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🪥 oral-b vitality d100.413.1 crossaction vibrating toothbrush - black, white, blue logo

Some pros: This is the first electric brush in my account, there is nothing to compare with yet. It cleans diligently, after processing the enamel feels smooth, I did not notice any food residue. The speed is high enough. I was very pleased with the induction charging, which allows you to conveniently charge the brush, and also thanks to which the brush can be easily rinsed with a stream of water, since the necessary degree of protection is provided. I bought it at a 1 + 1 promotion for about See full review

portable acoustics huawei sound joy, 30 w, black logo

I bought two speakers at the end of July to use them instead of a soundbar at home, as a result, a month later, one of the speakers began to crack and click starting from average volume values, well, I think ok, eventually I took it to the CSN service, looked, listened, confirmed, taken for inspection. A week later, the second, exactly the same problem, clicking began, also brought to the Amazon, looked, confirmed, taken away, two days later for the second column I was offered a replacement or aSee full review

sound toothbrush xiaomi mijia t500, blue logo

Yes, the toy is normal . before that, they used an ordinary electric one. The difference is certainly felt) It also sounds like you are sitting at the dentist 😅See full review

roadgid citygo dvr 3 wi-fi, 2 cameras, black logo

I installed it on a suction cup, it comes with a DVR kit, this is a convenient mounting format, it has never fallen off yet. I especially liked that the recording quality is high, even when viewed on a large screen, nothing is smeared at high speed. I don't drive straight at night, but visibility is good at dusk. Well, the convenience of setting up via Wi-Fi. By the way, he writes on 2 cameras, the main thing is to figure out the installation.See full review

xiaomi mi true wireless earbuds basic 2 global wireless headphones, black logo

Got pros: the sound is good. in general, normal headphones for their price range and TWS Cons: stopped working after a month. better to save up and buy more expensive.See full review

wireless headphones urbanears hellas, black belt logo

Great headphones design and great sound! The bass is not the same as on the earplugs, but you can adjust the equalizer. I am completely satisfied!See full review

backpack dell pro backpack 15 po1520p 460-bcmn black logo

Roomy, the departments where the equipment will be located with a fabric insert, i. E. not to scratch the laptop, from the front pockets there are small holes in the base section of the backpack, so that you can put the charging cable into a small device and the wires do not stick out, there is a strap on the back so that you can "put" on the handle of the suitcase, if necessary (as not the last photo), soft straps on the inside and inserts for the back, so that the equipment does not hit on theSee full review

wireless earphones xiaomi mi true wireless earbuds global, white logo

It would be more convenient: - whether the headphones have a battery level at least at the case. I clarify after 3 weeks of use: when paired with a phone, a message with the charge level is displayed for a couple of seconds. - special bulges and bulges on the case to make it easier to open it. As a result: the price corresponds to the quality. If you need to make calls, then it's fine. If you listen to rock, metal, punk at full volume and / or playing on glasses - this is not your option.See full review

32" tv with 32lh0202 2019 led, black logo

Quite acceptable and quite loud sound, although without "frills" . There is no switching of the sound source in the menu - headphones are plugged in, automatically the signal is only on them or on what is connected, but you can directly connect to external speakers through an amplifier . . Channels via cable / antenna switch quickly - a little longer than from the receiver (tuner). A clear and logical menu - there is simply nothing else to manage . P. S. - if anyone needs an "increase" in the voSee full review

sound bar jbl bar 2.1 deep bass black logo

Different pros: once again convinced that harman do things ranging from car acoustics to home bars. Bass is juicy. powerful, even a peal is transmitted over the parquet when watching a movie, on the TV I chose dts Dobly plus and presets for maximum immersion. Naturally, you need to watch films of appropriate quality and listen to lossless. An excellent solution with bluetooth, so as not to pull wires around the entire perimeter of the room. Has cons: Probably, I would like a little more color vSee full review

vertex impress luck smartphone 1/8 gb, gold logo

In general, the phone is fire for its money. I took it for 3k (2990r, to be more precise). But the earpiece frankly disappointed. It is very quiet and of poor quality, but for me this is critical, because I took it as a 2nd phone mainly for talking, and then for everything else. I didn’t check it in the salon, because I couldn’t even expect that they could save on this. Well, there were no cameras, and they were shoved purely for show. It's better not to open the front at all. For me it is not cSee full review

smart column yandex new station mini - smart column with alice (with watch), black onyx logo

