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smart umbrella xiaomi empty valley automatic umbrella wd1, black logo

A wonderful product, its nice to use.

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Some pros: Very stylish and comfortable for the money it doesn't take much effort to close dries quickly Got cons: in strong winds you can turn around, but not surprising for such a price,See full review

vacuum cleaner kitfort kt-541-1, blue logo

Didn't regret buying it. Everyone is satisfied. Many discouraged the purchase. However, it is definitely worth its money.See full review

electric scooter xiaomi mi electric scooter 1s, up to 100 kg, white, cn logo

The tires have not been replaced just yet, but I've heard that it's not an easy process. I found that having an electric pump that also included a pressure sensor was the most convenient way to manage the pressure in my tires. When you first try front-wheel drive, especially in S mode (up to 25 km/h), it may feel harsh, but after a while, you will become accustomed to it. And the very speed of 25 kilometers per hour appeared "uuuh!" at first, but after conquering several hundred kilometers it seSee full review

wi-fi underfloor heating thermostat / bixtonheat tgw wi-fi white touch programmable temperature controller / thermostat logo

Ergonomic, looks very cool in the bathroom, control from the phone is a huge plus! No need to constantly walk and twist. Definitely satisfied with the purchase! Relatives installed it!See full review

carob coffee maker de "longhi ecp 31.21, black logo

I made a conclusion for myself. For this money (5500 per share), all the shortcomings can be forgiven. If I bought a coffee maker of the same type for 15-17 thousand, I probably thought that it would be better to buy the cheapest fully automatic coffee machine, all the same, there are fewer problems with fully automatic coffee machines, despite all their shortcomings (size, noise, not efficiency consumption of water and coffee).See full review

like coffee table / sofa 55x55 cm, color white logo

I have been using it for more than a month, there are no complaints, there were no chips or cuts yet, I wipe it with a damp cloth, the table suits Has some pros: + One to one like your favorite IKEA) + The table is delivered in a box (in Ikea it’s just a plastic wrap and the table could be damaged during transportation) Different cons: If you are parodying ikea, parody the assembly of such a table) I had such a table and I know what I am comparing with) screws are very inconvenient to screw in BSee full review

robot vacuum cleaner polaris pvcr 1028, wi-fi, iq home, white logo

It is very convenient to turn it on from the phone, by the time the dogs come home, the hair disappears. Definitely recommend With its pros: Cleans great. There is some noise, but its monotony becomes invisible after a couple of minutes, and where have you seen noiseless ones? Different cons: They were horrified by the dirt and wool they saw at home)) Children are taken to their room so as not to clean themselves))See full review

smartwatch amazfit gtr 4 46 mm wi-fi, superspeed black logo

Awesome wristwear! It seems well-designed, versatile, and instructive, but I haven't had a chance to put it through a workout yet. The alarm is the intelligent variety. After I set up Whatsapp notifications, the watch was continually reacting and vibrating, and the battery drained many times more quickly than expected. If 10-14 days passed without alerts, then the clock was setting after only 4 or 5 alerts. Once I turned off the alerts, the clock started keeping time for a significantly longer pSee full review

vplab ultra men's sport tab., 180 pcs. logo

Different pros: A good vitamin-mineral complex, working. I use 1 tablet, instead of 2. During the day, I have enough energy until the evening, I don’t tend to sleep. All in all, a great complex. Has some cons: changes in the color of urine to bright yellow, does not affect lifeSee full review

grand price photochromic polarized bleached rimless sunglasses for day and night driving - black logo

For good, it was necessary to do a return, but it seems that the deadline has passed. Although the return periods specified on aliexpress are contrary to trade law.See full review

casio g shock gwg-2000-1a5er watch logo

In general, I am satisfied with the watch. The solar battery on Protreki has proven itself. Compass too. More than once in the forest when hiking for mushrooms rescued. Even, it would seem, in the forest. I never take them off, and the shower and the pool. The flight is normal. But for the summer I looked not at black, but at a more cheerful watch with similar functionality. I took these. Satisfied. I recommend. I bought not in an official store for 100 thousand, but through the Internet marketSee full review

sink filter prio new water start osmos ou380 white logo

The filter was installed a year ago, since then the impression of it has been positive: it has never leaked, the cartridges were changed after the first 7 months, when the carbon filter became clogged. The quality of the water is excellent: we use it for all needs: from drinking to filling household items, so the volume of the tank for my family of 5 with a small child turned out to be small, the tank is filled twice a day, take the 12l model (we plan to mount an additional tank). I really like See full review

pro plan veterinary diets obesity management dry cat food 350 g logo

Unfortunately, these series have 1 choice and do not have a variety of flavors or package sizes for 5 or 10 kg. In general, my cat really likes it, is well tolerated, constantly asks for supplements) in general, I adviseSee full review

cylindrical heater aquael ultra heater 75w (35-75 l) 75 w logo

I did not pay attention at the time that he stopped heating. I do not advise taking it, most likely the problem is in the entire batch from this sellerSee full review

rocket grill kitfort kt-1649, silver/black logo

Before seeing it on a friend's shelf, I was completely unaware that such a product even existed; but, as soon as I realized my error, I went out and got one for myself! I now eat fried mushrooms, onions, pork, bacon, and fish in the evenings when I get home from work. cheese that has been processed, as well as a specialized variety of cheese that does not melt yet produces delicious results when fried. I used to only buy fish once a year, but now I consume it on a regular basis. really quick andSee full review

children's smart watch leef pulsar, pink/purple logo

Very well done. Compact and extremely lightweight, with high-quality voice calls and wiretapping capabilities. The geolocation isn't particularly accurate, but it can be helpful if the tower is close by; otherwise, it only provides the information that the youngster is in the vicinity. LBS, particularly 2G LBS, is not a particularly accurate indicator of geolocation. However, it works really well as a phone.See full review

split system ballu bsd-07hn1, white logo

Everything is silent, external indoor units, Toshiba compressors are all the same, 3 normal fan speeds, sleep mode and turbo plus, there are all modes, everything is adjustable and in addition climate control with a temperature sensor in the remote control, blinds memory, display backlight and no beeping in led mode the internal block at pressing of buttons, in general the smart device.See full review

vacuum cleaner deerma dx700, white logo

Got advantages: Six months are used. The best purchase, it performs admirably. collects splinters, cat hair, dust, and hair. All that is required, with its drawbacks. Although the wire folding mechanism is not the most practical, it is so inexpensive and useful that you hardly even notice it.See full review

vacuum cleaner dyson cyclone v10 absolute (sv12) global, grey/yellow logo

You can forget about using a traditional vacuum cleaner ever again, and that applies to both keeping a clean home and thoroughly cleaning an area. When you first have it in your hands, it gives you sentiments that are analogous to those you had as a child when you received a brand-new toy machine gun.))) "Worth the money" without a doubt. Pros: Great device. Simply charging the device is sufficient to clean an apartment that is larger than 100 square meters. m. This is something that can be doneSee full review

ground coffee lavazza caffe decaffeinato vacuum package, 250 g logo

Some pros: Great espresso There is no discernible change in flavor from regular coffee to "caffeinated" coffee. Its cons: Not located for a number of years. However, make sure that you check the date whenever you are receiving the products right away at the point of issue.See full review

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