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My involvement with the platform took place in 2018. In 2019, I started to invest in this platform, which did not attract much attention at that time. At first it seemed a bit confusing in terms of usage and design. However, nowadays, it has been made easier to use due to the success of the team and now I can do my transactions faster without wasting any time. Honestly, I have withdrawn a large amount of investment from the platform right now, and I only have a little over $100 invested right noSee full review

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I started using the Yobit exchange through a reward system. When we log in to the site, there is a button where we can earn 1700 dollars by registering. However, after registering via this button, it directs you to the Telegram bot. I realized that this stock exchange, which promised that we could earn 1700 dollars for certain tasks, was not correct in this regard. When it comes to the design of the site, it is a user-friendly and very easy to use site. I think the transaction fee is very high See full review

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My story of meeting with LITEcoin started like this. I received my reward from a site with a reward system and then deposited that award in bitcoin to my wallet address. However, when I looked at the reward for which I received a bitcoin withdrawal fee, it was a bit high for me. Then there was LITEcoin listed slightly below bitcoin and I decided to give it a try. When I converted my money to litecoin, the exchange and deposit transaction fee was much lower. I did some research on Litecoin. As a See full review

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MY NAME IS YUNUS. I AM student and crypto master.

Joined in November 11, 2020