At work, you often have to explain to people yourself - what kind of animal and what side dish is served at the table, so that the child is a good toy - soon Alice will hate the song about the "Blue Tractor". Justifies its cost, bluetooth and wi-fi speaker is good. It would be possible to transfer sound from it to the AV receiver via WI-FI or Bluetooth, in general there would be fire!See full review

📱 introducing the realme 9 5g: snapdragon 695, 4/128 gb ru, white - your ultimate smartphone experience! logo

Excellent phone, smart, bought as a gift to my mother, she was delighted after her Samsung. During the use of any complaints have not yet been identified.See full review

xiaomi poco m4 pro 4g 6/128gb ru smartphone, cold blue logo

The camera is terrible if you put the Google camera application, it gets better, but in general it takes pictures like the old redmi note 5. Geolocation does not work properly, Google services, notifications do not come, it sometimes lags.See full review

wireless earphones jbl tune 205bt, silver logo

Somewhere in half a year or a year, the winding of the wire that goes to the headphones themselves broke. from the beginning only in one place, I wound it carefully, but then somewhere else after half a year, I had a fight in all places where possible, at the place of attachment to the headphones, to the control unit, to the battery and in the middle of the cable. What is characteristic of the headphones while continuing to work) With active running and playing sports, they always want to go somSee full review

la"dor conditioner moisture balancing for dry and damaged hair, 530 ml logo

The best balm I have tried. I have long and not obedient hair, and I felt the effect of this balm after the first use, my hair became softer, noticeably, more obedient and easier to style. The consumption is very small, I have been using it for 3 months already, I have another half of the tube, despite the fact that I wash my hair 2-3 times a week. And the main thing for such a balm is an acceptable price for such an effect. I advise everyone, and especially those who have straight coarse hair.See full review

📺 sony kdl-40ex720 led tv - 40 inch logo

In general, this TV is from a fashionable company, which determines its thoroughbredness. To say that he is brilliant, unique or perfect is impossible, such things do not happen. He's good. If you do not shy away from new trends (hdmi - wi-fi - Internet TV and exFAT) and know how to work with it, there will be no problems. If you use it from a room antenna and have intelligence up to 50, then it will show poorly and the remote control from it will be arch-complex. Attach it to your laptop, watchSee full review

headphones philips tae4105, white logo

In general, the headphones fully justify their cost. Really good sound, very nice fit in the ear. If you really find fault with the sound, then the high frequencies are unpretentious, but they can’t stand the brain with drilling, they don’t sound intrusive, the middle ones are read quite well, they accentuate the lower frequency spectrum a little more than necessary, the bass is round but pleasant, it hums a little, although it doesn’t dig deep into the depths, subbass disguised behind the mid. See full review

smart xiaomi mi band 7 global bracelet for russia, black logo

There is nothing particularly noteworthy to comment on about this bracelet; rather, it possesses the regular set of functionalities found in other bracelets produced by typical corporations. Precise readings of both your heart rate and the number of steps you take. The level of brightness on the screen is adequate. It all comes down to personal preference and what kind of aesthetic appeals to you in terms of the various designs. Either that, or people just have bad habits when it comes to applyiSee full review

smartphone xiaomi poco m4 pro 5g 4/64 gb global, cool blue logo

Excellent device, I advise you to buy. Got pros: Super device for its price range. Fast, beautiful, can be unlocked both by fingerprint and password, and by the face of the face, the battery lasts for 35-40 hours with moderate use I was especially pleased with the function of adjusting wired headphones to your perception of sound, i. E. the phone sets up the headphones by running a test. Pleased with the camera. Truly computational photography is making tremendous strides. Pulls out the photo evSee full review

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