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angle grinder makita ga5030x3, 720 w, 125 mm logo

Not satisfactory, upset with the product.

Revainrating 2 out of 5

I own an angle grinder 5030 made in China, to which I have no complaints. I ordered a second 5030x3 made in Romania, which comes with 5 cutting discs. Build quality in the photo, it looks like a new item out of the box. Issued a refund.See full review

rittlekors gear rg1418 urban backpack, blue logo

"Rotekors" is written on the backpack 14 times, well, at least they do not write that it is Swiss, in fact, because of this, they overpaid a little. "Swiss" was 300r cheaper and even with the same "Swiss" watch. I'm glad I found a place where you can write off bonuses thanks.See full review

yato broken bolt extractors, 6 pieces, 3-25 mm, gcr15 material, 59077 extractor set logo

The YATO extractors did their job, it was necessary to pull out a few broken bolts, everything worked out. We will continue to use. It's best to roll smoothly. Delivered quickly. Happy with the purchase.See full review

dvr slimtec dual m9, 2 cameras, black logo

Conclusion: this kind of money is not worth it, for this money the Android NOKIA 5.1 Plus with a good 12 MP camera. This is not advertising, but to compare price and quality, and the phone has more functionality and you can make calls and maps and GPS, etc.See full review

bit and drill set bosch v-line 41 2.607.017.316, 41 pcs. logo

The set includes a convenient cutter for a screwdriver for drowning a self-tapping screw. There is a set of bits with a manual wrapping mechanism for nuts and bolts.See full review

semi-synthetic engine oil liqui moly special tec ll 5w-30, 4 l, 3.764 kg, 1 pc logo

Causes suspicion of non-originality. I will think about what to do with this oil. I would like to know the supplier, but the amazon seller is simply indicated. I can’t advise the oil.See full review

xiaomi mi elegant mouse metallic edition wireless compact mouse, white logo

Of course, I got into my mouse with a soldering iron, do not throw it away. After modifications, a comfortable pleasant mouse. And so 0 out of 10, do not recommend.See full review

headphones beyerdynamic dt 770 pro (32 ohm), black logo

I've wanted these headphones for a long time. Upon receipt, I found inconsistencies in appearance. The ear pads differ visually, the brand name is made differently. The first two photos are my headphones, the last one is how they look on the site. And now I have doubts: a new design or a fakeSee full review

outdoor led lamp 100 led 3 modes, solar-powered lamp with motion sensor wireless logo

at the second order from 2 pieces one came almost to zero discharged. There are motion sensors and they work. if you want to serve for a long time, solder to a normal 18650, with a good capacity (because there is 200-400mAh) and do not forget the bms protective board.See full review

extender xiaomi mi power strip 3, xmcxb01qm, 3 sockets, 10a / 2500 w black 1.8 m logo

Best I have ever used, great product for anyone!

Revainrating 5 out of 5

I advise! The thing is useful and convenient. Has some pros: A good, miniature and convenient thing, both for home and for travel. Excellent quality and value for money! Some cons: Three large power supplies are hard to shove next to each other, but the pilot itself is smallSee full review

cable baseus water drop-shaped lamp usb type-c to usb type-c (catsd-j), black logo

The product is not good, I will not buy any more.

Revainrating 1 out of 5

The product is of inadequate quality, the connector broke off from the body of the lace after two uses. There was no physical impact on him.See full review

watch casio mtp-1374d-2a logo

Looks great, works great, water resistance is exactly as advertised. Soul and rain are not afraid. For the price, this is probably the best option. They look much more expensive than their real price.See full review

semi-synthetic engine oil ford formula f 5w30, 1 l, 1 kg, 1 pc logo

Best thing for the money, glad I did it.

Revainrating 5 out of 5

As I understand it, there are 2 types of original litrushkas. Olnu with a qr code, and the second with a tear-off page. There was no foil under the lid.See full review

docking station for hdd/ssd agestar 3cbt2-6g, black/grey logo

Very satisfied. The screw came in easily. Copy speed is about 100-120 mb/s. Screws are defined as flash drives. Drivers are not needed. Everything is great!See full review

holder baseus miracle black logo

Great quality, did not expect at all for the price.

Revainrating 5 out of 5

On the Samsung A10, the case is a little small, the edges of the holder are stretched unevenly. I really like it for attaching to the handle of the stroller! It's a pity it's only in one vertical position.See full review

grill tefal optigrill+ gc712, black logo

I recommend it to anyone who likes to fry meat, fish, vegetables. Be sure to clean the frying surfaces. Otherwise, fat will accumulate, it will burn out when turned on (without a good hood in the kitchen - a problem), clog the cells with soot and the meat will “boil” and not fry.See full review

set of arches and supports lux classic aero 52 for roof rails universal, 1.2 m, for roof rails, aerodynamic, arch length 120 cm logo

The best price for such a product, I will buy more!

Revainrating 5 out of 5

To have roof rails and not use them would be stupid and not prudent. So crossbars are needed. I ordered Lux ​​Classic Aero 52 for roof rails, 1.2 m on the ONLINE TRADE. RU website, since there were good bonuses there and it turned out to be a quarter cheaper than the original price. According to the available instructions, it is difficult to install, extremely uninformative. Helped wit and mind. They don’t hum along the track, they sit tight, you won’t move.See full review

xiaomi mijia robot vacuum-mop 2 mjst1s cn robot vacuum cleaner, white logo

An ideal product for any type of consumer.

Revainrating 5 out of 5

I bought this robotic vacuum cleaner as a gift. I have had a Xiaomi robot vacuum cleaner for 3 years already (of course, the model is older). Cleans almost every day, and I'm very happy with it. I turned on this vacuum cleaner for testing, connected it to Mi home. Everything works super, there are 4 modes of suction power, 3 options for moistening the rag. Builds a map, you can select a zone and send it to clean. The kit includes a spare side brush and rag, a comb for the turbo brush and a knifeSee full review

cordiant all terrain 205/70 r15 100h summer logo

Shod in Cordica Chevy Niva. Rode for over two years. In general, I didn’t have a road to SNT at that time, but I lived there all year round. And gas in cylinders had to be transported once every two weeks. And the soil is pure clay as it is, and up to the concrete road 2 kilometers across a clean field without a single bush. And the field and at times the ers plowed and harrowed it . in four years. Traveled in the mode - spring-summer-autumn. Everything was different from the word "absolutely".See full review

robot vacuum cleaner roborock s7 with self-cleaning base ru, white logo

The best purchase for an apartment. They began to use a vacuum cleaner and a mop much less often. We use the robot vacuum cleaner every day, we have a cat. The house is almost perfectly clean, it is pleasant to walk on the floor with bare feet. I thought for a long time to take it with or without a self-cleaning station, in the end I took a complete set and am happy with my decision. Cleans itself, cleans itself. I myself only replenish the water container and my mop cloth after wet cleaning. DeSee full review

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