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wireless headphones honor am66 sport pro, shimmering red logo

Pros below: The sound is good, I like when the headphones hang around the neck, it is convenient to charge directly from the phone Different cons: I took it to my mother, she doesn’t hold well, this is apparently her personal feature, so I had to take it for myself, so minus 1 pointSee full review

13.3" apple macbook air 13 early 2020 2560x1600, intel core i5 1.1 ghz, ram 8 gb, ssd 512 gb, intel iris plus graphics, macos, mvh52ru/a, gold logo

Pros below: I took 16/512 silver. When I went on a trip, I crumpled the screen cover a millimeter, it survived. In general, dirt and scratches are not visible on silver. Due to good autonomy, you can charge from 40 to 60% and this will be enough for the evening, aldente set so that the battery does not charge above the level, which will greatly increase durability. It works much faster than version 13 on Intel. The build quality and sound quality is unbeatable even with more expensive win laptoSee full review

usb flash drive verbatim store "n" go v3 64 gb, black logo

I chose for a long time, I was interested in USB 3 support. There is no design in it, an ordinary gray mouse, I have been using it for more than a year, everything works. Even after washing in the washing machine, dried it, it worked, all the data was preserved ! I think a good choice of flash drives and the price compared to other analogues of the norms. Verbatim has been making its models since 1969, you can trust! Who thinks that the speed of the flash drive is 8-9, this is because you stiSee full review

honor magicwatch 2 smartwatch 42mm, agate black logo

Pros: Lightweight, comfortable, stylish, measure heart rate, steps, sleep quality, stress, etc., the battery charge lasts almost 2 weeks. Some cons: Clearly overestimate the number of steps taken per day. You can watch a movie in the cinema and "walk" up to 500 steps during the session))See full review

wireless compact mouse xiaomi mi dual mode wireless mouse silent edition, white logo

In general, a very pleasant mouse, you immediately get high from the sound of the main buttons. The shape is not ergonomic, but comfortableSee full review

smart column yandex new station mini - smart column with alice (with watch), black onyx logo

In a word, if you do not have a smart home, do not have a computer and WiFi, but only have a smartphone or iPhone, this toy is not for you.See full review

silverstone f1 monaco s radar detector logo

An excellent device, perhaps the price bites a little, but you have to pay for the quality. I am very glad that I purchased a radar from this company. Its pros: Manufacturer support, stable ate every 3 weeks. Easy setup and ate itself, no need to dance with a tambourine. Looks and feels like a Chinese toy. I was very pleased with the settings functionality. The OLED screen, you can always see everything. Has some cons It heats up, but rather because of the constant exposure to the sun and on theSee full review

apple watch series 8 41 mm aluminium case, midnight sport band logo

Were well packaged. Everything that could be sealed. Ordered from iVenue. Delivery is quite long, but I got what I needed. The color turned out to be very pleasant - black iridescent in the light into dark blue. I thought from the pictures that it would be near the swamp. Its pros: I think it's not worth describing the functionality of the watch. The watches are awesome. Has cons: So far I haven't noticed. Maybe after some time of use I will add.See full review

🧭 efficient exploration with the navitel n500 magnetic navigator logo

I bought it at lunchtime, and by the evening the battery was swollen, it was so swollen that it was halved into two parts. So I never got around to turning it on. Waiting from the service center.See full review

🖨️ powerful canon p-215ii black scanner: efficient scanning solution for optimal results logo

Its pros: Everything is fine, except for one drawback that crosses everything out (see below) With its cons. Paper is very bad. You have to insert, tilt several times so that he grabs the sheets, if he grabs, he often takes several sheets at once.See full review

sound toothbrush philips sonicare diamondclean smart hx9924/07, white logo

The best for dental care I have been using this Philips HX9924/07 device for about a month. I want to highlight the appearance, it's just super, the design is amazing. There are a lot of necessary things in the kit: a case (with charging), a glass (base), nozzles (x4) - for cleaning the tongue, removing plaque, whitening, and caring for the gums (they are all signed, easy to understand). Usage: At first it was unusual and ticklish, but you gradually get used to it, after 2 weeks you feel that yoSee full review

smart column yandex new station mini - smart column with alice (no watch), black onyx logo

We connected smart bulbs that were in the corridor to the column, and then it started off, now smart bulbs are all over the apartment. The other day we bought another speaker in the bedroom, this time with a clock. In short, the smart home is growing by leaps and bounds. I hope that the software and functionality will improve and expand further, and then, you see, we will buy the Max Station, so to speak, for the collection.See full review

smartphone huawei p20 lite 4/64 gb, black logo

As a result - a balanced, high-quality and smart phone with NFC for very little money. Even before Android 9 promises to be ated. An interesting fact - the camera in fast start starts in 0.9 seconds. Got pros: Price, NFC, build quality and materials. After Xiaomi (and their "quality"), it was as if he moved from a rusty six to at least a good Toyota. Different cons: The camera is not very good. Not very designed for top games - it discharges quickly, gets very hot. Although it pulls, whistling aSee full review

swivel arm for tv 32"-65" onkron m4, black logo

Pros below: Powerful reliable thing As a result, we managed to assemble it in a configuration so that the lower ears do not stick out under the Mi 4s TV Its cons: not immediately figured out the scheme of attachment to the TVSee full review

xiaomi mi true wireless earbuds basic 2 global wireless headphones, black logo

After a week of use, one earpiece stopped magnetizing and, on the contrary, was pushed out of the case. In addition, they stopped mating with each other, but both worked because. you can connect to them individually. Fixed the full discharge of the case and headphones. Then I left the headphones in the case for 1-3 days. After charging, there were no problems with them.See full review

baseus cafule 2 m usb type-c cable - usb type-c (catklf-alg1) in black/gray logo

in general, it is difficult to find any advantages or disadvantages of the wire)) one of the cheapest options was bought just to charge the phone, and the wire does an excellent job with this task Has some pros Neat, easily inserted into the connector, but sits firmly inside. There is Velcro, which is convenient to use to put the wire in a bag or to twist the excess part into a ring so that the wire does not roll around the table Has cons: a little rough (it can be impossible to put the phone onSee full review

robot vacuum cleaner irobot roomba i7, black logo

Has pros: Of the advantages, one can certainly note high-quality web support. Competent and accurate building of a map of the premises, the ability to send the robot where necessary. Cons: Lack of precisely executed zigzag traction. Not always cleaned everywhere, can let the room goSee full review

motorola moto g5s 3/32gb dual sim smartphone, grey logo

My aging smartphone started acting up recently (after all, it worked for three years). I started hunting for someone to take their place. The most important factor for me was having more RAM; other requirements were a crisper display and a more compact design (against modern 5.5 and 6 inches). And if there is contactless payment available as well, you won't be harmed in any way. After considering a few analogous models, including a pre-owned Xiaomi 4-pro (which can no longer be purchased becauseSee full review

portable acoustics jbl charge 4, 30w, grey logo

With its pros. Very cool sound. Good body. All the necessary connectors are present and hidden. Has some cons As such, there are none. I would like the bluetooth of the next version.See full review

🎧 black philips taph805 wireless headphones logo

The impression of the headphones is not unambiguous. The sound is pleasant. BUT! Sensor ruins everything! When ANC is turned on, the headphones stupidly increase the volume and when the maximum volume value is set, they begin to rattle. I'm surprised that for such an amount the headphones show themselves worse than their Chinese counterparts. SBC is a controversial kodak no worse and no better than Aptx. ANC implementation is disgusting. You can only talk to your interlocutor in earplugs if therSee full review

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