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faucet for kitchen (sink) blanco fontas ii (granite) pearl logo

I was surprised by the quality for the price.

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Different pros: Design, height, 2 in 1 function. The perfect combination with a washbasin from the same manufacturer. With its cons: Perhaps this is due to the pressure in the system (3rd floor of a 15-storey building), but adjusting the desired water pressure is very difficult. The stroke of the lever is very soft (once the child accidentally touched the lever and almost flooded the kitchen), but the range between full pressure and a thin stream is very short, it is difficult to catch the averaSee full review

air grill easycook 1200w-220v-3.8l-220x220x280-black/gold, estares logo

Good value for money, I recommend.

Revainrating 4 out of 5

I've used the air fryer a few times and I'm generally happy with it. There is no smell, but I washed it well before the first use. The only thing that confuses is that the basket jams when you insert it. Sometimes you need to push it straight with all your strength, otherwise it won’t go. Wonder how long it will last. . . )See full review

honor tws choice earbuds x3 wireless headphones, gray logo

Came ahead of time, in the photo of the product for some reason there is a photo of the "light" version. But they came complete. The price is cheaper than in aliexpress, but in the same aliexpress we managed to the same ones for 1800. They will go for ordinary use.See full review

toyo observe g3-ice 285/60 r18 120t winter logo

After using this hard rubber for approximately half a season, the wheels are missing on average of twenty studs (which I will replace with combat ones). They were able to catch up with me on the ice at the pekryoske, where they paused to do some good reading for rezya. I played tag in the snow and porridge while driving a Subaru XV on the road (I had a tag). before that, I was using OBSG2, and its spikes were more durable.See full review

computer chair ch-330m office bureaucrat, upholstery: artificial leather, color: grey-blue logo

We picked the cheapest chair available. The design of this chair is superb. No loose threads or poorly sewn areas to be seen in any of the seams. The back is the most crucial part. She seems to be in her element. It's nice to relax in this chair. Ideally suited for the decor of a kid's bedroom. Easy assembly with only high-quality fasteners. There were other possibilities, but we are quite happy with the decision to purchase this chair from the Paris Nsil online store. My advice is toSee full review

dog lead collar evolutor 1.2 m 25 mm orange logo

The leash is excellent, soft does not cut hands. I advise. Delivery is fast, it is convenient to pay in installments. Thank youSee full review

purelan medela lanolin nipple cream 37 gr. logo

I haven’t used it yet) I’ll add a review as soon as I start using it, according to the reviews of my friends, this tool has gone to everyone) The cream is excellent, I used it initially every time after feeding and bathing, I used it for a week, as soon as you spread a feeling of lightness), but the only thing, 7 grams seemed to me a little, if I continued to use it without stopping, I would have to buy a large tube! The reason for the refusal of the cream, we eat through the lining. I use it exSee full review

nokian tires nordman 7 205/55 r16 94t winter logo

Only 110% of customers were happy with the tires. Everything about Derzhak on the ice, in the oatmeal, and in the snow is great. Consistent slowing down in rows indicates good health. Where Velcro reached the long turn at 80 miles per hour, the ESP was already squealing at full speed, and the rear began to overtake the front; on the Nordman, there was not even a hint of demolition of the rear axle all winter long, so I was happy with the directional stability. And I am a quick driver. After the See full review

amino acid prime kraft 2:1:1, green apple, 150 gr. logo

Pros: Value for money, tastes are not bad - not oversweetened and not reducing cheekbones from acid. Fully working product with a pleasant taste. Has some cons: Sometimes they come packed in lumps. Apparently from improper storage.See full review

computer chair zombie 8 gaming, upholstery: imitation leather, color: black logo

The cardboard box is weak for packing such a chair; it lost its shape and tried to fall apart. Nevertheless, the chair came in perfect condition and fully corresponds to the photos and description on the site. The quality is good, assembled easily and quickly with a single screwdriver. All mechanisms work. the chair is comfortable. The only caveat for a person taller than 172cm is the chair may not be enough.See full review

dry food for sterilized cats blitz holistic sterilized with chicken, with liver 1.5 kg logo

