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midi keyboard novation impulse 61 gray logo

I love! Made my job very easy. I advise. Got pros: The advantages are that I bought her small one for another 14 thousand. Year of purchase 2022. Functionality - super! To work with sound synthesis, live performances, mixing, etc. , etc. The list can be continued indefinitely. Plus, it is a controller, so you can bind any knobs and sliders to the device and work in any direction. The speed of work increases tenfold. The case, of course, scared me when I bought it, but there were no problems (theSee full review

manual windshield wiper karcher wv 50 plus logo

With its pros: amazon paid for the missing charger, which was not invested by the supplier. The washer itself is super-duper, many times faster than with a rag. Sucks up dirty water, cleans almost without streaks. Has cons: The supplier did not include a charger, the issue was resolved by . Market.See full review

🧖 nivea men deep active clean charcoal body wash - triple pack logo

Has pros: Aroma. Not much consumed. For the head and face and for the body. The aroma remains on the body for a long time. Charcoal. Its cons: When I wash my head. The next day, dandruff in my head, maybe I wash my head badly.See full review

toyo observe g3-ice 285/60 r18 120t winter logo

I have 245/40/17 I don't know who else has issues with noise, because the wheels on my car were manufactured in Japan, and they make NO NOISE! The only sound that can be heard is the "clunk" that the spikes make, and even with the windows open, I am extremely pleased because I am driving a BMW 328 with a manual transmission. The second winter has passed, and although some of the spikes have been lost, everything is in good shape. However, since I drive in a hostile manner, the guilt lies squarelSee full review

vip toys car ford ranger raptor f150r, white logo

I got my son this car as a present. The son, overjoyed, rushed to the salon and took a seat. The car is realistic in appearance, if a bit pricey for our means, but well worth it. The automobile is easy to start with the key, has a trunk you can actually use, four-wheel drive, runs smoothly, and has music and lights you can control. The machine is constructed so well that after five months of operation, there are no visible signs of wear.See full review

xiaomi mijia m365 pro electric scooter, up to 100 kg, black logo

My version already came with a metal wire protection on the rear fender. But after 2 weeks of driving, the metal on the protection was pretty worn out, I had to order support from Ali and deliver it. By the way, whoever has a 3D printer can print such support, thingiverse has drawings and generally a lot of tuning for these scooters. Cruise control can only be enabled/disabled via the app. There is no quick deactivation of this function from the scooter panel. When you go on it to dalnyak cool See full review

tourist camping guru plus ts-233 blue/black logo

Has pros: Simple but comfortable! Looks great, great quality! Plus the fact that you can feed from a cylinder with a collet connection or from a regular Cylinder through a hose! Different cons: There are no special ones, except that the grid under the pan is a bit large, it will not work to warm the mug on it! Otherwise, I am delighted with the purchase, worth every!See full review

vacuum cleaner thomas twin t1 aquafilter, blue/white logo

The overall impression of the vacuum cleaner is positive. There are a large number of nozzles. There are no complaints about the quality of cleaning, he collects wool from a long-haired cat with a bang. The only thing I don't like is washing it after every cleaning. Before him, there was a simple vacuum cleaner with a bag, which was enough to vacuum 10 times. This is where you need to wash it every time. But I knew what I was getting into, so I perceive this washing as normal.See full review

de "longhi ecam 23.460 coffee machine, black logo

Has some pros: Knows how to cook from different sources (grain, ground) Ability to prepare different types of coffee Has some cons: Consumes a lot of water for pre/post cleaning - it would be cool if you could connect a hose from a water bottle to itSee full review

circulation pump wilo pb-088ea (140 w) logo

It pumps water from a eurocube, located at a height of 2 meters, into the water supply system at their summer cottage. Even the boiler pulls 40 meters from the pump. Watering from a hose is also quite comfortable. It starts automatically, but for this the water must flow at least a little by gravity. If you often open 2 or more taps at the same time, it is better to take a more powerful pump.See full review

mijia adult anti-blue goggles pro computer glasses, dark blue (hmj02ts) logo

Its pros: Lightweight - not felt on the nose. good case, care product (cloth). Cons below: Didn't fit the shape of the face. It's big and round. Sold to a colleague :)See full review

humidifier kitfort kt-2810, white logo

Nice design, great work. An irreplaceable thing in a room with a baby! Large volume of water container, night mode, touch buttons, power control. Works almost silently! Very cool device.See full review

polaris albero-1000fp french press, 1-liter, black - enhanced seo logo

Purchased for use in the office to provide great coffee. Enough liquid for a medium-sized business at a volume of 1000 milliliters. Both coffee and tea can be prepared in it. User-friendly in terms of comfort. Well crafted using durable materials. Looks nice.See full review

xiaomi showsee hair dryer a5, red logo

When drying, keep your distance; if not, it's simple to burn the hair. A fantastic solution for a limited budget. However, I'll get a Dyson the next time.See full review

smartphone apple iphone 13 pro max 128 gb, nano sim esim, graphite logo

Thank you very much, after 11 it is not at all large, it is comfortable to use, great colors and a camera, everything was taken in a technological device, and I recommend it to everyone!See full review

computer chair zombie driver gaming, upholstery: imitation leather, color: black logo

There are no issues with the packaging or the goods themselves. Take note that a spotless seat is 47 cm in width. I'm hoping the allusion is obvious.See full review

chair stool group style dsw, metal, color: black logo

Since I tend to lean back on chairs, I have longed for one like this, albeit knowing full well that it wouldn't last long. Everything is in order now. A black metal cobweb is carved out a bit crooked on one of the chairs I ordered separately, but this did not prevent assembling. The three photographs on the back of the packaging were the only thing I didn't care for.See full review

vacuum cleaner kitfort kt-541-1, blue logo

Pros below: Very compact and handy vacuum cleaner, easy to operate with one hand, makes cleaning faster and more enjoyable, easy to clean, not too noisy Different cons: Build quality could be better, but for the money it's very good.See full review

solgar skin, nails & hair tabs, 60 tabs logo

Some pros: It seems that the skin has become better and the nails are stronger, not so brittle Cons: Just terribly sick after taking medication, terrible discomfort because of thisSee full review

clumping litter ever clean less track/less trail/litterfree paws, 10l logo

I don’t quite understand what the difference is, I take my cat from this company but with lavender, I took this one to my sister when she got a kitten, it seems like this one is for kittens, it seems to have a larger fraction, but compared with others I didn’t notice the difference, but I recommend it! Just be sure to need a rug at the tray, otherwise it will be all over the houseSee full review

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