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vacuum cleaner kitfort kt-541-1, blue logo

Pros: Bought for cleaning a nursery. Now about the crumbs from cookies and other sweets, my nerves are safe). Room 13 sq. I clean it in 2 minutes, the charge is enough for such work for a week. Light weight and easy to clean and manage. Works quietly enough. Children themselves do the cleaning, taking a turn. At the first speed it from a lint-free carpet, at the second it perfectly collects debris from the carpet with a pile of 2 cm. It is very convenient to vacuum under the bed, thanks to theSee full review

paipaitek pd-258s electronic collar, collar length 66cm, neck circumference 12-55cm, 1 piece, black/silver, s logo

We bought a Yorkie in the hope that the barking would stop. He barks so much that he chokes on his own saliva. But alas. The dog starts to yelp, the collar warns with a signal three times, and then a current discharge is given. The dog yells from the current, and immediately barks again. Again current, again screeching and barking. And so on until the last shock. Then he just continues to bark without squealing, since he no longer shocks. It's a shame. Apparently the dog is very stupid.See full review

mountain bike (mtb) forward apache 27.5 3.0 disc (2021) turquoise/orange 21" (requires final assembly) logo

I am satisfied with the purchase. A great bike with good attachments for a very adequate price. In many ways, he has now abandoned the car, which is undoubtedly good for health. All trips where it is not required to carry goods or children have been exported to a bicycle saddle. I am satisfied. Very. Its pros: Light SUV. Comfortable fit. Calmly holds my weight of a tall, heavy uncle. Goes softly. In shortcomings, you will understand why I took off a star. If it had been stated in the product desSee full review

cordless screwdriver hoto electric screwdriver gun (qwlsd008) (blue) logo

Different pros: What is called a “screwdriver for girls”))) looks beautiful, the plastic is pleasant, it fits comfortably in the hand, a very convenient case is included Some cons: Low-power, just enough to tighten up what is loose and small things, sooo soft bits, literally 3-4 screws and spoil.See full review

city scooter hudora big wheel rx-pro 205, red logo

For a couple of months of use, the scooter only pleases, in the mode of almost daily use and rides of about 20 km a day, there are no complaints. But my usual route practically does not include paving stones, only good smooth asphalt, so the disadvantages inherent in this class of scooters are not noticed. On paving stones, all the shortcomings inherent in scooters with PU wheels and without shock absorbers will appear. There is already a question of either rolling or comfort. With inflatable whSee full review

dry dog ​​food gemon lamb 1 pack. x 1 pc. x 15 kg logo

We have been using jimon for more than 2 months, we picked it up instead of monju, since it has risen in price a lot. I ate Proplan for several months, but the dog's breath and wool began to smell very bad, and this food is also not cheap. When Djimon began to eat, the wool stopped smelling, the smell from his mouth also disappeared. We order packs of 3 kg, since a large pack of 15 kg does not have a zip lock and quickly disappears.See full review

toyo observe g3-ice 285/60 r18 120t winter logo

Skoda Rapid car. I compare with the old Velcro Nordman RS with 70% wear. I bought it a month ago and drove about 1500 km. The first thing that I noticed after the change was a smooth drift on corners, it is always there on dry pavement and on snow, but completely predictable. The old Velcro held the trajectory more clearly, but if it swerved on a turn, it was unexpected and abrupt. It's the same with moving in a straight line - there is some kind of wadding. But on slippery and snowy roads, I feSee full review

drawer with organizer qbrick system two organizer flex 10501274, 53x31x13 cm, black logo

I have 2 sets. System one and system two. Feather for a bulky tool. System 2 was bought for battery. There is a kart on wheels, on which all the boxes are perfectly assembled and moved anywhere.See full review

dry food for cats pro plan delicate 7+ with sensitive digestion with turkey 3 kg logo

