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realme buds t100 wireless headphones, black logo

Really good sound. For 2750 a worthy product. Take it, you won't regret it. The best functionality with the ability to customize. And quality sound. I advise you to buy.See full review

computer chair ch-330m office bureaucrat, upholstery: artificial leather, color: grey-blue logo

The chemical smell dissipated after two weeks. Pros: The chair is comfortable, comfortable, looks good, easy to assemble. With its cons: When unpacked and assembled, the chair had a strong chemical smell.See full review

philips sonicare diamondclean hx9332/35 sonic toothbrush, white logo

I was pleasantly surprised by the modern miracle of electronic technology, which turned brushing your teeth into a pleasure! Thanks Philips! The brush, of course, will not leave anyone indifferent, its pleasant design, convenience and quality of brushing my teeth pleasantly surprised me. Three interchangeable tips allow you to choose a different way to take care of the beauty of your smile every day, which is very handy. The charger provides a charge for a week and allows you to charge both fromSee full review

bfgoodrich g-grip 195/65 r15 91h summer logo

The road keeps super, that on dry, that on wet pavement. A clear steering wheel, goes strictly in a straight line, does not chat anywhere, as they say zero on the steering wheel, not like Nokian, which always floats with soft sidewalls (I won’t even compare Kumho, Cordiant and Amtel), a good reaction to turning the steering wheel. Optimal stiffness, not too hard and not too soft. I also noticed a slight decrease in fuel consumption. There is no tendency to hydroplaning. In the city in the rain tSee full review

computer chair zombie viking knight gaming, upholstery: textile, color: blue logo

Pros: Comfortable chair, good, comfortable pillows, excellent armrest adjustment. Good swing mechanism. Cons: The complexity of the assembly, but this problem is relevant for all chairs.See full review

tigar road terrain 265/70 r15 116t summer logo

Drove after the purchase of 10,000 km - the impressions are very positive! Addendum to the review: It became very interesting how durable the TIGAR tires would be. Last season I managed to skate 19 thousand on them, and in addition to the route there were many stone primers of the Caucasus and Kola. The tread depth has been reduced from 11mm to 8mm. According to GOST, the residual tread depth allowed for winter tires is at least 4 mm. For summer car tires - 1.6 mm. Thus, it turns out that oveSee full review

like coffee table / sofa 55x55 cm, color white logo

Good table. Easy assembly. With options for buying exactly the “same” table from IKEA for 5k or more, this option is the best for the price. Put them side by side and you won't find any difference.See full review

wrist watch michael kors mk6188 logo

Has some pros: Arrived on time, read reviews on various sites, was satisfied with the purchase. Has some cons: The strap is hard to adjust, the links are tightly interlockedSee full review

contact lenses alcon dailies total1, 30 pcs., r 8.5, d -9.5 logo

I am clearly satisfied with the lenses, for me these are one of the best lenses that I have tried, so I personally am ready to overpay a small difference. Different pros: Daily, which means: - every morning you put on clean, fresh, hygienic lenses. Hygiene comes first =) No extra lens cleaning needed - you don't need extra lens cleaner and storage container. Which is especially convenient when traveling. - You do not need to remember and monitor the period of wearing lenses. Took it off last nigSee full review

orlett shoulder brace rs-105, size s/m, black logo

The relatively insignificant drawbacks are more than compensated for by the numerous positives. Many thanks to the people who made it! Has pros: Following a fall and a severe stab fracture to the shoulder joint of the right hand, a senior citizen required a bandage, which was acquired for the individual. Because of the patient's heart condition, it was decided not to proceed with the arthroplasty procedure that had been planned to try to build a hand and restore part of the patient's mobility. TSee full review

foresto (elanco) collar against ticks and fleas for dogs up to 8kg gray logo

We put it on for a dog in April, until October it runs in a collar, no ticks were found attached, although we have quite a lot of them in the suburban forest. When they gave a pill, they found those sucked in a day, but they fell off and everything was fine (the pills work just like that), with a collar we find only the dead and then rarely, basically they don’t even climb on the dog, or they die on approach.See full review

gauge manifold value vmg-2-r32-b-03 in a blister logo

A good device, made in general qualitatively. The only thing was that the needle of the low pressure gauge was not exactly at zero, I had to correct it with an adjusting screw, which can be accessed through a hole in the scale, covered with a cap. Those. the vacuum gauge is not very accurate and it has a too small scale, without atmospheric pressure compensation. Therefore, if you need to control exactly the vacuum, then it is better to purchase a more accurate device, for example, Becool BC-VG.See full review

clumping litter cat's best original, 40l logo

I don’t even know . Maybe we got a fake, but the filler did not live up to expectations at all. Firstly, it clumps very badly, when cleaning, the lumps fall apart, you have to collect pieces all over the tray. With smell, the same story. The cat is alone. When there was a clay filler, there were no problems with the smell at all. The tray was cleaned once a day. With the same filler, I had to clean it immediately after the antics of the cat, the smell was unbearable. This is taking into account See full review

computer chair everprof lotus s4 gaming, upholstery: textile, color: black/red logo

The thread broke off one of the holes on the seat while screwing the screw. As a result, the screw is not screwed in and the back is staggering. I have no idea if it is possible to replace the seat for this reason, if you have to ream and cut a new thread yourself Some pros: Cheap, comfortable seat. Rollers under the waist and neck are excellent Different cons: The armrests are very wobbly, I did not understand how to tighten them.See full review

kids smart watch jet kid my little pony wi-fi, pinkie pie logo

Different pros: Normal watch with good functionality. Calls, messages, reminder settings, alarm clocks, other goodies. Has cons: There is a function of a remote picture from the camera on the watch, but the camera is low resolution and it is problematic to take a normal photo. Constantly it turns out "mess".See full review

computer chair chairman kids 110 for children, upholstery: imitation leather/textile, color: black/orange logo

Different pros: The product declared on the online trade site corresponds to the appearance received in the store. The quality of the upholstery and materials are good Different cons: I didn’t like the assembly process a little. It was hard to match the details of the back and seat with each other. In general, 4-, but only the assembly processSee full review

sewing machine janome sewist 780dc logo

The vehicle is fantastic, and I do not regret spending the money on it. The wife couldn't be happier about it. Sometimes he forgets things, but overall he sews things himself using the cheapest thread, and there is no experience in sewing involved in the process of setting up for each type of fabric. The act of stitching is where one acquires all of their knowledge. Therefore, the machine has no qualms about anything. Quiet. The seams are in good order. The overlock stitch is not elastic and it See full review

electric scooter ninebot kickscooter max g30p, up to 100 kg, black logo

Haven't bought yet, just tried it. Of course, if not for the price, I would consider replacing my old m365 with the first real alternative to it. A very significant technical redesign, the main complaints have been eliminated, I see only the rear-wheel drive as a certain minus when driving, which is also a big technical plus (the power supply of the motor-wheel has the shortest path from the power source, there is no ugly and interfering cable sticking out, through the outlet of which water can See full review

smart bracelet honor band 5 global, blue logo

Has pros: Cozy in addition to having an impressively extended battery life. a significant number of capabilities, one of which is a blood oxygen monitor. despite its advantages. Earlier versions of the firmware were prone to dropping the connection to the phone.See full review

night-projector star master starry sky 012-1361, 2.6 w, armature color: blue, shade color: colorless logo

Its benefits Beautiful backlight, which the child really likes and uses every day to admire before going to sleep. Cons: After two days, the white backlight stopped shining. Everything was functional the first time I checked. I'm disappointed and hope the other colors won't shatter much longer.See full review

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