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Tire winter Pirelli Ice Zero 215/65/16 102 T XL spike Review



Very good

Revainrating 4 out of 5  
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Description of Tire winter Pirelli Ice Zero 215/65/16 102 T XL spike

Pirelli Winter Ice Zero car tires are one of the best developments of the Italian tire concern. It combines advanced technologies designed to improve handling and vehicle dynamics on snowy and icy roads. The unique design of the studs with pointed tips significantly increases the vehicle''s flotation on ice and prevents uncontrolled skidding. Increased sipe densityCompared to previous generations of Pirelli tires, this model has a denser arrangement of sipes on the tread area. The total number of these functional elements is increased by almost 20%. A characteristic feature of the tire is that...


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Revainrating 5 out of 5

Im amazed! It was definitely worth the money!

I skated 5 seasons on disks without overboarding on such. I got into an accident that year - I managed to slow down, and the driver behind me is no longer there, although I was noticeably closer to the leading car in front than he was to me. I took another one of the same for the next five years.

  • Holds the road well. Over five years of use, more than 60% of the studs remained when driving in a city with little snow.
  • Very noisy even for studded wheels. Make noise or turn on the radio louder.

I have been riding Pirelli winter ice zero 175/65 14 for the 4th winter already, mileage is about 20 thousand. 1-2 spikes on each wheel are not enough, they are not worn out, the tires are ideal. On the track, the spike goes deeper because of this, it becomes not so noisy, I didn’t feel any difference compared to the haka8.

  • Price, wear resistance, spike structure. Excellent tires.
  • With my operation there will be no opportunity to try other tires.

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Excellent product, the best quality.

Maybe I got lucky ones, but I'm impressed. There are no complaints. Pits, stuck several times, sat on the belly, tore to the ground. They row like. they row well. As long as there is enough clearance, the car is rushing. On snow of the order of 15-20 cm at a speed of 100-120 went like a rocket. One on the left lane on the highway. Everything was on the right lane along the track, I was on soil, so the snow flew behind me as if from a rocket nozzle. Stabilization flickered and that's it…

  • Volvo XC60 car. Fourth winter on them. And these are the first tires that drove about 70 thousand in Hong Kong and did not wear out. At all. Loss of studs maximum three per wheel 235/65/17. Although I ride the car often and well.
  • For me, there are no shortcomings. Write noisy, there is little. Maybe I got used to it, but before it seemed really noisy. Or maybe rolled over.

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Matches the description completely, very satisfied.

3 years in the rearview mirror, terrific tires, and one stud short of the complete set. I managed to puncture one tire, and another one developed a tiny hernia. I recommend that anyone take it easy with the hakkapelittu. Below are some advantages: Tires perform almost same in the winter and the summer. The spikes are predictable and reliable, and they have a high degree of reliability. Below are some downsides: They will no longer have the abilities of a super-Derzhak beginning with the third…

Revainrating 5 out of 5

The perfect product for any user!

Very respectable tires, with the main negative being that it is necessary to move off of ice or snow onto clean asphalt in order to silence the howling sound. Aside from that, I do not have the slightest remorse about making the purchase. Some pros: Stroking at a rate of one hundred. On rolled snow, in powder, and in snow porridge, it carries with a high degree of assurance. Although I do not feel very confident on the ice, this is not a combat spike. Having these drawbacks: On smooth asphalt…

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Excellent quality, absolutely not expected for such a price.

I went with tires that fell into the more economical pricing range for a good while. I compared the value of 2500 to that of 4000. After reading a ton of evaluations written by competent individuals, I decided to go with them. Although it was recognized for its stability on the road, it had a remarkable grip on the ice. Perhaps add later) Some advantages: Gentle, unmoving, and completely secure on the ice. I have not attempted to use it in extreme winter situations, such as snowdrifts. Having…

If the price differential between this rubber and the market leaders (Nokian or Continental) was not so significant (less than two dollars each wheel), then I would go with the Nokian or Continental option. In point of fact, the only significant drawback to using rubber is the noise it makes when walking on bare pavement. Got pros: The performance behind the wheel is unparalleled at this pricing point. During the previous season, not a single spike was lost. Below are some downsides: Noise. I'm

Revainrating 3 out of 5

Overall good, but expected more.

After putting it to use for a week, I've come to the conclusion that the noise makes an excellent first impression, which is why I've chosen to write a review on it. We did not have enough time to test for persistence, resistance to snow porridge, and ice. 215/65R17. Has some pros: Price, in addition to something resembling a brand name reason. The summer ones are the ones I use, and I couldn't be happier with them. Having these drawbacks: Very noisy. Before making a purchase, I studied the…

Revainrating 4 out of 5

Exactly what I needed, it's a great buy, I recommend it.

I would like the description to state that it was "made in 2022" if it is not imported rubber. The entirety of those, in general, was written in an honest manner))) Some pros: Soft nice rubber. This winter, having traveled approximately 7000 kilometers between November and December, it turned out to be a fantastic choice. Some cons: It looked like there was more noise coming from the Thorns than normal. However, this does not change the fact that this is a drawback.

Revainrating 3 out of 5

Not the best quality, but overall not bad.

It is inferior to Hakki in terms of its operating properties, but superior to Nordman in those respects. In addition, I see advertisements from the manufacturer that are shaped like curves, but the website has issues when it comes to registering things. Various advantages: Price. During the process of installation, the tires had a good fit on the wheels. High degree of permeability. A model that is not too old. Various disadvantages: Even at this early stage of the vehicle's break-in process…

Revainrating 2 out of 5

Money down the drain, poor quality product.

We made the decision to purchase Pirelli winter tires; however, if you want my advice, you should probably go with Kama or another brand that is less expensive; otherwise, all of your tire fitters will start to remember you when you visit person cities. Got pros: It grips the ice and digs into the snow really effectively. Approximately ninety percent of the spikes survived after three growing seasons. With these drawbacks: Due to the fact that they started to lower the spikes at the beginning…

Revainrating 4 out of 5

What you need, a cool purchase, I advise you.

The tires are definitely good, they never got stuck on their front-wheel drive, but the past Nokian Velcro was just skates and a cow, apparently due to its improper storage and age. Has some pros: Cross-country ability and beautiful huge spikes. Price - brand. Has some cons: Valkost, but here apparently either valkost or rigidity, in this case the first option. And not a very beautiful sidewall, the rim of the disc sticks out, curbs oh-oh.

Revainrating 5 out of 5

The right product for me, there were no problems.

Good tires, I've been driving for 6 months, I'm happy with everything except for noise, but you can get used to it. before that there was a nordman5 that lost 50% of the spikes during the winter and the grip was not very good Got pros: 1. good grip, especially on ice and snow, but also on clean asphalt. 2. perfectly balanced 3. spikes sit firmly, sometimes I drive 140 on the highway, drove about 10t. Km on them, everything is in place pah-pah . Different cons: noisy, especially on asphalt at a…