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Review on Cordiant All Terrain 205/70 R15 100H summer by Janis Bike ᠌

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The best purchase in my life, I will definitely buy it again.

Shod in Cordica Chevy Niva. Rode for over two years. In general, I didn’t have a road to SNT at that time, but I lived there all year round. And gas in cylinders had to be transported once every two weeks. And the soil is pure clay as it is, and up to the concrete road 2 kilometers across a clean field without a single bush. And the field and at times the ers plowed and harrowed it . in four years. Traveled in the mode - spring-summer-autumn. Everything was different from the word "absolutely". Traveled in any weather. I drove across the field at 60 km / h sideways with a drift, tied two drainage pipes of 300-ki to the rails and walked on the first one with a tightness through swampy places, pulled out those who got lost . The worst thing was that I drove my wife with a baby IMMEDIATELY after the rapid melting of snow DIRECTLY through a swampy clay field and did not fail. Once drove to the "trophy-live" . tore off the muffler . drove everywhere where he could in terms of clearance. On the "trophy" I clearly saw that under the same conditions, the Niva3D fell into a rut on the evil MTs, but I did not on the cords in the same places. In the spring I rode through the local forests, got out of there, which I myself was scared to remember. (sorry no pictures) How many times have I tried to plant my Chevy in my field . and I got into a rut in a rut, and pulled a gazelle across the field. The most epic was when a whole MAZ got stuck on the primer, and I pulled it on a cable. Now I am the owner of Patra and you can't even imagine how I cry at night for my "Chevy" on the 215th "Cordica". I still don’t understand what it was . either the size of the wheel is 215 \ 65 16, with the weight of the Chevy and Cordics, I got into the "golden section" to ride through the fields, or maybe I was lucky, or maybe I was angels stored . or maybe all together. If you need to ride and do not care what is left after you - this is about any MT rubber. If you need to come back time after time, then this is about cordians. Kordiki is an excellent rubber that 100% will not turn your life into a SNT without a solid driveway into pure hell, and the road into tatters. I will wrap Patra in cordiki - I will add a review. Maybe a little miracle will happen again for me.

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I hope the photos I added give a better idea of what I'm talking about in my review.


  • All. (maybe I'm lucky. Maybe mercury) Ideal for Chevy Niva. Rubber "both in a feast and in the world" - just for life. There is a balance between traction and digging properties. - rubber will not turn the access road into a tank track, but it will take it out. This is the most important advantage. Gave it gas and drove off. If you've seen figure skating on clay, this is it. It does not dig, but by some miracle it clings a little bit in the literal sense, where, well, it would seem, there would be nothing at all. I could stop, pierce the turf by 10-15 centimeters with the toe of my boot, get behind the wheel and drive again as if nothing had happened. There were places where it fell through - but it’s even difficult to walk there. Well, after 30 thousand km, 8 mm of tread remained, which is very good.
  • Absolute total nothing. Sometimes, on some grades of asphalt closer to Bashkiria, they began to buzz. Closer to Hong Kong calmed down. Dislikes deep ruts. She does not beat herself and does not advise others. This rubber has the main problem - (I don’t even know how to say it) . MT rubber. They are too different. MT, like a milling cutter, destroys the turf and in muddy conditions, in my field it works according to the principle - "I don’t feed myself and don’t give others. " Where MT has been - it is better to avoid these places on AT.