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safety belt qplay rito qa6, black logo

Not perfect quality, some small defect.

Revainrating 3 out of 5

In general, not bad, but with wheels - a pure scam. I was looking for it with inflatable ones, but figs. Moreover, this is exactly the model with inflatable ones. But the locking and folding mechanism kept it from returning.See full review

gaming chair thunderx3 tc3, upholstery: faux leather, color: neon green logo

Different pros: 1. Price! 2. Reliability 3. Keeps balance, can lean back from 90 to 180 in one movement 4. Armrests with ratchet. 5. 1.83 height, just right for me. I have another th5. He is more - XL. Too big for my height. 6. I use the third month - I didn’t get loose, nothing fell off. Has cons: Makes sounds. Weight 100kg+/-. Under my weight, there is a dent in the seat when you get up. Forever go. There is no adjustment of the armrests "toward/away from you". But in principle it is compensaSee full review

🧹 bosch bcs81exc white vacuum cleaner: powerful performance for a spotless clean logo

I took it for a test, because. take Dyson strangling a toad, I decided to try what kind of animal it is - a cordless vacuum cleaner. I was honestly skeptical. But in the end, we decided to leave it as the main and only vacuum cleaner, and the big one will go to the country. Sucks normally, holds a charge normally - enough for three cleaning norms, cool holder - very convenient to store. They write about plastic . well, it's not expensive, there are backlashes. But honestly, it is not critical aSee full review

bosch gas18v 02n handheld vacuum cleaner: compact and powerful cleaning solution logo

It was taken for local tasks such as collecting tered garbage, using it in a car. Copes with everything, satisfies everyone. In no case does it replace a household vacuum cleaner, you should not count on it. If the flow exit was not on the sides, but somehow back, it would be ideal, climbing with it without a tube into some dusty corner would dangerously raise all the dust with the exhaust on the sides. Several months have ped, now I can’t imagine how you can do without such a convenient thing,See full review

asus a41-x550a battery for asus laptops logo

Great store! Responsive managers, fast delivery (the goods arrived earlier than the stated time, perhaps Sdek just worked well). I ordered a battery for a laptop, in the Hong Kong region. Everything is elegantly packed: several layers of bubble wrap, a box, a sealed bag, necessary documents. Everything works flawlessly. Prosperity store, success, stay as attentive to your customers and your business will go uphill!See full review

computer speaker creative pebble black logo

While there is little experience of use, I will add when there is something. Five stars - a subjective feeling from the purchase that they were looking for, they found it, and even better than expected. For this price category, talking about sound characteristics is generally not very appropriate. Has pros: Beautiful in appearance + decent enough sound for the money. Not for a music lover, of course, but simply for inexperienced music listeners, for watching movies, etc. They took a child to a jSee full review

combined coffee maker polaris pcm 2020 3-in-1, black/silver logo

the coffee is frothed in such a way that if, before pouring, a little cream is poured into an empty cup, even 5-10 milliliters, then from the jet the foam in the cup turns out to be such that a cappuccino maker is not needed. less fuss with cleaning and dirt from dried milk there. aroma and taste in general. better than in vending machines and no worse than from an expensive Philips machine, there is something to compare with. 10900 is so expensive, but worth it. I just managed to buy mine in thSee full review

compact dishwasher weissgauff tdw 4006, white logo

a good compromise option for little money in a small kitchen. enough for a family of 2 people - we drive half empty, tk. utensils are not collected. after unsuccessful experiments with the main programs, everything is mine on the "light" program for glass. she takes the rinse aid sparingly, she has never topped it up yet, although the dishes are always well rinsed and there are no powder streaks.See full review

dry food for kittens pro plan original with chicken 3 kg logo

Good food. The cat of three months eats it with pleasure. Since the cat was taken to her when she was two months old, she liked the food with small grains, but the 8-month-old cat did not like it, she was picky and did not eat it. The little kitty ate it for a month and these are the changes I noticed: she became more active, digestion and stool improved. Wool became softer and silky. We took a cat from people where she lived on the street, and naturally they ate everything on the street and theSee full review

