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blood pressure monitor and ua-777 with large cuff and mains adapter logo

My father needed a blood pressure monitor, and his arm was powerful and large, so he also needed a large cuff. The right one was just bundled with this tonometer, so the choice fell on it. It is clear, of course, that it is theoretically possible to buy an additional large-sized cuff for any tonometer, but why spend extra money if there is already a necessaryly equipped tonometer)See full review

induction hob iplate yz-t24, black logo

what can I say the tile is excellent, nothing to add, nothing to subtract. Everything works fine, the device is made with high quality, nothing hangs out, the dishes are well worth the stove recognizes the dishes well. It may seem to someone that it is unnecessarily buzzing, but this is how it should be, because. powerful device. And also the fact that the buttons are touch sensitive, it’s convenient to take care of. Thank you very much to the seller, the goods came quickly and well packaged.See full review

mitsubishi shumma engine conditioner, 0.25 l logo

I've used a variety of decokes and this one is the best. On the last application? The car burst oil 0.5 liters at 369 km. Now he eats 0.5 liters for 550 km. There is progress. I will apply more.See full review

digital piano yamaha p-45 black logo

My candid take on this purchase.The first digital piano for amateur playing and teaching two people. Very long time to choose, fully met expectations.See full review

nokian tires nordman sc 195/70 r15 104s summer logo

With a quiet ride, on normal roads / operated in Yalta / Enough for a season and a half, with a run of 18000. The rubber crumbles into pieces.See full review


Its pros: Powerful price/performance ratio Plug and forget, everything works great with the Behringer kit Its cons: It is difficult to disconnect from the sound card, there is no latch, unlike the microphone sideSee full review


I have been using it for a month, after the first time my back hurt a little the next day, apparently out of habit, then everything is fine.See full review

logitech g g502 lightspeed, black logo

I bought it paired with a keyboard from Asus, the keyboard stood up like a native in its own software, it was determined immediately, tuned in without problems and dancing with tambourines, I caught a good mood from him and thought it would also improve from a mouse, but the search for software and an attempt to determine the mouse , and after that his setting, which for some reason worked through time, burned my nerves and killed my mood, recently she again set fire to my fifth point due to theSee full review


Since this device sends data to the gateway once every 2 minutes, it may not be very suitable for turning the light on and off. Different pros: Ease of setup, ease of installation, performs its functions normally. Cons: You need a gateway to work, it sends data to the gateway every 2 minutes.See full review


Its pros: Beautiful, clean and tasty water. Previously, there was a three-stage filter, enough for a month - then flushing. Aquaphor has been standing for five months - they forgot about scale. Cons: At the beginning of operation, even after flushing the axle box, there were not large oil stains on the water, but disappeared over time.See full review

wheel disk ifree ernesto 6.5x15/5x114.3 d67.1 et43, 6.9 kg, hai wei logo

I ride on tires 195/55/15 quite normal disks, flew into decent pits a couple of times - the disks withstood. paint won't peel off due to the design feature, when dirt sticks to the rim, an imbalance appearsSee full review


I've been wanting something like this for a long time. I'm tired of getting tangled up in wires. The issue of price was very important. ordered, arrived and immediately into battle. extremely handy item. takes bushes includingSee full review


I've been using it for over a month now and I'm very happy with it. In Auto mode, there is enough to clean a one-room apartment and there is still a charge left. Works well with cat hair.See full review


Some pros: The ability to take a shower with warm water during the shutdown of hot water. The presence of a screen with the current water temperature. The number of adapters for connecting to the tap. Has cons: All the same, the flow heater is not able to maintain the desired temperature at a given water pressure. We have to reduce the pressure, but for a relatively small cost, to use a few days a year - it will do.See full review


I have already told about the charger, I will add - I am impressed with the level of service of the Market. I never expected that I would get a chance to buy a new charger with their help, in general, they were not obliged to do this - therefore I would have been satisfied with a repaired old one. With its pros: A good charger, shows statistics on the battery - the charge time and the number of delivered Ah, which, with some experience, allows you to evaluate the liveliness of the battery. It itSee full review


By the way, the hose is very poorly fixed on the conical outlet of the pump, I had to clamp it with two clamps, on similar pumps that I previously used, one clamp was enough. Inside the outlet pipe of the pump there was a casting burr, which occupied half the diameter of the pipe, I had to cut it off with a round file, most likely it was a casting defect. Its pros: The only thing I liked was the price of the pump. And that's where all his virtues abruptly ended. Has cons: Firstly, the pump does See full review


Took another MOT on the recommendation of a friend for the spring summer. Corolla e150 car (mileage 377 thousand). While the impressions are positive, the car began to work a little softer. For the winter, I have not yet thought about taking this oil, I'll see how the consumption will be in the summer, before that 1-1.5l. topped up for 8.5 thousand mileage (little 5w-30). I drive calmly, I don’t spin the engine for no reason.See full review


In hot weather, they can be stuffy (not very breathable materials), but in general, very suitable gloves for such a price, perform their function, provide good special padding and do not slip, which is important. Has some pros: Comfortable gloves, good and pleasant materials are used. Like design Some cons: Size S is a little too big for a woman's hand. Perhaps it was worth choosing XS, but there were no whites After 4-5 times of use, the threads of the white mesh began to come out a littleSee full review


Has pros: good filters, does not pass odors quickly removed / put on, taken off conveniently hangs on the neck Different cons: after opening the package, it smells of rubber. No smell after a daySee full review

electric scooter kugoo m4 11 ah, up to 120 kg, black logo

I recommend this scooter only to people with hands or with a spouse who will be willing to spend a lot of time finishing it. Initially, you need to tighten all the bolts, brakes. Very often worn out pads, it is necessary to tighten or grind / look for / buy new ones. The throttle lever is not very comfortable. You need to remove and adjust for yourself. If you buy without moisture protection, you need to isolate yourself, otherwise burn the nafik akuum, it is located in the lower deck. Also, if See full review

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