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Its pros: Holds a charge for a long time, charges quickly, convenient menus, strong case. Its cons: Poor radio reception (apparently, the metal parts of the case shield the signal), a non-standard connector for connecting to USB.See full review

trimmer philips oneblade pro qp6550/15, chrome logo

Great stuff, replaced my electric shaver. Doesn't shave as smoothly as a razor or electric razor, but that's more of a plus for me. Feeling after shaving, as if it were evening after having shaved clean in the morning. It is terribly difficult to understand what is included in the kit, I needed a docking station and a case for transportation, but I came across with a fabric bag . I was ready to pay more money for the station and the case, but I could not . Minus fat. I would still rather take tSee full review

🌸 revlon tonal cream colorstay makeup normal-dry, spf 20: flawless coverage & long-lasting, suitable for all-day wear logo

Good toner, I recommend. Much lighter than Korean creams. The consistency is liquid, which makes it easy to apply the cream. The cream does not flow anywhere, as some say. Consumption is minimal. Well evens out the color and hides imperfections, while there is no feeling of a mask. On my skin 40+ sits all day without rolling, does not dry the skin. It applies well with a brush, fingers and sponge. Bought with revlon base. She didn't make friends with her. On the base, the foundation emphasizes pSee full review

lenovo yoga smart tab tablet yt-x705f (2019), ru, 3 gb/32 gb, wi-fi, iron gray logo

Got pros: Comfortable stand, good sound, no complaints about the screen either Got cons: Although there is a Type-c charging output, charging only works with the native wire.See full review

robot vacuum cleaner roborock s7 ru, white logo

Pros: Removes much better than his colleague from the rumba. Very satisfied Its cons: After wiping the floor, there may be small stains on the light floor.See full review

📱 motorola moto g6 32gb smartphone logo

Has some pros: When he appeared on his own money was not bad. Motorola nostalgia has done its job. Cons: In general, there are no complaints. But after one of the ates, it began to shamelessly slow down. What I just did not do with him. As a result, the phone went to live in the cabinet.See full review

🌍 streamline your travels with the navitel e505 magnetic navigator logo

The fourth time I send a review, they do not miss it. In general, this navigator was presented to me by a friend who does not drive a car and does not understand this. After using navigators in the phone of well-known search engines, it is impossible to work with this navigator. After the box is printed, the product depreciates by 60-70 percent, it is difficult to sell it used for at least one day.See full review

smart xiaomi mi band 7 global bracelet for russia, black logo

An incredible tool; I upgraded to the 6th version about a year and a half ago, and ever since then, I've never left the house without it. I've since upgraded to the 7th version. This is a product that I truly enjoy using, and I have high hopes that it will continue to improve over time, as well as that future iterations will have novel features. Although I didn't detect a significant difference between the new and the sixth version (apart from the fact that the new one had a larger display), I sSee full review

mp3 player digma z4 16gb 16 gb, bluetooth, black/grey logo

Purchased on the market for a lower price. There was not a single glitch throughout the process. Due to the prompt delivery to the point of issue, you have my sincere gratitude. I appreciated how small and lightweight the player itself was. Included headphones can only be used for listening to audiobooks, though; music cannot be played through them. I very quickly loaded it up with roughly 13 gigabytes of music, which I organized into a variety of folders (performer folder, concert folder, colleSee full review

canon eos 6d body camera, black logo

After reading reviews and reviews on the Internet, I decided to stop on this particular model. "Crop" Canon EOS 450D did not suit me anymore, I wanted a beautiful picture that only "full frame" can provide. There were fears that my old "full frame" lenses would not perform well. Yes, although the picture with the Canon EF 28-135 IS USM is not as "ringing - sharp" as with the lenses of the "L" series, but at first it will suit. By the way, the same 28-135 turned into a normal "staff", with distoSee full review

bosch mfq 3010 mixer, white logo

Pros below: Lightweight, comfortable in the hand, easy to put, does not fall. Finally, there is enough power to whip the whites (unlike a universal immersion blender with a whisk attachment), it does not get hot in your hand until you beat or stir for about five minutes. Acceptable price Different cons: It rattles a little frighteningly at low speeds, at the maximum it sounds, on the contrary, more smoothly. Once I whipped something with cocoa, so the powder rose and clogged into the sockets foSee full review

