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wireless headphones soundcore liberty 3 pro, eclipse black logo

Definitely recommend, happy Pros below: Before that, I always bought wired headphones from the AudioTechnica brand. After studying several forums and comparing the current lots on the market, I decided to try these ears. For me the following are the benefits: -Very pleasant sound (both from any type of music and audio books) -Long charge, when used for 5 hours, lasts 3 days -Nice case and build quality, flashes nicely), there are no backlashes and other G. - Very good fit in the ears, not once dSee full review

edifier x5 wireless headphones, white logo

Pros: Sound, do not press on the shells! They don't fall out. aptx Has some cons The microphone is bad. The right earpiece began to discharge at 0! . when the left is at 100. If the box is discharged, the headphones do not work if they are charged at 100 breeee.See full review

🌞 garmin instinct solar tactical smart watch in black: enhanced features and style logo

Definitely a useful and reliable tool, not a toy for two days. Take it without hesitation or hesitation. With its pros. I thought for a long time whether I need a smart watch at all. Then I chose for a long time based on reviews and reviews. I ended up getting these. Satisfied with all 6 stars out of 5. My amateur needs are covered by 200%. I think in order to hit some kind of limit of these hours, you need to already be in a professional league. I really like the battery. In the battery saving See full review

baseus big ears car mount wireless charger with magnetic holder, black - wireless charging logo

It's more like a recharge than a charger. because while using the navigator and music, it charges very slowly. we can say that it simply maintains the charge at the same level. If you turn everything off, it will start charging, but not quickly, again. in an hour it will charge about 2-5% BUT! very convenient due to the magnetic holder. there are no frames and other crap. just stick it on and it stays on. doesn't fall anywhere. with all the shortcomings (and they are significant), I still use itSee full review

📶 white keenetic hopper wifi router (kn-3810) logo

I decided to upgrade my home network to Wi-Fi 6. For many years I used Mikrotiks, which I set up and forgot, but it’s still a quest to set them up) Friends of the networkers advised Keenetic, because the same power as Mikrotik, but the interface is very clear and everything you need for home features in plain sight. As a result, it turned out that Keenetic for the home is 100 times better than Mikrotik. I used all sorts, but such a cool router for the first time.See full review

xiaomi smart antibacterial humidifier (znjsq01dem / skv4140gl), white logo

Pros below: Quiet operation, quick and easy connection to the phone, normal volume of the water tank. Has some cons: My wife took it from the dacha to the apartment😔 I need to buy another one.See full review

xiaomi redmi 8 4/64 gb global smartphone, ruby red logo

Has pros: Long working time. Sturdy when you throw it at the wall does not crack. Has some cons Glitchy software, disgusting screen sensor quality, intermittent network loss.See full review

baseus cafule 2 m usb type-c cable - usb type-c (catklf-alg1) in black/gray logo

With its pros. Comfortable firmness. There is a useful piece with Velcro for storage when rolled up. Different cons: Died 3 months later. Satisfied quickly began to get loose for some reason.See full review

motorola moto g5s 3/32gb dual sim smartphone, grey logo

In terms of price-quality ratio, quality exceeds prices. Great screen, vibrant colors. No worse than the Samsung s7, but it has 500 pixels and a resolution of 1400. The American guys from Lenov did a good job. I regretted only one thing, that I did not buy a motorola more expensive. The processor could be more powerful. When I went to buy, I realized that I was taking a risk. Motorola went bankrupt, only in 2022 they got back on their feet. Apparently, the scientific units have survived, otherwiSee full review

smartbuy yoga 2, 5w, bluetooth, mp3, fm radio (sbs-5040), black logo

- when turned on, the volume settings are constantly reset and the receiver turns on at maximum volume - the radio is tuned by typing (you can’t say otherwise), there is no button to remember the radio station - from the receiver there is a persistent smell of plasticSee full review