Everything came safe and sound. I was pleased with the composition for such a price, Royal canin and Pro plan have a much worse composition, and the price is higher. But, alas, my cats, like many others, did not appreciate the holistic (not because the food is bad, on the contrary, it does not contain flavors and flavors, so cats do not rush to eat it, like Whiskas and the like), they eat just out of desperation. However, I immediately ordered 1.5 kg, so they have no choice :) It says "chicken" See full review

built-in dishwasher electrolux etm 48320 l logo

An everyday dream came true - I bought an Electrolux ETM48320L dishwasher! She freed up time for other things instead of washing dishes! The wife again felt like a woman and not a dishwasher)) Intuition did not fail when choosing this model, since all menus and modes are intuitive in their choice. One touch of a button removes all disputes about who should wash the dishes!See full review

yokohama ice guard ig55 205/60 r16 96t winter logo

I work as a driver, I have to travel a lot and in different weather conditions. I made my choice in favor of Ice Guard IG55 and did not lose. Moderately soft, so there is no rumble while driving. Holds the road well. Great tires at an affordable price!See full review

filter aquael ultramax 2000 logo

I bought a 320 liter aquarium and forgot (almost) Without cutting the hoses, etc., etc. - I immediately started it, pulled the lever 2 times and the water itself poured out), but after a couple of days I took out the prefilter, well, I washed the basket itself at the same time - either I shortened the hoses too much, or something, but now I had to completely recruit with this lever it manually -/ Stands in the bedroom - does not interfere at all, aquael, as usual, pleased with the quality) Ps - See full review

monowheel inmotion v5f, 550 w, black logo

My first wheel. The impressions are very strong, as if you were on a snowboard for the first time or you can’t walk again, but you learn quickly, looking at the familiar landscape of the city in a new way. I do not regret that I chose this one after reviewing many reviews. Wheels are definitely not for everyone. Falls are inevitable, but if I had been more careful, I could have prevented many scratches on the body and handle on the first day of riding. You really need to learn how to manage it,See full review

instant coffee nescafe classic with the addition of ground arabica coffee, bag, 4 packs. 1000 g logo

Quite normal coffee, but for such a price - generally a gift. What was especially pleasing was the absence of a sour aftertaste, as in the old Cassica. I will definitely buy more.See full review

vacuum cleaner dreame t20 cordless vacuum cleaner global, grey/red logo

Along with a robot vacuum cleaner, one of the best purchases. A manual vacuum cleaner is considerably simpler to use than a stationary vacuum cleaner every time a tiny area or coffee spill needs to be cleaned. There has never been an instance throughout the month of use where the battery would not have been sufficient for the cleaning procedure because it is constantly charged at the station. robot vacuum cleaner for everyday cleaning of 75 m2. The elderly are especially in need of a handheld See full review

air humidifier with fragrance function xiaomi smart humidifier 2 (mjjsq05dy) eu, white logo

A month's worth of practical knowledge. Bought with the hopes of automating the maintenance of the room's humidity level, this humidifier was found at a family estate. My humidity sensor indicated that despite my best efforts (closing windows and doors and standing on top of the table), I was unable to achieve a 50% relative humidity in a 13 square meter room a day earlier. In spite of the sensor readings (the trend may be right, although the values jump), the air definitely seems to be getting See full review

🤳 hipee p1 smart posture trainer & corrector: app-controlled, real-time posture checking, strapless, enhance health & temperament logo

Different pros: Convenient charging port (Type-c) Wearing comfort For use with a smartphone, use the "Posture Up" application Some cons: The application interface is unfortunately only in English.See full review

computer chair zombie runner gaming, upholstery: imitation leather/textile, color: black/red logo

I have tried to get in touch with someone who can assist me, but so far no one has responded. I believe the best way to avoid this issue is to invest in something that is somewhat pricey.See full review

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