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laser level zitrek ll1v1h logo

Brought well packaged, pleased that there is a case. I took it for myself as a home renovation. Exceeded all expectations for the money.See full review

microphone conference, streaming espada eu010 logo

Bought for my son for his 12th birthday. The son is happy. The microphone is affordable, the quality is good. Playmates appreciated the microphone. Good audibility. Without extraneous sounds. Clear sound Looks expensive.See full review

tire winter pirelli ice zero 215/65/16 102 t xl spike logo

Im amazed! It was definitely worth the money!

Revainrating 5 out of 5

I skated 5 seasons on disks without overboarding on such. I got into an accident that year - I managed to slow down, and the driver behind me is no longer there, although I was noticeably closer to the leading car in front than he was to me. I took another one of the same for the next five years.See full review

metal detector minelab vanquish 540 pro-pack logo

Excellent MD, which will give odds even to devices of a higher class. For your money just a find. Different pros: Lightweight, folds compactly, two coils and wireless ears included, multi-frequency With its cons: There is no decent moisture protection of the unit (a snotty case does not count), there is no case for headphonesSee full review

smart electric grill tefal optigrill+ initial gc706d34 with thickness sensor, steel/black logo

One of the best deals, glad I bought this.

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Not a fan of cooking at all, but the process of cooking on this grill is a real pleasure. The dishes are delicious, I have already tried chicken, and fish, and shrimp, and meat steaks - everything tastes great. No need to turn over and follow, set up the program - the grill itself will tell you when the food is ready :) I recommend!See full review

smartphone zte blade a7 (2020) 2/32 gb, dual nano sim, blue logo

I took it for a replacement while my xiaomi is being repaired. And I was surprised that the battery sits down extremely slowly, unlike my phone.See full review

tv bracket kromax dix-18 black logo

I liked the bracket. The 40 inch TV is great. fasteners for wires are so-so, but this is solved with ties. All the bolts in the turning points had to be loosened, otherwise they were too tight.See full review

smart remote yandex with alice, black logo

He, it turns out, is so small, about the size of a child's hand. Although I don’t really care, I threw it on the indoor unit of the air conditioner.See full review

gaming mouse defender sleipnir gm-927 6 buttons, 12800dpi, usb logo

A wonderful product, its nice to use.

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Covered with a pleasant soft-touch plastic, additional buttons are conveniently located, do not interfere with work. Bought 2 for myself, I love it. If you are not embarrassed by the appearance of a tattered skull, and RGB backlighting, then this is your choice!See full review

reversible mi 16-in-1 ratchet screwdriver logo

Not a bad product, quite normal quality.

Revainrating 4 out of 5

for some reason, neither on the case nor on the packaging did not find the word xiaomi. some Chinese company is indicated by the manufacturer, even a doubt crept in whether it was a fake. in general, I’m more satisfied with the screwdriver than not, I put a four with a plus.See full review

chemical dry closet thetford portable dry closet thetford porta potti 145 (92802), 12 l logo

So far I've only used one night. In general, I liked it, it is much more convenient than without it :) It doesn’t smell anything, then after use I rinsed it with the same water that remained in the drain barrel.See full review

video card sapphire nitro+ radeon rx 5700 xt 8gb (11293-03-40g), retail logo

About silence, well, probably due to the fact that I have been using laptops for the last 15 years. And then he decided and gathered himself a big brother. But now I have it quiet, because it has more thread of its cooling system and even in HotSpot stress tests I keep it up to 90 degrees, but with silence. SJO rules.See full review

eikosha squash cartridge spencer freshener logo

In general, everything is not bad if it were not for the price for the delay. No one warned about this, I think they should have checked! See full review

intel e7500 processor socket lga775 logo

This percentage may be found on the mother board for the Asus P5QL PRO. I had almost little time to spare after the purchase, so I overclocked it to 3.6Hz almost immediately. There were no issues, and the temperature did not considerably increase. The Zalman CNPS9700 NT cooler is the only one that can keep it cool. Naturally, in the general sense, this percentage is not for people who are interested in overclocking; yet, it is even important to raise the frequencies on it because this is how theSee full review

protect your samsung galaxy s21 ultra 5g with a 2 pack of 📱 hd tempered glass screen and camera lens protectors - includes fingerprint unlock and anti-scratch technology logo

Has pros: I think it's reasonable to say that any flagship device from Samsung can be taken without further explanation. Tablets make an exception to this rule. Various disadvantages: When it comes to cameras, not everything is crystal clear; if it weren't for the, I'd look at Huawei instead.See full review

armchair liberty upholstered material: velor mazerati blue logo

I requested a chair in the color gray, but when it arrived, it was blue. I like the blue chair. Various advantages: A little chair that fits just right. Excellent matting upholstery that does not become soiled easily, is pleasant to the touch, and does not cause garbage to attach to itself. Because the landing is so low, you will require a pillow to support your lower back, but one has been provided for you in the kit. Does not occupy a great deal of room. The chair lived up to all of my expectaSee full review

xiaomi mi 10t - dual sim smartphone in cosmic black with 6gb ram + 128gb storage, alexa hands-free logo

This is the most value for money that can be found anywhere on the market. The only other gadget that can compete is the OnePlus 8, therefore I would suggest picking between this one and that one. If you have the available finances, it is highly recommended that you pay the additional cost for OnePlus. With all of its benefits, this is the greatest smartphone you can get for the price. 1. It came as a surprise to me that I enjoyed the shell. Any tech blogger you care to look at would tell you tSee full review

🤖 introducing the powerful and stylish roborock s7 maxv ru: black robot vacuum cleaner logo

Has some pros: It is able to navigate around floor obstructions and items of a smaller scale with ease. Some disadvantages include the fact that he can use his side brush to propel a piece of cat chow around the apartment.See full review

👀 logitech c920x hd pro webcam logo

Logitech's last camera was 5 megapixels, so why did they only put a 3 megapixel sensor in this one? The image quality suffered as a result of the sensor's reduced placement capacity; software processing and the Carl Zeiss lens could only make up the gap in video quality compared to the previous model. The video's poor quality really let me down. This camera, in all honesty, costs little more than the year 2022.See full review

🌸 amazfit gtr smartwatch, classic design, continuous heart rate monitoring, music control, gps, long-lasting battery life, 12-sport modes, water resistant, cherry blossom pink (w1910us2n) logo

Excellent wristwatch; the screen is fantastic, and the control is both legible and user-friendly. The only problem was that they began to charge improperly; it's possible that the socket itself, along with its contacts, had become demagnetized, or it may have been something else. (I cleaned the contacts on the watch, but it did not make a difference.)See full review

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