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smart bracelet xiaomi mi band 3 global, black logo

Suddenly decided to give the young man. He is quite picky, especially in technology, so I took it at my own peril and risk. I have never come across a choice of fitness bracelets before, so it would be a shame to make a mistake. But he really liked the gift. He uses it during sports, looks at what kind of dream he had at night. In general, one pleasure))See full review

video recorder viofo a129 plus duo gps, 2 cameras logo

The whole impression was spoiled by the package of goods. Instead of a long cable, they put a short one of 50 cm, which is only enough for installation to the side stele. And that's not a fact. The seller does not respond to messages. In marketplaces, the cost of the cable is 1400. Deception is a deception. Some pros: Anti-vandal size and inconspicuous placement. Good shooting. With its cons. There is NO WIRE FOR CONNECTING A SECOND CAMERA. NO FLASH. THERE IS NO WIRING KIT TO CONNECT THE PARKINGSee full review

13.3" asus zenbook flip s oled ux371ea-hl152t 3840x2160 notebook, intel core i5 1135g7 2.4 ghz, ram 8 gb, ssd 512 gb, intel iris xe home graphics, windows 10, 90nbr0800g, black logo

For its cost, it (on paper) dryly beats competitors. In practice, get ready for the fact that your laptop will heat up and make noise like an oven, periodically disconnecting from overheating. It is enough to launch the assembly of any project on rust / go for more than two lines with a browser and several instant messengers in the background for the laptop to turn off. For those who are planning to use Linux. I am using KDE Neon 20.04. The touchscreen at the time of writing the review sanely wSee full review

buster group 3 (22-36 kg) graco booster basic, opal sky logo

quite to himself. there are mozheli 3-4 times more expensive in which the upholstery is thicker by a centimeter, but the price is unreasonably higher. there was one Graco Junior (the same only with a back), the kids grew up, bought a booster and disconnected the back from the junior, in general we have two of them right now, I’m thinking of buying a couple more for the second car.See full review

huawei freebuds pro 2 wireless headphones, mother of pearl blue logo

Now wireless headphones are an indispensable attribute of any modern person. It’s quite difficult for me to choose them so that they fit well, sit, and do not fall out. I really liked the HUAWEI FreeBuds Pro 2 wireless headphones. They sit comfortably in my ears, very light, just weightless, my ears do not get tired, even if I wear them almost all day. Quite often I also use it as a headset, the interlocutors hear me well, I hear them too, the microphone works fine. The case for the headphones iSee full review

mp3 player digma u3 4 gb, black logo

A good body, hardware and everything connected with it, well done guys, they tried. Those who made the filling were upset, I doubt that they had ever used players at least sometime before. After turning on, we get not to the tracks, but to the menu (music / voice recorder / radio / playback (apparently this is for reading from the sd card, but it gives out an "empty disk", although the tracks are present there and having overcome the crooked hands of programmers, we can reach them from menu)/sSee full review

sound bar jbl bar 2.1 deep bass black logo

In general, the purchase is satisfied. I followed the music of a different plan - I did not look at the soundbar at all. As a result, the seller paid attention to the jbl 2.1 soundbar in a huge store, it sounded very loud and of high quality. There was also a jbl 5.1 soundbar, but somehow he didn’t want to connect with the bluetooth, so it couldn’t be compared with him. But the cost is 2 times more, though the power is 200W more. At home, the sub noticeably shakes the wooden floor. I put it nextSee full review

wireless headphones apple airpods 3 magsafe charging case, white logo

There were problems with the delivery of the goods, the store quickly contacted me and solved the problem. Which shows that the store values ​​​​its reputation, and this is important.See full review

akai mpk mini mkiii midi keyboard black/red logo

Great compact midi keyboard with drumpad. The supplied software is a bit frustrating: the Mini Grand included here is somehow noticeably worse both in sound and in functionality of Addictive Keys, which are included with Focusrite Scarlet audio units of a close price. You should also be prepared for small keys, as a layman it seemed normal to me, but the pianist girl complainedSee full review

sony wh900n h.ear wireless headphones on 2 wireless nc logo

I listen to them from the iPhone, it's either SBC or AAC. I understand that it is foolish to hope for quality in such conditions. I had the opportunity to walk with the Sony Xperia Z5 for a week, when connected to it, LDAC turns on and the sound is simply divine, better than with the IPhone Xs (4 years difference between them)😐. All frequencies play perfectly, a very soft sound and you don’t want to take off the headphones at all. But there are very few phones with LDAC and they all do not suitSee full review

