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apple watch series 6 40mm aluminum case ru, silver/white logo

They came on time, everything works, it took 5-6 hours to ate and connect to the phone, they write that everyone has it, this is the norm. The main thing is that they work and please. I pasted the film, I already hurt it😄 everything is fine with the clockSee full review

double trekking tent bestway coolmount 2 pop-up 68086, turquoise logo

Two will normally lie down, in length - the son of 190 fits comfortably. I don’t think that it will withstand a downpour, you can come up with an awning for this, but as a beach one it’s super.See full review

dry dog ​​food blitz sensitive, pork, turkey, with barley 1 pack. x 1 pc. x 15 kg logo

When people in Mother 2022 who provide services become more responsible for their work, the world will become kinder. So far one star.See full review

rozhkovy coffee maker kitfort kt-702, black logo

Our first coffee maker, with its pros and cons. Let's talk about the cons: firstly, it seemed to me that the handle at the horn was very fragile, it is plastic and if you make it harder to break it off. You need to get used to closing the horn, there is no silk that is closed. if you practice, it doesn’t whip milk badly. Foam in coffee depends on the coffee itself, at home I’ll decide with time which coffee to take. (maybe someone will advise). Plus a huge cost, covers a lot. . It turned out jusSee full review

paipaitek pd-258s electronic collar, collar length 66cm, neck circumference 12-55cm, 1 piece, black/silver, s logo

I have a spitz. Barked very hard at everything. You leave at home, also without stopping and without interruption. When I put on the collar, everything immediately stopped the first time! This is a saving thing! They write that it works when shaking the head, but that's not true, it doesn't work even at high sensitivity. Only reacts to barking and howlingSee full review

combined coffee maker polaris pcm 2020 3-in-1, black/silver logo

In general, the impressions are positive. The coffee is delicious. From what I did not like, I indicated in the shortcomings, but in general it does not affect the assessment. It would be great if tassimo capsules fit, but maybe this is already superfluous. From what I would like to add to the functionality, this is probably the temperature control for brewing drinks. Everything else is great. I took it to the office.See full review

lightweight polypropylene suitcase supra luggage anti-vandal with tsa combination lock, 35 liters, 4 wheels with 360 degree rotation logo

The benefits of it include: Was on a single journey that involved three aircraft and loaded 15–25 kilograms. till it finally gave way. I would not hesitate to travel with him once more. Some cons: Already showing signs of heavy breathing, the top handle is about to give way, and I can't wait. Scratches and scuffs can be seen on the exterior of the luggage, giving it the appearance of having been used extensively.See full review

vacuum cleaner dreame v9p global, white logo

The vacuum cleaner is good, the purchase is completely satisfied. Very convenient charging base with the ability to store attachments. Suction power is more powerful than a conventional corded vacuum cleaner (compare with Karcher). Of course, at maximum power, it works for 8 minutes, but at an average of 25 minutes it is enough to clean 100 squares. I was pleased with the nozzle for cleaning sofas (furniture) - I didn’t expect that so much dust could be collected there)))) The crevice nozzle is See full review

women's one-piece sports swimsuit csiman with a black zipper, size 48 logo

Pros below: Cool swimsuit, very comfortable + waterproof bag with a cat included Has cons: A little pulling in height, but I think after the first swim it will be okSee full review

luxvisage pin up ultra matt lipstick 524 bella logo

Soft formula, velvety finish. The lipstick is not completely matte, but rather a matte cream. Doesn't dry out lips very much, nice colors. The lipstick itself is opaque, but problematic shades (cold brown and burgundy) can be applied with bald spots. In the photo there are swatches of four shades: 541, 507, 543 and 522. 541 with a pinkish undertone, for everyday wear. 543 is more beige, suitable for light ones. It looks pale on me, not enough color. 522 - beige-brown, in life it gives off a lighSee full review

smart bracelet honor band 5 global, blue logo

Hired Experts: A child's fitness wristband has been ordered. Each and every described function is correct. Negatives are listed below: The phone and the wristband only have a limited range of communication. The bracelet should be in close proximity to the phone.See full review

capsule coffee machine nespresso gcb2 vertuo plus c, silver logo

The messenger who brought the replacement coffee maker mentioned frequent breakdowns in service. In my opinion, Nespresso coffee makers are not worth the money. There is no help available, and the call center staff is unknowledgeable and unable to resolve any issues.See full review

senana beautiful eyelashes mascara, black logo

It seems to be a good mascara, but there are small errors everywhere: a beautiful tube, but with traces of glue, a comfortable brush, the mascara does not stain, but does not really lengthen and build up, it is declared waterproof, but this is not entirely true, it is washed off, but very unpleasant, for me personally, way. Therefore, the C grade, if I knew everything in advance, added and bought a good one.See full review

gaming chair zone 51 gravity, upholstery: faux leather/textile, color: black/cyan logo

Excellent value for the money spent! Has some pros: Strong, fashionable, and of excellent quality! A chair with some heft and decency. Perfectly able to endure 120 kg of weight Having these drawbacks: Either they haven't found it out yet, or the armrests are quite peculiar in that they don't lock in any certain direction.See full review

grill electric pressure contact grill 2682 /desktop/1800w/non-stick coating/indicator/timer/thermostat/fat collection/opening 180 degrees logo

Due to the lack of instructions, there are many questions and not a single answer . And it should be, on the packaging it is recommended to study what is not there. Attaching photo. Seller, please provide missing documents.See full review

hair dryer dyson supersonic hd07, nickel/copper logo

(In descending order) Interesting methods 1) is packaged in a box that appears to be both a shipping box and a main box. 2) Order the plug adapter right away (the plug adapter is not included in the packaging in the picture). About 250 is the price right there. 3) The package contains nozzles (a normal man would not know what or where they are, but thanks to a YouTube video, I learned how one dark-skinned girl created a flawless mop of her hair using just one nozzle and a ribbon))). 4) The hairSee full review

xiaomi bedside lamp 2 led night light, 9w armature color: white, plateau color: white, version: rostest (eac) logo

Has some pros I was aware of what I was getting myself into. The initial impression is a favorable one. The functional capabilities are outstanding. In light of its disadvantages for the layperson in general, I believe that you will need to do some effort in order to maintain control over the phone and Alice.See full review

air purifier xiaomi air smart purifier 4 pro, ac-m15-sc global, white logo

I will observe the work and feel the effect. I noticed an interesting feature, namely, when you pour tap water into the humidifier (settled for a day), the air pollution level shows above 100, and when bottled water is used, then up to 30. I’ll try boiled more. Got pros: Fast delivery, high-quality packaging, stylish design, quiet operation at low speeds, clear interface and fast connection to mi home Some cons: In my case, it reacts to an ultrasonic humidifier, which is located at the other endSee full review

split system roda rs-a07f/ru-a07f, silver logo

Has some pros: Price + quality. Everything works, quietly, inexpensively. Some cons: I can only find fault with the light from the indicator at night. But this is absolutely not important.See full review

maxler vitawomen tabs, 90 pcs, neutral logo

One of the most diverse composition of vitamin complexes that I have met. I have been drinking for 2, with interruptions of 1-2 months. All the necessary elements and minerals in one capsule. I almost do not get sick, I feel great inside and out. The color of the urine has changed a little, but the doctors say that this is the norm, there is some element responsible for this.See full review

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