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Very good

Revainrating 4.5 out of 5  
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Description of Vacuum cleaner Dreame T20 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Global, grey/red

Product Overview

The Dreame T20 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Global, grey/red is an innovative cleaning solution for your home and kitchen. With its handheld design and powerful suction capabilities, this vacuum cleaner offers a convenient and efficient way to keep your space clean. Say goodbye to tangled wires as the device operates wirelessly, powered by a high-capacity built-in battery. Its lightweight construction allows for easy one-handed operation, even in hard-to-reach areas.

Exceptional Features

Unleash the power of the Dreame T20 as it combines advanced technology with user-friendly design. ...


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Revainrating 4 out of 5

The product is completely satisfied, performs its functions.

In general, I am satisfied with the purchase, but . once a year, apparently, I have to buy a new turbo brush - that's 5 thousand . therefore - a device for rich housewives :)

  • Very light, easy to manage and maneuver the vacuum cleaner! The battery charge is enough to vacuum the whole apartment twice - 115 m2! Still 20 percent left. I never use it at maximum power - it so much that it tears off the laminate)))
  • Turbo brush (((- over the year, the wires inside broke three times, handed it over for repairs. After the repairs, the plastic plugs stopped holding the structure (this is understandable - they are not designed for a one-time fixation) - now the brush when it hits the door / leg of the bed / wall - falling apart. I read somewhere that troubles with a broken wire were fixed by the manufacturer and all the first brushes were recalled and replaced by buyers. BUT, apparently, our xiaomi dealers "prefer to repair for 1000r))))

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Best price for this product, will buy more!

Buying is something that you should absolutely do. In most cases, there will be a fire in a company that makes use of a washing robot vacuum cleaner. Below are some advantages: Great vacuum cleaner. Powerful suction, and the ability to charge rather quickly. It is possible to completely clean a two-room flat that is sixty-five square meters in size using only one's own autonomy. A reliable collection of nozzles. With these drawbacks: It is physically impossible to vacuum the rug in the bathroom

Revainrating 5 out of 5

A really necessary purchase, I'm glad I found this product.

Since the charge remains for a considerable amount of time, we do not require as much. A strong and reliable vacuum cleaner. I considered getting a Dyson, but it was too expensive, so I went with the Dream V11 or the T20 instead. Has some pros: It is effective in carrying out its assigned duties. It appeared to be somewhat heavier than the Dyson V8, though not by a substantial amount. The brush works very nicely as a broom. It feels like it vacuums a little better than the Dyson V8, and it…

Revainrating 5 out of 5

A great option for this money, I definitely recommend it!

I am satisfied with the purchase. I'm glad I didn't buy a more expensive one (dyson) - this one already knows everything you need. What would you pay for? Has pros: The key advantage of the stick vacuum cleaner: you can remove it from the docking station in a second and use it right away. No need to pull the cord, insert the handset into the case, and so on. Finally! Another pleasant thing: together with the wall docking station, it is easily hidden behind the folds of the curtains on the wall…

Revainrating 5 out of 5

I really like the product, it fully meets my expectations.

Currently the most advanced model. I was afraid that the brush would scatter garbage like in the reviews, I wanted to order a soft one with Ali, but it doesn’t scatter anything. Perhaps they removed it to the maximum. But I don’t even turn it on to the full, because there is enough power. The universal brush does a great job with laminate and carpet.

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Best thing for the money, glad I did it.

A very convenient thing for operational cleaning, it showed itself especially well on carpets - every time it removes a lot of dust. Has some pros: Seriously facilitated access to filters - it has become much more convenient to clean. Added a removable battery - you can buy and put separately for charging. Has cons: The cost of an additional battery is close to half the cost of the entire device.

Revainrating 5 out of 5

The quality exceeds all expectations, I recommend to buy.

in general - an excellent unit, I was afraid that there would not be enough charge for an apartment of 80 m2, but everything is enough Its pros: convenient, functional, holds a charge for a long time, clear and convenient control, looks stylish Different cons: pipe length is not adjustable; the main brush “sucks” thin rugs and blocks, you can’t vacuum them normally, only if you quickly sweep and hold the rug with your foot - in short, you need to adapt, and using one small brush for sofas and a

Great vacuum cleaner. We have been using it for almost a month, every day! Picks up trash well. The main brush does not blunt, the speed switches depending on the coverage. Indispensable with small children and animals. And most importantly, maneuverable, not heavy, easy to clean. Enough charge to remove 75 squares.