wi-fi router asus rt-ac66u, black logo

The ability to access your home computer from work without opening it to the entire Internet is the only extra. a function that I need from the router (well, maybe parental control yet), so I will have to change it or install third-party firmware, which means another expensive product that I need to "dance with tambourines" around so that it works like an expensive product .See full review

apple iphone se 2020 128gb smartphone, (product)red, slimbox logo

It was bought to replace the flagship model on Android. Since the phone is more needed for work, not entertainment, I definitely liked the iPhone more, everything is on business, nothing more. Get used to it almost immediately. It lies comfortably in the hand, but I would not recommend wearing it without a case, the fall will be very painful for him, and also expensive for the owner. Of the minuses compared to the previous device, I would note the sound quality. Obviously it could be better. TheSee full review

executive computer chair bureaucrat kb-9n, upholstery: mesh/artificial leather, color: blue logo

I’ve been sitting at home on this chair for more than a year, in principle I’m used to it, I didn’t give it up, because when I bought it there was a lot of work, there were no problems with the chair. A terrible creak throughout the apartment from the first day, which I just didn’t try - lubricate, seal the joints of everything that is screwed with a rubber expander - this is not treated. The seat is so long that I, with my unfortunate 177 cm tall, cannot sit leaning back - the bend of my knees See full review

sven ps-290, black, speaker system 2.0, power 2x10 w rms , waterproof ipx6 , tws, bluetooth, fm, usb, microsd, built-in battery logo

About the sound: - The speaker is loud enough, but its power is not enough to "rock" a large company in nature. The sound is balanced, relatively clear, with a bias towards low frequencies. - High frequencies are smoothed out. Loudness, juiciness and crystallinity is not enough. But if you consider that in most inexpensive speakers, treble and midrange are choked and deaf, then Sven PS sounds very good.) - Low frequencies are accentuated. They are shock, not at all "cotton". But the bass and attSee full review

🧔 nivea active care spf 15 lip balm for men logo

I didn't like it. My husband couldn't use it either. The smell is not pleasant, somewhat reminiscent of a church)) or some kind of pharmacy ointment. It disappears in about 20 minutes. Like the lipstick itself from the lips. Absorbed and gone. We use it at night, by the morning the lips are dry, as if they had not been used. Of course, you won’t use it during the day with such a load. Thrown out. Suddenly, somehow from nivea such crap. All the same, there is no better sos of the same brand. It sSee full review

portable acoustics jbl charge 4, 30 w, red logo

I took the coloring of white camouflage, after a couple of months of use it keeps charging stably. Waterproof, as stated, stable. In general, I think that this is the best option for traveling light, where you need music for the company. I myself used it a couple of times in this mode, I mostly work at home, I listen to music and movies, everything is flawless. Its pros: Quality sound, including low frequencies. The maximum volume is more than you would expect from such a small speaker. ChargingSee full review

wireless earphones jbl tune 205bt, silver logo

I bought a JBL T110BT instead, because the right channel stopped working in them. (Through my fault) Feeling - these are better, maybe because I like plug-ins more, or maybe the company really worked on the model and they began to produce a better sound. Different pros: ● One of the few headphones that are not in-ear; ● The sound quality for the price < 2022 is quite good; ● Quick pairing with devices; ● I went with them for about 4 hours, I think I could not bring the acc. to zero; ● Charging tSee full review

deppa crab vogue holder black logo

Bought to replace broken cheap holder. I was very pleased with the quality, both externally and in content, so to speak. It sticks very firmly to the glass. I wanted to re-glue it to another place, a little lower, it was difficult to tear off the suction cup. But, quietly tore it off. I haven't tried sticking to plastic. There is only one swivel in the body. Doesn't shake at all while driving. The place where the phone is installed is finished with rubberized material, so that the phone sits in See full review

wireless headphones sony wf-1000x, black logo

It takes two hours. They say that if it takes much longer to turn off the noise reduction, I haven’t checked it yet, there will be an opportunity to check it - I’ll write more here. Some pros: Noise canceling is good, as with all soneks. But this does not mean that you will not hear anything, so do not write nonsense here. The sound is good, clear, you can hear both highs and lows and mids. Good bass through the equalizer in the player. The native headphones application does not fall off, as it See full review

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