying is something I strongly discourage. Disappointed. The phone doesn't even do what it's supposed to do for $11,000: make calls. This current smartphone only really functions as a PDA, but my ancient black-and-white push-button Nokia (which is more than ten years old) has a perfectly audible microphone during a chat.See full review

💙 get the powerful oneplus 8 pro ultramarine blue: 5g unlocked android smartphone with 12gb ram, 256gb storage, 120hz fluid display, quad camera, wireless charging, and alexa built-in logo

The Android flagship device that, in my opinion, is the finest in 2022. Built with strength and velocity. Has pros: 1. Screen 120 Hz - amazing! Everything goes extremely quickly and smoothly. Following that, the standard 60Hz will appear to be a slideshow. 2. Velocity and robust power. Everything happens really quickly and loaded pretty quickly. Toys moving at top speed with no problems. 3. The charging is quite rapid, and the cable is still red. 4. The delightful OxygenOS. Minimalistic, simpSee full review

yokohama geolandar cv g058 215/60 r17 96t summer logo

The balancing was successful, and I don't believe the wheels are brand new. 25 * 20 * 15 * 10 grams each wheel. I got pr-in. Philippines 20 years. Some pros: The handling is excellent, the noise level is acceptable, and it responds predictably when driven in the rain. The hinges open and close easily. Maintains a record A few drawbacks: I couldn't find it! In the event where the tread is merely impeded by the pebbles,See full review

hankook tire ventus prime3 k125 215/50 r17 95v summer logo

The tires are very new (late 2022), and they have a straight appearance. I have not yet investigated the qualities of the driving yet. It appears that, as a result of the, the only tires that can be imported into the country are those that were manufactured in China; earlier, as far as I am aware, tires were imported from Hungary. Below are some downsides: Made in China. On the other hand, I really hope that the level of craftsmanship is consistent throughout.See full review

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