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electronic collar for dog training with remote control / anti-barking collar for dogs / logo

I was afraid that they would bring Chinese garbage, but they brought quite a solid product! thanks to the store for the quality and fast delivery! I already managed to test the collar on the dog - it works quite well for itself - I have already weaned begging food from the table and barking at the neighbors outside the door!See full review

front light fenix ​​bc30v20 black logo

The best lighting solution I have seen and used. I uploaded a video from a cycling hangout where they demonstrated the operation of the flashlight and Burst mode. I recommend.See full review

vacuum cleaner kitfort kt-541-1, blue logo

I bought this vacuum cleaner recently but fell in love with it the first time I used it. The absence of a wire is very convenient, you don’t have to carry a clumsy bandura with you, the hose of which is constantly tangled with the wire. The weight is quite light, the grandmother can handle it, and the child can easily handle it. The build quality is neat, I can’t judge by the strength of the plastic, because I treat things with care and have no complaints. It does its job excellently. For 2 minuSee full review

microsoft 2xj 00001 bluetooth keyboard 6000 logo

Some pros: We were looking for a heavier keyboard so that it would not roll around on the table - it fit. Rubberized legs, many additional keys: calculator, settings, etc. With its cons: Additional keys are not all clear - why do I need to quickly call a spreading app for Microsoft products?See full review

boneco w200 air washer: humidifier and purifier for improved air quality logo

It is very strange that with such an inflated price and such ease of manufacture, there are so few analogues on the market. With its pros: The shape looks more beautiful and neater in comparison with slightly more budgetary counterparts. Although what is easier, to make nice . Different cons: 1) Noise. There is a video baby monitor in the room, and when the air washer is working, a hum is heard on the receiver, like white noise on an old TV. 2) I expected that air humidification would be more; PSee full review

globber flow lights 472 102 2 black logo

This is the company's second scooter model to be released. Prior to that, they used a tricycle that had glowing wheels and rode it for two to three years without suffering any damage. The standard of excellence is very high. Therefore, as the child grew older, they continued to take this one without any reservations for a total of five years. Everyone is in a good mood. In addition to that, the present also included a lantern that doubled as a klaxon and played a variety of various globber songsSee full review

10.1" tablet lenovo tab 4 tb-x304l (2017), 2/16 gb, wi-fi + cellular, slate black logo

I chose a gift for my son for a long time, he asked for a tablet, he is 5 years old. Long searches and shopping trips with equipment, I almost decided . but I accidentally saw an advertisement on the Internet . I also looked at budget models for a long time, inexpensive ones. account of purchases on the Internet. I chose this tablet according to the reviews of other buyers, when it was delivered the next day by courier, everything was clear, my doubts dissipated and I did not regret my choice. ISee full review

vacuum cleaner gorenje vc 1903 gacbucy, blue logo

I want to appeal to those who look at the rating before buying, like me. NEVER buy Gorenje vacuum cleaners. The vacuum cleaner worked 7-8 times, after which it stopped ing at all. Twice I handed over the model for diagnostics and twice received an answer that everything is in order. But can it be okay that a vacuum cleaner with such power from a distance of 1 cm does not anything in either crumbs or a sheet of paper. At the same time, it gets very hot. But according to Gorenje, this is normal aSee full review

table service luminarc diwali p2961-p2963, 6 persons, 18 items logo

Very fast delivery, I ordered 22/01 in the delivery service the goods for delivery on 23/01. Super fast. Super set. Everything is as in the description. I was very afraid that there would be a fight, a lot of reviews on the fight. But most importantly, everything is whole, all the plates, excellent, just relieved immediately. I checked right at the point of issue. More salad bowls were bought separately in Lenta for 89. Now the set is complete. I am very pretty. Thank you. I recommend the set foSee full review

dry dog ​​food go! carnivore, grain-free, salmon, cod 1 pack x 1 pc. x 9.98 kg logo

