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hikvision 1tb m.2 ssd hs-ssd-e3000/1024g logo

Good product, not disappointed.

Revainrating 4 out of 5

CrystalDiskInfo does not show the Transfer mode, perhaps something needs to be changed in the BIOS, since the SSD was installed in the NVME x4 / SATA3 slot.See full review

digital piano casio privia px-770 black logo

the seller of mospiano should change the delivery service to the regions. Now they use Vovoz and I have not seen a worse delivery service. They brought the goods from the third time, the box was super dirty, they obviously walked on it with their feet. One driver, no forwarder. As a result, they brought the piano into the elevator with his wife.See full review

xiaomi mi precision screwdriver kit bhr4680gl 25 pcs logo

I had to open the curling iron to destroy the possibility of the device taking off into space when playing "Warframe" - the PS4 was dusty and very noisy, it was scary to give it into the wrong hands, so I bought a set. All you needed was a T8 and S2 screwdriver, and they are here. PS: The opening of the curling iron and cleaning of the felt layers were successful.See full review

kamjove gongfu teapot tp-200, 1000 l, 1 l, transparent logo

I've never seen worse! Horrible purchase.

Revainrating 1 out of 5

Terrible kettle, not worth the money. The designer was clearly insane when he came up with such a design and thought through usability. I'm sorry I was led by the positive reviews. It seems to me that they are paid, most likely. Too bad you can't attach a video here.See full review

computer case zalman n4 rev.1 black logo

Before that, I took a case from the same company for 4000 with 3 for blowing in and 1 for blowing out, my 3060 Palit dual warmed up in it, as in the regular 83 degrees temperature and 100% fan speed under load. In the same case, under the same load, the temperature is 70-71 with a fan speed of 60%See full review

grill redmond steakmaster rgm-m813, black logo

It cant be worse! A waste of money.

Revainrating 1 out of 5

With its pros: The assembly is horror, the marriage is complete everywhere, a bunch of gaps. Has cons: is not the platform that solves and can solve customer issues, similarly to Mulvarka about their company store.See full review

network adapter powerline tp-link tl-pa7017 kit logo

The quality is top notch, be sure to try it.

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Some pros: I connected without problems, the sockets on different machines are in the shield, but everything works without problems, the connection is 1000 Mbps, but the real speed is lower. Its cons: The actual speed is 40 Mbps, although this may be a feature of the wiring. But in general, I have enough, but no lags like from wifi.See full review

gaming chair cougar armor one, upholstery: imitation leather, color: black-orange logo

Different pros: The lower back has ceased to hurt, the muscles are relaxed, thanks to the pillows and the folding backrest. After the old chair is a really cool thing. Your back will thank you Some cons: Armrests in a month even more zalyuftili. The rolling mechanism is not tightened in 100%See full review

smartphone samsung galaxy s22 ultra 12/256 gb, dual: nano sim esim, black phantom logo

I really liked the phone, I just don’t find any shortcomings, the connection quality is very good, the applications work without brakes, the photo quality is just excellent, for example: in the window of a neighboring house I photographed a flower in a pot, and the house is 250 m away from me, if not furtherSee full review

battery li-ion 3000 mah 3.7 v liitokala hg2 18650 unprotected, pack: 5 pcs. logo

I've already gone through a bunch ofcomrdless tools - from small electric screwdrivers to 36-volt self-propelled lawn mowers - everything works fine! For any grinders and circulars, it is highly desirable to put them at least 2 in parallel - these tools require high currents, especially when the disk gets stuck in the material. For less voracious gadgets, their power and capacity will be enough for the eyes! Definitely recommend! How even a single-speed screwdriver turns with them can be seen heSee full review

oil-free compressor pegas pg-602, 6 l, 1.4 kw logo

I honestly chose for a very long time, doubted this or that. There were a lot of them. The priority was the search for noiselessness and the most charged. And the cards fell on 3 models. Patriot, Denzel and my Horse. And in order not to suffer, I resort to an impromptu lottery. I write on a piece of paper what I want from these models and after mixing I get fate. Here's what happened to me. He. Something like this. I thank fate and I advise you to try this non-standard option.See full review