Revainrating 5 out of 5

One of the best deals, glad I bought this.

satisfied with the vacuum. The majority of minor debris kinds are easy to clean up. The amount of dust I was able to remove from the mattress, which had been covered with a thick fabric cover and a sheet for several years of use, shocked me. One of the drawbacks is that the brush might not pick up sand or other dirt when lifted on baseboards and other such things. The car can be cleaned with a specific brush, but it has far less suction strength than a corded vacuum. Depending on the cleaning…

  • a cordless vacuum cleaner's convenience. Included are many attachments. Outstanding furniture brush.
  • When the brush is not fully attached, the suction power is low. Poorly up items, like tiny pebbles, are unable to raise all the sand from the doormat even when there is a difference in height of roughly 5 mm.

Revainrating 2 out of 5

It was a bad idea to buy it, the money was wasted.

I purchased it to use as an electric broom so that I could sweep up debris fast in the event that something woke up, crashed, or the like occurred. And for some reason, everything worked out so that he didn't have much with it, which was fortunate because the guidelines state that even minute fragments are not allowed. In addition, the vacuum cleaner can function in one of three distinct modes. There are three power settings: Eco, Norm, and Turbo. On average, the Norm setting's power is not…

  • The vacuum cleaner comes in beautiful packaging that is not made of flimsy cardboard or cellophane, giving the impression that it is a high-end product. Additionally, the quality of the materials used to make the vacuum cleaner is high, making it pleasant to hold in one's hands. A substantial number of nozzles.
  • Doesn't operate as stated. Trash can with a limited capacity and an opening that is squeezed for space.

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Best thing I have ever used, highly recommended!

What can I say, I paid 24,000 for it, but I got about 3,000 in bonus points and another 3,000 in credit card rewards for making the purchase through Ya. A little under $20,000 was the result of the 10% market discount. Maybe someone will claim it's too pricey, and that a robot, or at least a more powerful wired one, would be a wiser investment. However, I must admit that, first, I have not heard such a commotion when cleaning in quite some time, and second, the robot vacuum cleaner will not…

  • autonomy Maneuverability Power of suction Equipment covering 70 square meters with 1 large carpet, 2 tiny carpets, and laminate throughout, all of which can be cleaned automatically with a 10% residue remaining and a changeable battery available for purchase. Waste basket overflowing Gorgeous couch nozzle, spirit on overdrive)
  • Some people just don't like color. You should be careful when vacuuming under the bed, table, etc., because the paint can shift around quickly. The main module is difficult to insert due to the main pipe's poor connections (however this is more of a build quality issue). The other nozzles were flawless, and it was a breeze to install and remove them.

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Everything in the purchase suits, a very necessary product.

It does an excellent job of cleaning wool, and it can be used on carpets with a medium pile without causing any issues. I would recommend it to anyone who has pets. I've said it before, but I'll say it again: the level of cleanliness is exceptional! I have no ill will toward him. Got pros: The vacuum cleaner is user-friendly; all of the nozzles may be inserted with relative ease, and they all securely fasten to the vacuum cleaner. I was blown away by the power; even when set to medium, the…

The vacuum cleaner is good in general, everything has been thought out, and replaceable brushes are kept and charged properly, however this is only true while the vacuum cleaner is brand new! Everyone needs to use caution when using this model. With these drawbacks: 1. You are not looking at a Xiaomi. Keep in mind. This is a product that was developed in collaboration with the Chinese. There are no service centers, and one must go through a sales store in order to have repairs done. After being

Revainrating 5 out of 5

The perfect purchase for me, exactly what I was looking for!

Some pros: The turbo brush is significantly more powerful than a Dyson, and in contrast to a Dyson, it does not disperse dust. In the past, it worked like this: ? cpa=1&nid=83800 With these drawbacks: It has been my experience that the wall holder for the Dyson needs to be attached not to the dowels that are included in the package, but rather to the anchor, so that it does not get loose over time. To our good fortune, the holes in the holder of both the Dyson and the Xiaomi are identical. But…