Pug 7 years old. All these long years we tried to find the right food and this particular food is what we need. Digestion, hair restored, the fold over the nose, ears and eyes do not fester. Although before that they just didn’t try it themselves, and with the help of veterinarians. The pug eats with pleasure, although he is still picky. I recommend it to pug breeders 100%.See full review

smart speaker vk capsule mini, marine blue logo

The children asked for this thing for themselves. At first, she was skeptical about Marusya, she thought that as a TV, on the contrary, she would interfere with them rather than help. Glad to be wrong. Marusya is not abused, there is a children's mode, so she filters the content of everything. We use the help as a calculator and translator. We will be glad to have more such useful functions in the future.See full review

dry food for kittens applaws grain-free, hypoallergenic, with chicken and vegetables 7.5 kg logo

Various advantages: The cat appears to enjoy its meals. After a month of eating, we have not experienced any issues with our stools. Despite the fact that many authors stated that these issues manifested themselves after continuous consumption of this diet. In the event that something goes wrong, I will write a review on it, but as of right now, everything seems to be in order. Before that, I had specifically taken a small box, so I could test it out before placing an order for such a large quanSee full review

men's leather wallet mk-s brown apache rfid logo

I was seeking for a wallet that did not have a separate section for coins and that was more compact than the one I have now, but I was unsuccessful in my search because the one I have now is still more compact.See full review

joma sneakers, size 44, gris naranja logo

I normally wear a 43, therefore I got a 43.5 according to the insoles, however they are very constricting on the leg. While this is acceptable for walking norms, it is not acceptable for sporting loads (descents and ascents). 44 instances were found in total. The foot is kept in place. The rate of depreciation is acceptable. The plane of the sole, when taken into account alongside the size +1, confers additional wear resistance to walkers for athletes weighing 85-95 kg. The insole is made of EVASee full review

electronic collar for dog training р-880pro. original! a new version logo

Absolutely no effect on Doberman (7 months). Thinks it's some kind of toy. From vibration and from the sound signal, it is even more diligent to do what is impossible. Then it rushes like a helicopter, demolishing everything in its path. In short, the current may work, but they did not check this. Now this collar is unnecessary. Friends also have a Doberman, only an adult, picks up everything that is possible on the street, even though you endlessly press these vibration and sound buttons, zero See full review

humidifier / air purifier "fanline aqua ve400" with an ionizer, with a capacity of 410 gr/h logo

Used for two days. Everything is fine - good plastic, odorless. The parts are well made and fitted. Most importantly, it works! During sleep (about 9 hours) at the minimum fan speed, about 2 liters evaporate. The fan makes a little noise, but it does not interfere with sleep, it does not whistle, does not gurgle, does not click - the sound is uniform, barely audible. The disks spin absolutely silently. The discs are made of an interesting material - something like dense PVC, you need to be carSee full review

filter eheim classic 600 logo

Some pros: I do aquariums. Installed hundreds of these. One of the best filters. Water intake from below, discharge from above. Prost in service. Cons: Installation may require additional hoses. The suction cups and the hoses themselves tan rather quickly.See full review

stroller valco baby snap 4, cool gray logo

I love her))) She brightens up the hardships of motherhood for me))) But seriously, this stroller is ideal for me, BUT on inflatable wheels. Its pros: 1. I bought inflatable wheels - I got excellent depreciation and patency even on loose sand. 2. I roll a newborn child in it and understand that idiots take heavy cradles "in the summer" . In general, my daughter loves to sleep in it. At the dacha there is just a classic cradle (so as not to kill Snap by potholes), where she sleeps badly. 3. QuiSee full review

🐶 farmina n&d puppy dry dog food: grain-free pumpkin lamb & blueberry - medium/maxi, 5.5 lbs logo

If your dog is dear to you, then take NOT here, waste your time and run around in search of the right product on the last day, it lures you with a good PRICE and just throws you 12 hours before the delivery time expires, thanks, but in the contract, as in any another 100% there is a paragraph about what should happen with the seller for such cases, only the client does not have an agreement, and I will send the index to the page of my rules, which of course are only in his favor!See full review

humidifier smartmi evaporative humidifier/zhimi air humidifier 2 (cjxjsq02zm) eu, white logo

Below are some advantages: This is without a doubt the most effective moisturizer. No replacement parts needed. The view of the bay from above. Having this drawback: The management is done through a Wi-Fi network, which is somewhat inconvenient but in no way essential; it's really an insignificant detail.See full review

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