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Review on YoBit by Yunus Kardas

Revainrating 3 out of 5

Maybe you can get rich if you take the risk

I started using the Yobit exchange through a reward system. When we log in to the site, there is a button where we can earn 1700 dollars by registering. However, after registering via this button, it directs you to the Telegram bot. I realized that this stock exchange, which promised that we could earn 1700 dollars for certain tasks, was not correct in this regard. When it comes to the design of the site, it is a user-friendly and very easy to use site.
I think the transaction fee is very high in the money exchange process. But to tell you the truth, the exchange and transfer process is really fast.
As for the security system, the 2FA verification system is very good and reliable.
I also do not trust the mining excavation system on the Yobit exchange site. Because digging requires huge investments to gather power. It also promises to earn big money for these investments, but I think this is not true.
In general, I think the Yobit exchange is an exchange that you can earn if you can take some risks.
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  • design experts have done their job.
  • very easy to use.
  • getting bigger day by day
  • Multiple commercial currencies are listed.
  • lately we've been encountering market advertisements everywhere
  • the registration award is fake.
  • very high transaction fee
  • I can't take the risk
  • mining application demands a lot of investment.

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