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The product has been around since 2013 so it's very mature now. I like that we have visibility into our own risk profile as well as where our peers are at compared to us. We also use this on an enterprise-wide basis and not just internally within one department or project. It's really good across alSee full review

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The best thing about this software is that it has an excellent customer support team which helps in solving any kind of issues you might have with their product within minutes or hours if not seconds! I dislike nothing actually but there are few minor things like some UI enhancements need to be doneSee full review

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We are using Sapiens for our online ad buying process which has been very easy to implement into our current workflow system as well have an excellent support team in place should we need additional assistance or training materials. Nothing really I would like more than less ads being served but it'See full review

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It's easy to use, very intuitive once you get used it (a little hard at first). The customer service is also great! They are always available for questions or concerns that come up during your day-to-day operations of using their software. There really isn't anything I dislike about this product. TSee full review

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Good shoes - good price

Let's face it, they cost $35 (size 13 - smaller sizes might be cheaper). However, they are damn good. Very comfortable, light weight and a "true" size 13. Although for me personally they could use a slightly better bow but others might not feel the same way. If you're into strength/weight training, See full review

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Poor quality shoes

Shoes were comfortable but after a week the heels on both shoes started to crack. I won't last a month at this rate, I will never buy from them againSee full review

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I like that they are fashionable, but at the same time do not slip. They look great, fit well (only after trying them on - they are a full size larger than our normal shoe size!) and are very light. They are also very comfortable. I will definitely buy them again.See full review

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Great wallet! - Wallets

I love how simple yet stylish this purse is. I like the touch of the eyebrows. Spacious inside, nice and smooth outside, very flat. I give 5 stars ⭐See full review

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Don't waste your money. These shoes are anything but comfortable. Yesterday I wore her coupe and today my legs hurt terribly. TERRIBLE shoes. hoping I can return them easily.See full review

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I am in real pain (I suffer from Achilles tendon) and this shoe has completely changed my life! These aren't the easiest shows, but they exceeded all expectations! 5 Stars!See full review

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It was very cute but my 2 year old daughter was able to remove the iPad case immediately and very easily. I would guess that since it's a kid's suitcase, there would have been a better way to attach it. A few days after we bought her this, we had to buy her another case because we were concerned thaSee full review

asng samsung galaxy tab a 10 logo

I really like this case but my tablet doesn't like it. In this case, the screen turns off automatically after a few seconds. I checked all the button and camera holes and didn't touch anything where it shouldn't be. It seems to fit just right, not too tight or too loose. I just can't use my tablet iSee full review

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Sturdy and reliable

My daughter (7 years old) has been using this bag for 2 months now. I've dropped my iPad a few times, a 3 year old dropped it too and it's still intact. I think it's good that the screen sticks to the front glass during assembly. Very strong and durable. The daughter can see the engraving through thSee full review

florsheim crossover cognac leather sneaker men's shoes for fashion sneakers logo

#1: No arch support. Absolutely flat (useless) inserts that offer no support. You're going to be in pain if you don't buy a pair of true arch support insoles to replace the original (useless) insoles that came with this shoe. I personally prefer "Spenco" insoles and have done so rather than returninSee full review

royal awesome stick golfer performance men's clothing in shirts logo

Compliments - Polo

Get ready to get lots of compliments when you wear this one. Especially if you live in the red (financial, conservative, sane) region of Real America!See full review

johnston murphy crawford venetian tumbled men's shoes in loafers & slip-ons logo

cute shoes. It's hard to find good tight shoes, so that's a plus. The only issue for me is that I could have used a little more cushioning on the sole. It's kinda hard.See full review

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The hood was bought for house painting and is particularly good at protecting the ears and face from the sun. During the workday, it really reduces sun exposure and overall heat fatigue. As an added bonus when spraying paint, it blocks overspray from the hair and sides of the face. Lightweight and bSee full review

prana v neck marigold heather small men's clothing for active logo

I'm really starting to appreciate this line of clothing and this shirt is no exception. My only issue is that I find the black color looks faded (like the shirt has been washed several times) otherwise the shirt fits great and is very comfortable.See full review

nike dri fit victory stripe white men's clothing in active logo

I assume you will pay for the tick symbol. The shoulder seams don't come out to the top of the shoulder, they are in the front which might explain other reviewers' comments about the shoulders being pulled up and not fitting properly. The material is very thin. Also the size. Wednesday is 30 inches See full review

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I like the rubber bumpers on the sides. It is protected from drops and falls. Easy to take off and put on again. The bumper and clear backing don't come off, which I like. My iPad is in color and that makes the green pop against the beautiful design! Simple design. The pen can be charged sideways wiSee full review

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