perfeo huntsman fm radio red logo

Rotten! The silumin case peels off right in the store! You can improve if you throw out the speaker and replace it with a broadband speaker from an analog TV! Instead of a BL5C battery, there is an alternative to Ginzzu s5120 ("I can't") It costs the same only 2 Ah. Enough space! Its pros: Looks nice, a little clumsy, Catches great! Even stations that are on the apolog are drowned out by neighboring stations! The indicator is clearly visible in the dark, relatively economical. You don't even havSee full review

electric toothbrush oral-b smart 4 4900, black/pink logo

In general, a good electric brush with a couple of goodies. After these, there is no desire to return to a regular brush. Nickel batteries, of course, are sad, after all, 2022 is already in the yard. But, on the other hand, you don’t have to bathe with a charger - chargers from old brushes are great. Complete charging did not even have to unpack. With its pros. Normally clean. There is an indication of excessive pressure. Via bluetooth, you can turn off unnecessary modes Cons below: The bluetootSee full review

blu-ray box for 3 discs with insert, 1 pc. logo

In general, I ordered it specifically in order to rearrange all the disks here and free up space. Inserting was certainly not easy, but managed to pull it out. Boxes are of high quality and without scratches and cosmetic damage. Recommend.See full review

wireless headphones soundcore liberty air 2, black logo

Has some pros: The sound is good. With the Soundcore app, it's even more interesting. Cons below: Sometimes during a conversation they are cut off, making noise so-so. On the street in the wind, on the roads or railway, the interlocutor does not hear well.See full review

enhance performance with corsair vengeance lpx 16gb (8gb x 2) ddr4 3000mhz dimm cl15 cmk16gx4m2b3000c15 logo

Has some pros: It works without problems, it did not drive above the nominal value (3000). Cons below: High bars can be problems with installation, I have a top-end NOKTUA, it's cramped.See full review

smart column yandex new station mini - smart column with alice (no watch), black onyx logo

In general, a normal column. On 4.5 out of 5. From what you can find fault with: 1) Was the first case of self-switching on the light (Skynet already here?) 2) It can be blunt with a request to search for information, you need to clearly formulate requests. But here on Toloka a lot of people teach Alice (or Skynet is encrypted so that John Connor does not strain) 3) If one person makes a voice request, and the second said something to the first, the command will not be recognized. At the moment,See full review

sennheiser gsp 670 wireless computer headset, black logo

Let me explain how I evaluate the quality of music. For me, the standard of musical sound is the 1971 Led Zeppelin IV album. If this album sounds great, then everything else will also sound great, and therefore the sound reproduction system is excellent. When I first played this music on headphones (flac with 1024 kBit/s bitrate from the original Atlantic Records vinyl), I was very disappointed - it was just the bottom. The equalizer of the native application did not help much, it cannot be saidSee full review

venus smooth three blade razor logo

Participation in the project "Gillette. Perfect skin after shaving" from Woop is a great opportunity to tell you about the wonderful Gillette Venus Smooth razor. It has a very stylish design, combining a translucent blue flower matte plastic body and lighter rubberized inserts. The first time you buy a set of razor and cassette, then you can just buy replacement heads. The Gillette Venus Smooth cassette features 3 blades for a close and close shave, 2 protective pads that smooth the skin, ensureSee full review

sennheiser momentum 3 wireless headphones, black logo

I was looking for full-size wireless headphones with a built-in microphone, because. 50% of working time - meetings. Everywhere they write that in terms of the quality of the sound transmitted from the microphone, these headphones are inferior to both the Bose 700 and Sony 1000 xm3 / xm4. So I had to go to the store and test each of these headphones. In general, this is true. The Bose microphone is generally unrivaled, the quality is like that of a full-fledged headset. Sony also transmits soundSee full review

headphones panasonic rp-htf295, black logo

For this price range, these headphones are one of the best options for those who like to listen to music on the subway or walking along a noisy road. The most amazing thing is that even a student who is not too well off with money can buy them😁. Of course, they are not for everyone (bass swings with a bang!), but it's not a fact that someone will like it. In any case, thanks to Panasonic for inexpensive, but high-quality headphones in every respect! See full review

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