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cpu cooler deepcool gamma archer pro, black logo

Cooler for TDP 65 W - it's hard to count on more. But it's cheap and almost inaudible. Who needs a hundred + to warm the air - forward behind the towers of 3 sput. And do not toil - take out the board and everything will be fine. It is only necessary to follow the symmetry of the installation - there may be an offset in some direction. And a word of warning - those who have a very close memory slot to the stone - the near one can be blocked for the standard bar height. I got on the H61M-S2-B3 See full review

united colors of benetton united dreams live free eau de toilette, 50 ml logo

Loved the perfume! I bought it for my mother as a gift, as a result, I ordered many other employees at her work) It is a pity that there are no such larger volumes. The aroma is light, unobtrusive, fresh.See full review

wheel rim skad le mans 7x16/4x108 d65.1 et32, 8.64 kg, diamond logo

Sharing my genuine user experience.Pros: Very beautiful. Indeed, better than the pictures. Has cons: I waited a long time, but this is not the fault of the disks.See full review

sven gc-750 set, black logo

A good gamepad for the money, considering that modern games require little control on the arrows. I successfully play it in Elden Ring, there are no particular complaints.See full review

32" tv tuvio full hd dled on yandex.tv platform, stv-32fdfbk1r, black logo

We took it to the kitchen, everything suits us, there are digital channels, there is Kinopoisk, we don’t really need anything else. We thought for a long time what to take, settled on this model, and did not regret it, but I think the software will be finalized to the end!See full review

grill de"longhi cgh1130dp, silver logo

I almost stopped using the stove, almost everything that needs to be cooked in a pan can be cooked on this grill, while the temperature is controlled much better than in a pan. Cooking pancakes, meat, sandwiches, vegetables, waffles, scrambled eggs Pros below: An excellent grill in the maximum configuration, temperature up to 265C, there are flat panels, panels for grilling and waffles. Cons: Not that this is a drawback, but in my case, grill panels are most often used, if you need to purchase rSee full review

grill tefal optigrill elite xl gc760d30, silver/black logo

The wife was pleasantly surprised, the first test on bread was successful, the toasts turned out better than from the toaster. It was especially interesting to watch how an ordinary piece turns into a corrugated one, we are satisfied ! !See full review

electric scooter hiper triumph t105 (2022), up to 130 kg, black logo

Everything seems to be fine, but the scooter came with a scratched speedometer. P. s I've been using it for 2 months and I'm completely disappointed. 32km is a lie, a maximum of 10, either I got a marriage, or such a scooter, threw money away. In 1.5 hours it is completely discharged with a 15 km drive without flashlights.See full review

organizer stanley 1-93-980, 36.5x15.5x22.5 cm, 14.4"" , black logo

bought a second one. I will buy a third one - with large cells. took for amateur radio. helps to sort small parts and components. fees.See full review


Clear instrument. Works great. Reproduced Everything is super. . TV is the most profitable content on the market. I would like to connect bluetooth headphones to the console. PS: sorry I missed the promotion where the column was sold as a set. The guys from are the best, they have been surprising for years! ! Well done!See full review

bit and socket set makita b-36170, 47 pcs. logo

I took the truth not on the website of the tool, but from the officials, nothing was erased, nothing fell off! I filled the asterisk when removing the drums, everything is buzzingSee full review


Has some pros: good quality, convenient valve, tea stays hot for a long time (enough for a working day), durable. Cons: very easily soiled valve plastic, tea plaque sticks with a bang, but it washes pretty well without much effortSee full review


From the beginning I watched the D3000, then the D5000, exhausted the sellers and my wife, bought the D90. I never regretted it! !(although the price is biting) I don’t want to let go, but take pictures and take pictures! But if you need a photo quickly and without thinking, buy something with a minimum number of settings. Has pros: Nimble, fits well in the hand, the lens (price / quality), the battery is just super, a lot of settings. Cons: So far, I only find shortcomings in myself . . That isSee full review

double trekking tent tramp colibri v2 trt-34 logo

I bought after normal zero 2. The format is suitable. But we needed two entrances and a green awning. Arcs and pegs changed immediately. Now everything suits. Sarma 2 dismissed because of the skirt, I do not need it.See full review

sewage installation unipump sanivort 255 a (250 w) logo

The first one worked for 3 months, was handed over for repair under warranty. They took the second one while the first one is being repaired, let it be, you never know what will happen in the future. We use water every day, without sewerage in any way. The second, the same, began to wedge on the first day, on the third day, refused. In general, two pumps, no sense.See full review


The scent is nice, definitely not for every day. At first it sounds powerful, but after about an hour the citrus leaves and a very persistent sweet pepper-vanilla-pink aroma remains, which quickly gets boring, which starts to hurt your head.See full review


So, I have been using this router for almost a year and a half, and not a lot of news has accumulated for new customers. Many wrote that it heats up and does not see the Internet cable. 1. Does it get hot? Yes! 🔥 But this temperature, as I managed to notice, varies from the number of devices connected to it in my case (24 devices) and yes, it drags perfectly. I'm watching a movie in 4K at this time, my half is uploading a new review to the channel, and my sister can play some GTA in PS5 and eveSee full review


In use for a week, stands in the living room 20 sq. m, cools by thermometer to a predetermined temperature. There are various modes, good air conditioning for the money. A noisy external unit, it is quite difficult to sleep with such a hum, the split itself is not noisy, the temperature on the case also shows 28-30 degrees, when the thermometer shows 26-27 degrees. The installers said that it is possible to connect the split through an external unit.See full review


185/75 on VAZ 2131 Bought in the Kama branded online store - all 4 are crooked. Vibration and beating in the steering wheel and brake pedal. Money down the drain. On wet pavement (summer), the ABS works with a little more active braking, on the primer they behave disgustingly, the car skids. Tires after 3500 km went to recycling, more than 20,000s went nowhere and I will not contact this brand again, except for I-511See full review


Rubber is suitable for large cities where the roads are well cleaned. Snow will start to fall, and you will want to stay at home with her. You can forget about going to the primer in winter. Rubber is not in vain called ICE Cruiser, not Winter or Snow. Now, if you have 0 degrees and there is a crust on the ICE road, then please drive to your health. For any other situation, no. What is the point of having WINTER tires if you will walk with them in normal winter weather? Use tires only in a largeSee full review

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