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box stanley fatmax 1-95-615, 49.7x29.3x29.5 cm, 20"" , grey-black logo

A normal box is durable for its money, can withstand a weight of 85 kg from above, the optimal size is roomy and easy to transport. It can serve as a stand, workbench and an additional step. It was taken as an alternative to the 238th L-BOXX, it turned out to be cheaper, more convenient to transport and more spacious - a slight advantage in length makes it possible to put in it what does not fit in the L-BOXX.See full review

lego education wedo 2.0 45300 basic set, 280 pieces logo

Got pros: A similar set was also used at different courses, so there was no doubt that everything would be fine. Some cons: The only thing you need to show imagination when compiling tasks for the child.See full review

glue epoxy kafuter ab, 70 g logo

Gets cold quickly. Taken by stone. Very simple. I glued the armrest to focus 2, it turned out very firmly. The only thing is, glue in a ventilated room or on the street, it stinks of highly toxic fumesSee full review

single-phase voltage stabilizer sven vr-l1500 500 w logo

After the purchase, after about 20 days it stopped working. Only the refrigerator is connected. All indicators lit up and there was no current at the output. Turned off, cooled down a bit and after 30 minutes turned on again. Everything worked. Is this already a sign that it is coming out of standing or is this normal? I'm starting to wonder if he can do his job.See full review

portable acoustics defender g104, 12 w, black logo

When switching from a sound source and turning on, a pleasant quiet melody. It mates without problems, the functionality is quite rich, but the instructions, albeit in , are very concise.See full review

side cutters knipex 78 03 125 125 mm blue/red logo

It is better to buy a good thing once than to buy nonsense a hundred times. Knipexes are, as always, on top, do not play, are perfectly sharpened, even cut.See full review

multifunction component tester digital multimeter t7 lcr-t7 transistor, resistance, capacitance, inductance tester logo

At first I was shocked and upset. There are no instructions, the evidence is questionable. After the instructions on the Internet, I calibrated and everything became more rosy.See full review

xiaomi massage pillow lefan massage sleep neck pillow 26.5x24x10 cm, dark gray lr-s100 logo

Pros below: Very comfortable holds the head, pleasant to the touch and most importantly comfortable! Its cons: Why write xiaomi? It was not indicated anywhere on the packaging that it was xiaomi. 😑 Unpleasant. Deception.See full review

thickness gauge rdevice rd-990 lite + galvanized gauge, turbo gauge, ruby ​​gauge logo

I took this device, it helps me a lot, I compared it according to the characteristics when I chose it - analogues are noticeably more expensive. Separately, I was pleased with the bonus in the form of a cover, everything is neat and protected. In general, if you need a reliable and thick thickness gauge, then I definitely recommend rdevice-990 for consideration.See full review

automotive tool set stels 14122, 109 pcs, green/silver logo

Like many, a set of Sibtech firms came, of unknown quality and origin, for the first and last time I order on the market, and with the return of some statements, write the goods back to send, I need this, I financially suffered more losses at times, it’s easier to Ali order, there if it does not correspond without problems, they will return the cost of the goods and for the moral they will throw it on topSee full review

32" tv tuvio full hd dled on yandex.tv platform, stv-32fdfbk1r, black logo

I don’t know why there are so many positive reviews about the product, maybe I was lucky enough to get this particular TV, which loses its Wi-Fi connection almost every 5 minutes, and the saddest thing is that it is insanely stupid and switch any channel or go to any section, accompanied by a long and necessary quest, since pressing the buttons on the remote control practically does not react for 10 seconds, after which it switches . . Regarding WiFi, they thought the reason was in the router orSee full review


Bought to replace an old phone. Convenient to use. large backlit buttons, there is a ringer volume control. We have been using it for several months now, we are happy with the purchase!See full review

czk wireless compressor \ electric pump for car \ motorcycle \ bicycle \ balls logo

Tested on basketballs and soccer balls - proved to be excellent pumping with a bang. Checked on the car by setting 2.2 ATM. Enough for all 4 wheels - from 0. Ate 30% of the charge. In general, a very convenient thing I recommend. Although it looks very flimsy. But reliability in terms of its functionality (inflating) confirmed Some pros: Lightweight, compact, most importantly mobile and easy to use. Self-shutdown upon reaching the result (previously set values) Got cons: The lack of -language inSee full review


It does not lick off, the edges clearly fit into the grooves of the screws. The most important thing is not licking. Collected furniture. Pure pleasure.See full review


A candid review of the product.You have to pump 1.9 -2, if more then all the bumps in the road are given to the body. Although the passport nada 2.2.See full review


I don't often wash my engine, but when I do, I try to try different manufacturers. Recently I took Sintek, I liked it, it even removes oil stains and stubborn dirt the first time. I did everything according to the instructions, but it seems to me that if there is a lot of dirt, you can hold it longer to be sure.See full review


I recommend! Compact lightweight goggles. For convenience, they are transformed by removing the darlings and installing a strap on the head. Also included is a soft case and strap. The obturator is also removable and fits snugly to the face. Reliable protection against dust ingress of material particles.See full review


In general, I like tonal lightness and loose coverage. I use it mainly during the warm spring/autumn period when the skin is neither dry nor overly oily.See full review


Oil came, the neck was wrapped with yellow electrical tape, removed the electrical tape, the canister was opened by someone, now I don’t know what I filled inSee full review


It is not an option to tidy up the attachment point on your own - there are no fixing elements that can be adjusted. I got out of the situation by fixing the "head" with Velcro for the wire, but this is a . I do not recommend buying!See full review

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