continental icecontact 3 215/65 r16 102t winter logo

This is the first time I've encountered such low quality tires. The most offensive, it was the most expensive and advertised wheels in the city at the time of purchase. I thought I was paying for quality, but it turned out I didn’t understand why. I contacted the Continental hotline and did not receive any clear answer. They say "it's your own fault . learn to ride." I strongly DO NOT recommend these tires for purchase.See full review

security camera ezviz c1c 720p white/black logo

When you turn on the motion sensor, a 32 GB flash drive lasts for a month, despite the fact that the camera is at the front door in the corridor, the most accessible place in a three-room apartment, it writes day and night, and the cat too, but you can adjust the sensitivity and trigger zones. Can be mounted on a magnet, a metal platform (seat), double-sided tape included, the angle of inclination can be adjusted, set up quickly, the first time, it is very convenient that there is a speaker - yoSee full review

charger bosch art. 018999903m logo

The best price for such a product, I will buy more!

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Bought to charge an AGM battery. A conventional charger with a rheostat is dangerous for him. The device is very compact, mounted on the included hook directly under the hood. After connecting, it automatically detects the type of battery 6/12 V. It remains to choose only the charging method. I left it for the night on charge, in the morning I returned to the charged battery, while the charger, upon completion of the process, maintains the battery in the required state.See full review

renewed samsung galaxy a51 with 128gb storage, 6.5-inch display, quad 48mp camera, and unlocked a515u model in black logo

If One. UI can provide the functionality I require, then the phone will undoubtedly have an advantage over its rivals. And if that is not the case, you have to base your decision on what the new market has to offer. Some pros: A cutting-edge mobile device with a large display. Excellent reproduction of the colors. The primary functions are operationally sound, including when the protective glass is in place. Quick recharging and contactless payment options. When there is internet connection, navSee full review

sony sonnar frame prime fixed logo

I've experimented with a lot of different 35mm lenses; perhaps it's simply that none of them are the right focal length for me; nonetheless, all of the photographs, with the exception of there being less noise on the full frame sensor, don't turn out that much better than they do on the iPhone XS. I compared the photographs that were taken with an iPhone XS with a Sigma Art 35/1.4, with a Canon 35/1.4L and a Canon 5Dm2, and with this Zeiss 35/2.8 and a Sony A7S. The field of view of the front-faSee full review

logitech backlit mechanical keyboard passthrough logo

In theory, I can live with the drawbacks. Although I believe this keyboard is capable of doing so, I found it more frustrating that the shady (and very castrated) Logitech software does not permit you to selectively turn off the illumination of the keys. Only twice as pricey Claves were afforded this privilege, it seems. At night, it would be convenient if only the WASD keys and any others you need to use the game were illuminated.See full review

sandisk cruzer glide usb flash drive, 64 gb, black/red – efficient storage solution (sdcz60-064g-a46) logo

For the sixth year in a row, I have purchased six of these flash drives. They have served me well, have read all of my files without issue, and have remained comfortably cool throughout use. SanDisk Cruzer Glide 256 GB Flash Drive. The rate of download doubled. I made sure the reading was the same on TVs with a USB 2.0 interface and a TV with a USB 3.0 interface. There was no discernible impact on my reading ability.See full review

samsung galaxy buds2 wireless headphones, black logo

I've had the headphones for a month, use them every day while wearing socks, and have the uneasy sense that they will eventually slip out of my ears because I continuously have to press something, halt the music, or turn on the background noise to fix them. I frequently wear earplugs, but the larger ones made my ears hurt and gave me the impression that they were being squeezed, while the medium-sized ones felt as though they barely adhered. It's awful that they cut off the tongue's attachment tSee full review

logitech g g600 mmo gaming mouse, black logo

In general, the mouse is good, and it is without a doubt superior to the Naga. But Roccat Nyth is still in first place in my rankings. Some pros: Totally based on my own personal preferences and opinions ;0) - Good sensor - Comfortable grip - Interesting solution with 3 on under shift function - The number of ons that he took - Of course, the number of ons that he took The fact that macros are not saved to the memory of the mouse, as is the case with the Roccat Nyth, is, in my opinion, a signifiSee full review

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