xiaomi mi zjmh02iqi colorful fidget cube, 33 children logo

Great mini puzzle. It turned out that not everyone manages to assemble it correctly the first time)) A good present for fans of designers and fans of XiaomiSee full review

xiaomi mi mijia air humidifier (mjjsq02lx), white logo

I compare with the existing RoyalClima - you don’t need to turn or unscrew anything to fill in water, there is no nasty cyclic sound alert for lack of water (especially at night). If you put it on the floor, then water will accumulate on it, so you need to put it on something When turned on, a white LED glows, with absolute darkness it illuminates a little; in the absence of water - orange - does not blind)See full review

laser level zitrek ll1v1h logo

He helped lay out the tiles in the bathroom and was going to make an extension in the country. The thing is beautiful. For a long time I bypassed them, but it is much more convenient to build and repair with it.See full review

docker cap without visor cotton fb1, black, 52-60 logo

It goes without saying that the quality is not particularly excellent. There is a possibility that there are some production problems. The price and the acceptable quality of the goods, on the other hand, distract from the defects. If you have never worn such headwear before, it is recommended that you give it a shot before investing in anything more serious and considerate. It's a great choice for you to make if you want to give it a shot. I enjoyed it; before to that, I had experimented with bSee full review

alpha industries essential crew men's sweatshirt black , size m logo

With its pros: Natural cotton, fit is comfortable, the price matches the quality, breathable material, My husband is happy! Wears only them! Has some cons: The price constantly jumps for this product from 450 to 700. for a couple.See full review

tactical flashlight armytek viking v3 xp-l (warm light) black logo

Its pros: The flashlight is excellent, powerful, the central spot does not blind and goes into a wide circular illumination. Warm light is pleasing to the eye. Came without batteries. Some cons: The safety cord is very sky, I didn’t figure out the modes right away. Delivery could be faster.See full review

ok beauty tint for lips and cheeks color salute, hillier logo

It's a shame that I gave in to advertising because this purchase was the most absurd and nonsensical. I don't believe in hydrating the lips to the point where they are completely free of cracks (unless they are pumped up), therefore for 700 you get a tiny tube of color that lies on the lips in an unappealing way. Additionally, if there is even the tiniest unevenness, the tint will tumble into obscene lumps, hide in a crack, and appear extremely cheap. I chose the warmest shade available on theSee full review

lofty home acacia chairs set, solid wood, 4 pcs. color: cappuccino logo

There were three chairs in the room. Legs and saddle are each stamped and require separate assembly. After the latter was unpacked, the mounting bolts became apparent for the first time. They wound up with a total of four sets. Therefore, in the event that they did not bring you, there will be no issues during the Assembly because I have them. Due to the fact that the legs themselves are already built and could get slightly misaligned during storage, the stool might be somewhat crooked.See full review

gislaved nord frost 200 205/55 r16 94t winter logo

I bought it in the hopes that I could keep the same size, load index, and tire pressure as the Nord Frost 100, which I had ridden for five years. If a little snow is packed into the asphalt, the lateral stability, when compared to the NF 100, is abhorrent even on frozen CLEAN tarmac. At these lower speeds, the car still floats up. Fair enough, the longitudinal grip is at the NF 100 level; it decelerates and accelerates at the same pace. If there is no side slope when it is leading in the snow, iSee full review

computer chair metta su-bp-8 pl (su-b-8 100/001) office, upholstery: textile, color: 24-light gray logo

Easily put together. There should not have been any issues because the instructions state that the kit is finished and that all of the holes are in the correct locations. Given my height of 178 centimeters, I can rest my head easily on the pillow when sitting in the chair. Armrests that are plush. A very special thank you to Delivery, everything has been completed so quickly and on time.See full review

la "dor shampoo anti-dandruff, 530 ml logo

My scalp has always been sensitive, and it's been an issue ever since I was young.Hello seborrhea if the shampoo didn't suit (((Water obviously has a significant impact as well, but dealing with water is more challenging than selecting a shampoo. And regrettably, my son and daughter now have the same issue. My son is 15 years old, and my daughter is 8 years old, and we all wash our hair with this shampoo. I won't say that dandruff fully goes away. yet the answer is 80% yes! The shampoo rinses thSee full review

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