The cat always ate proplan. They took different. It happened that he was capricious when opening a new package, then he got used to it and ate. Wool is good, he is thick and happy. But this food makes him vomit. He eats very badly, because there is no other. We opened the package 3 days ago, already vomited undigested and not even soaked food 2 times already. Drinks water well. What's wrong with food? Maybe fake? Deadlines are normal. 800 in the trash ((See full review

cordiant winter drive 195/55 r15 85t logo

I bought these tires, chose for a long time. Perfectly keep the car on the Hong Kong roads. They behave adequately in porridge, the car does not throw and does not float. On snowy roads, spikes will probably show themselves better, but in the Hong Kong region, and especially in Hong Kong, this is not often the case. And in any case - in the snow - a car shod with this rubber remains under control, the main thing is not to drown where it is not necessary. In general, I am satisfied with the rubbeSee full review

bridgestone blizzak dm-v2 215/60 r17 96 winter logo

A good, sturdy tire for our 2022 long winters. I took it on the recommendation of the men at the service, this year I opened the second season on them - I changed shoes and at the same time thanked for the recommendation. For heavy cars like my Kruzak, they are made just perfect - they don’t sag under weight, you don’t need to inflate either. Well, the most important advantage is how they keep the car on an icy road and in cold weather. Michelin is not even a match for the Japanese.See full review

yokohama ice guard ig55 205/60 r16 96t winter logo

The order was at 409 then I ordered two sets and today they canceled and the order was due on 10/23/2022 so I don’t advise ordering when they ask for a sweet price and I don’t recommend the sellerSee full review

dry food for dogs farmina vet life struvite canine, with urolithiasis 1 pack. x 1 pc. x 2 kg logo

Has pros: I have been buying food as prescribed by a doctor for half a year now, the granules fit for York Cons: Manufacturer changed from Italy to Serbia. I don’t know if it’s a coincidence, but the dog stopped eating Serbian food, sniffs and leaves the bowl.See full review

marshall minor iii wireless headphones, black logo

In a short period of time, I managed to try wireless in-ear headphones from three main competitors. I ordered a Marshall Minore III after I bought a Stanmore II column from the same manufacturer. And if the speaker impressed me with deep bass and very high-quality sound, then the headphones impressed me only with their design. The sound quality is worse than any of the available competitors. I have a Volga. A sort of classic car for the soul, where even the music is from the factory. The sound iSee full review

rockwell razors 6s t-shape razor, stainless steel, matte black, 5 replacement blades logo

There is always the chance that the device will not work properly for one individual, despite the fact that a lot of others place a great value on it. There are some people who, after giving it a shot, go on to purchase another model or company for themselves. Here, everything is on an individual basis, and you are responsible for making your own decisions. Has some pros: 1. An extremely pleasant and careful shave. It is not surprising that this machine is considered to be among the most delicatSee full review

triangle group tr259 235/60 r18 107w summer logo

You can't tell by the noise because everyone is making noise, but it works for me, and everything is in order as far as I'm concerned for a piece of mileage!See full review

honor band 5 global smart bracelet, black logo

benefits from A child's fitness wristband was placed on order. All of the described functions are correct. Consequences with. The phone and the wristband only have a limited range of communication. Put the phone in close proximity to the bracelet.See full review

xiaomi miiiw mute thermometer and hygrometer clock white logo

It hangs by 20%, the difference with a verified hygrometer in the photo. When it hangs at 20%, the certified hygrometer walks from 23 to 28%, and nothing changes on this hygrometer. Measures temperature well.See full review

dash arte lamp mark a1102ap-1ab, e14, 40w, number of lamps: 1 pc. , armature color: bronze, plafont color: bronze logo

In general, content. Nothing that is tight hangs out. A wrench for screwing the plinth is provided. There was enough room within for the wire to be concealed.See full review

xiaomi smart humidifier 2 aroma humidifier (mjjsq05dy) ru, white logo

Tech support answered when he said that they had brought something wrong, they threw off a promotional code for 1,500 off the next purchase, but what for it is needed if the humidifier does not work, and now it's unlikely that I'll purchase anything from them, but what generally caused outrage in addition to a product that did not work, this is that on the box there was a nucleic barcode in general of another online store called "Wiltberis."See full review

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