wilkinson sword classic t-shape razor, black, 5 replacement blades logo

If you are thinking of changing a Chinese machine for 100 from a household store to this one, then change it. The difference is huge. If you plan to jump off cassette systems - too. Feels the same, but shaves cleaner and less irritation. Some pros: - Good geometry, the blade is set smoothly and does not play - Quality plastic. Doesn't bend. There are no backlashes and gaps. - Shaving is very comfortable, despite the apparent bulkiness of the head. - The plastic is smooth, does not scratch the skSee full review

wi-fi signal amplifier (repeater) xiaomi range extender ac1200, black logo

An excellent device for your money (otherwise, like all devices from Xiaomi). In Mi Home, select the region 2022 and everything will work out. There will be questions - ask! ) Has pros: Affordable price Compact dimensions LAN port For connecting to a local area network via cable Steady signal Provides the promised speed I made friends with a ZTE router from MGTS / Amazon without any problems Has some cons The experience of interacting with a large number of Xiaomi brand products helped. The mainSee full review

xiaomi mi box s global tv box, black logo

Got pros: Good thing. Set up quickly and works pretty well. It is very convenient to use, you do not need a lot of mind. It pays for its price by 100. Its cons: With the connection of the mouse and keyboard has not yet been noticed.See full review

sony mdr-zx110ap headphones, black logo

Has pros: Excellent sound, soft pads, it is possible to increase the length and it is possible to fold. Got cons: After a year of wearing, the pads are frayed and after some time they are completely peeled off, and the fabric under them is easily soiled and hard to clean.See full review

wireless headphones huawei freelace pro, smoky-white logo

So far, mixed feelings. Pros below: Convenient form factor. It’s not the first headphones that have a bezel, that tws - so there is something to compare with. Conveniently and quickly charged from the phone. Quality materials. It's nice to hold in your hands. Cons below: Used the first version of Freelaces. I thought there would be some kind of breakthrough in sound and sound insulation. In fact, he became a victim of heightened expectations. The sound is good, but nothing more. I can’t say whicSee full review

samsung gear sport wi-fi nfc smartwatch, black logo

What I would like to tell you, I am actively involved in several sports. Of which it is running and workout workouts. I took it mainly for this. I do synchronization once a day with galaxy s7. GPS is clear, then you look at the map - the path is left, the path is right, everything is as it should. Pulse is great. Then in Samsung Health 4 graphics. Elevation changes speed each km, pulse throughout and pedaling. In general, everything you need. I haven't had time to buy bluetooth ears yet, but I tSee full review

cordless earphones realme buds air 2 neo, light grey logo

In its price category, everything is very good, the sound for me does not really need to be taken into account that I compare it with Sennheiser wired plugs (not cheap). But it should be noted that the sound in them does not tire.See full review

headphones skullcandy hesh 2 logo

I've been using these headphones for two years now. They are with me and on the street when walking, traveling and at home for the computer. I'm not a sound pro, but these headphones suit me very well. The jack at the wire fits the IP68 protected phone model, in my case it is Blackview BV6000. Used for Skype on PC. Bought for 2500. When connected to some smartphones, various frequencies or channels may be lost. To do this, you need to reconnect in places, the wire plug. : three years later, thSee full review

sennheiser momentum free wireless headphones, black logo

Good quality headphones. Beautiful, light, the battery charges quickly and holds a charge for a long time. Personally, I did not particularly like the sound, it seems somehow "synthetic". I listen mainly to jazz, classical and so on. Perhaps they are better for other genres. The size of the ear pads let us down. There are already 4 pairs of them in the set: huge, large, small and tiny (the latter, probably, especially for little elves). I would like average . I wanted to attach ear pads from JBSee full review

silverstone f1 monaco s radar detector logo

Some pros: Good signature database PC management and database ates too Picks up radar signals well Some cons: Through the heating grid loses GPS signals Disgusting attachment to the suction cup bracket Practically useless in the citySee full review

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