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freshwater 49 l aquael fish&shrimp set duo 35 black logo

Has some pros: Good quality, low price, powerful filter, heater included. Some cons: The luminaire is installed on one side only. The heater has no temperature control.See full review

vacuum cleaner dreame v11, gray logo

Compare with Dyson V8. Dy had a main brush with bristles, it cleaned large debris much better. Such a brush with a soft roller, like Mi had for parquet and wood (in our Hardwood configuration). At Mi, this is the main brush. Its disadvantage, in addition to the fact that it does not collect large debris well, is that the brush is on a flexible hose, and therefore hangs around the village by itself like horseradish. To, for example, draw it clearly right along the plinth, you need to strain your See full review

smart heater mi smart space heater s logo

The heater is chic, I took it for commerce, there is no central heating in the room, in the morning in the cold season it is uncomfortable to start a working day. This wonderful device was set to turn on half an hour before the opening, it heats up perfectly, we open the room and it is already warm there. We set the temperature to be maintained at 22, 24 degrees and it turns off when this temperature is reached in the room, which saves electricity. I highly recommend buying. Cool stuff.See full review

luminarc tableware dinner service diwali light turquoise&white luminarc diwali light turkuaz&white 18 items for 6 persons logo

This is the first time I encounter this, I always take the dishes of this company, there were no such problems, all the plates withstood the microwaveSee full review

contact lenses alcon dailies total1, 30 pcs., r 8.5, d -9.5 logo

I decided to try instead of Acuvue Moist, there is a difference. there is no feeling of dryness in the eyes after prolonged wear, and in general, they feel more comfortable. I recommend, great lenses.See full review

vacuum cleaner deerma dx700s eu, black logo

Even though there is no lint on the brush to collect hair, it does an excellent job of picking up trash and even removing cat hair from the carpet. This is a significant advantage of the product. Excellent choice for a studio or one-bedroom apartment. It heats up quite quickly, and it is very probable that you will have to replace the filter in the flask that gathers dust and debris on a regular basis. This is one of the drawbacks.See full review

front light fenix ​​bc30v20 black logo

I didn’t notice how the indicator changed color, it felt like red immediately lit up after green, but it seems that according to the instructions it should first glow yellow, you still have to look for batteries, branded phoenix are gorgeous and I had to take it easier Has pros: The light is bright, it was very useful in the forest, the control is convenient, the button is wireless, the batteries are replaceable conveniently, I replaced it and went With its cons: The lantern on the gravel manageSee full review

yokohama ice guard ig55 205/60 r16 96t winter logo

Rubber stands on Opel Astra H, size 205 55 R16! Skated for 2 seasons lost three spikes on 4 wheels I operate in the city and leave the city weekly. I didn’t notice any problems with moving on ice and snow - it goes everywhere! Braking and handling for me - worthy! Well, if "show-offs" do not let someone sleep, you can look for tires in the Premium class! Previous Rubber was a well-known Chinese manufacturer. Unfortunately, she "dubela" at -10 degrees Celsius! I made my choice after studying profSee full review

computer chair everprof lotus s4 gaming, upholstery: textile, color: black/red logo

Since roughly a year and a half ago, the chair has been in use. After giving the question of what to put in the list of inadequacies more deliberation, I came to the conclusion that there was really nothing to be unhappy about. Working in the chair is comfy. It does not produce any noise. Never had to repair it during the procedure. I only need to vacuum the carpet once a week to remove cat fur. Just that.See full review

vacuum cleaner dreame v9p global, white logo

This vacuum cleaner cannot replace the main corded vacuum cleaner and is only a mobile addition, which, if necessary, can be quickly removed and vacuumed.See full review

electric bike eltreco xt 600 d (2021) black-blue 18" (requires final assembly) logo

a good-value entry-level electric bicycle overall impression of an electric mountain bike is positive Below are some advantages: Both the cost and the quality were excellent. My weight accelerates the bike to 35 mph in a straight line with a load of 110 kg on the throttle. Long journeys are not possible with the battery 7800, but if necessary, the helper can travel at least 40 km while maintaining a full charge for six hours. has drawbacks The chain fell off, but after tightening the tensioner iSee full review

vplab ultra men's sport tab., 180 pcs. logo

For everyone and not only: 1) the color of urine is cheerful, yellow, and also glows in the UV, this is absolutely normal, it indicates the content of riboflavin in the composition 2) a specific smell, this is absolutely normal, it must be, since it contains thiamine and selenomethionine, and the vast majority of sulfur- and selenium-containing compounds smell very unpleasant, really very bad, believe me, I’m speaking as a candidate of chemical sciences, a specialist in the field of organic syntSee full review

xiaomi suitcase, polycarbonate, support legs on the side, stiffeners, grooved surface, 64 l, size m, blue logo

Some pros: Beautiful, durable, lightweight. Very convenient to carry. Reasonable price. Cons: Covers from the kit died on the first flight, made of toilet paper.See full review

dry food for juniors over the age of 4 months, pregnant and lactating bitches grandorf hypoallergenic, low grain, lamb with rice 1 pack. x 3 kg logo

This is probably an individual reaction to some product in the composition, it's a pity. Switched to white fish with brown rice. Everything is fineSee full review

booster pump well pump dzhileks vodomet prof 55/50 a df (600 w) logo

They advised us to take the Gileks pump to the dacha, and the price was acceptable. But, to our great disappointment, the pump broke after a little over a month. What kind of technology do we have? Before, everything worked for 100 years, and now it’s just money down the drain, For your own money you get only problems, then installation, then dismantling . Left without water supply. Let's try to get it under warranty.See full review

smart bracelet xiaomi mi smart band 7 global for russia, black logo

They have trouble-free connectivity with both official and unauthorized programs. There are a lot of dials. It is possible to fine-tune each one for your own individual purposes. A watch that had been completely depleted of its power consumed 230 mAh.See full review

grill pan pyrex grill expert touch et28bhx/e004, diameter 28 cm logo

Pros: Heavy, thick bottom, induction heats up well and fairly evenly. Cons: The handle is not removable, and the pan is generally rather big. Grill ribs are quite sparse. But it's all little thingsSee full review

humidifier smartmi evaporative humidifier 2, cjxjsq04zm ru, white logo

different benefits Using a smartphone for control, cleaning is straightforward, and one tank can run for a long period of time (almost 12 hours, but it's winter now!) has drawbacks It cannot be put against a wall because the air intake is at the rear.See full review

a "pieu tea tree oil emulsion nonco tea tree emulsion, 210 ml logo

Has some pros: Very light texture, perfectly moisturizes overdried oily skin. I use it all year round and the skin has become noticeably better, there are practically no rashes. Its cons: At first, the smell was very specific, but now I'm used to it.See full review

gaming chair chairman game 18, upholstery: imitation leather/textile, color: black/orange logo

One advantage is that it arrived really promptly. the package was brought to the residence. Contained trouble-free in a single set of hands after gathering. The lift is still supporting my 115 kilograms of weight. Con: After a period of six months, the plastic sidewall that was attached to the bolt that fastens the back to the seat broke. Sad. There is no clear path to follow in order to find a replacement.See full review

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