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CoinFalcon is an exchange platform where users can make transactions and change their assets to other cryptocurrencies quickly, easily and safely, one of the characteristics that identify this exchange is possible to make trending in a simple way so that users with less experience can access and perform operations quickly. Likewise, users can carry out transactions in a small amount, something that for users who have large amounts and it will not be very feasible since you will have to perform sSee full review

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Revainrating 3 out of 5

Parity is an excellent digital wallet which allows us to store a small group of digital currencies such as Ethereum, ETC. One of the features that I liked about this wallet is that it allows us a cold storage to protect our capital in addition to having great security and ease when using this wallet. The interface of this wallet is very easy and attractive for users, being very attractive, also another of the differential characteristics of this wallet with others on the market is that it allowsSee full review

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Bitlish is a cryptocurrency exchange that worked from Great Britain and is currently not available since since 2019 this platform canceled its operations, allowing users who had assets on this platform to withdraw it so that they did not lose their capital and so they could send to another platform. At the moment this platform is not available and I stop working as an exchange platform. See full review

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Emercoin is a great Blockchain platform that works as a digital currency for assets where users can send and transfer capital to different pages and crypto network platform, this currency brings many advantages because it allows us to carry out different currency exchange operations. tokens to different parts of the world, with great speed and without loss of assets that are handled in it, besides being very safe so there is no problem when carrying out an operation. One of the main characteristSee full review

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Coingi is a digital asset exchange platform that has maintained its operations since 2014, which is recognized for high security since it uses KYC requirements and customer verification in addition to offering a flat rate of 0.2%, which is slightly below the world industry average of 0.3%. Some of the cryptocurrencies that this platform supports are Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Dash, Vertcoin and Namecoin, in addition to having it on its website, with languages ​​ranging from European to Asian. See full review

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CoinLim is a cryptocurrency exchange which is registered in Singapore. Launched in April 2018 and is available in English and Simplified Chinese to expand users who can access this platform, this exchange has the characteristic of working with OTC so that customers have the ability to create ads and they can sell their shares Through this exchange, in commercial rates, the exchange charges users a commission for the business they carry out, in most cases these rates depend on the percentage and See full review

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Blue Wallet is one of the leading cryptocurrency wallets that gives users the option to take full advantage of the Lightning Network services which means that the micro-payment network developed by Bitcoin can be run from the comfort of mobile devices. the users. This helps users and makes it possible to send and receive Bitcoin to mobile devices without any problem or that a configuration must be made in web portals to achieve payment. The technology that this wallet has has the function of beiSee full review

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MyCrypto Wallet is a wallet for digital assets which turned out to be a fork of MEW which means that most of the features that this wallet had will be available in MyCrypto Wallet, in general this wallet offers you many alternatives and options with sending and receiving tokens ether and the Ethereum blockchain tokens easily in a couple of steps where also the available balance will appear on the main screen, in this wallet users can access this wallet in different ways where it also includes thSee full review

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WalletETh is a digital asset wallet available for android so that users can have a great experience and ease when using this wallet, the purpose of WalletETH is to provide customers with secure and open source cryptocurrency storage using different protocols security, one of them is known as WalletConnect which allows this wallet to maintain a solid connection with many networks and decentralized applications. In general, WalletETH is an excellent wallet that offers you many forms of decentralizSee full review

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Revainrating 4 out of 5

GoPax is an exchange platform for the most demanding users where it allows you to carry out different operations with cryptocurrencies with low rates in their commissions, this exchange is specialized in the bitcoin market, Ethereum and by possessing blockchain technology, it has provided greater security and confidence to the users. GoPax started its operations in South Korea and founded by Streami Inc, where over time this company has had great success and experience in blockchain creating difSee full review

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Revainrating 4 out of 5

VinDAX is an exchange platform with many features available to users where they will be able to exchange cryptocurrency easily and safely, in addition to that users have the possibility to receive assets from other platforms and be able to manage it, in what refers to the security has multiple options and technology that help users to safeguard their assets in a secure and anonymous way, such as authentication of two invoices, passwords and private keys providing great security to users. See full review

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Revainrating 4 out of 5

BTCC this is an exchange platform for users to exchange different currencies of the cryptocurrency network, it also makes it easy for users to send and receive assets quickly without loss of assets, but it is very attractive for users, this Exchange platform maintains its operations in Hong Kong but still maintains servers in other countries such as Germany, the United States and France, due to the high levels of capital that this exchange handles, it became a great platform for users to feel moSee full review

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BFH is an excellent adventure game based on blockchain technology, at its launch this game gained a lot of popularity for what became very famous in the community of digital games based on Blockchain, the main characteristics of this game is that it has a version which will be available for mobile devices that have the operating system of Android and iOS, in terms of security as it is a game that is based on blockchain has all the benefits of security with respect to this platform. See full review

mlb crypto basebal logo

MLB Crypto Baseball is a game in the Blockchain chain where the objective is for users to collect figures and chips from the players and teams that make up the MLB, this is an excellent game for those players who are baseball lovers, one of the characteristics The main features of this game is that users will be able to sell, buy and exchange tokens with other players from the same platforms where the profits are made in Ethereum, which means that users must have a wallet that supports Ethereum See full review

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Space Misfits.

Revainrating 4 out of 5

Space Misfits this is a blockchain game that gives users a great experience of gameplay and economy in turn, which unlike other platform blockchain games offers users the possibility of earning many rewards in which they go being generated depending on the time that the users dedicate to the game. Space Misfits also offers a good security to protect the profits of the users as well as their progress in this games, it has a very striking interface and thus be able to get a greater number of usersSee full review

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Revainrating 4 out of 5

Korbit is one of the exchange platform which is specialized in Bitcoin and Ethereum, this platform has its main headquarters in South Korea and it is there where it owns the majority of its users and community due to the large number of users and capital that it manages. , this exchange platform has a characteristic which allows users to use fiat currency so that users can send and receive different currencies within the exchange, this currency is the Won de coraa, other characteristics of this See full review

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Revainrating 4 out of 5

CoinBit is a decentralized exchange platform so that users can exchange and receive coins easily and safely, this is one of the most widely used exchanges in Korea for which since its inception it has maintained a large trade and business within the platform of exchange thus obtaining a large capital and becoming one of the main exchange platform of that country, regarding security this exchange platform has KYC verification, two-factor verification, passwords and private keys to improve the expSee full review

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Revainrating 4 out of 5

Allcoin is an exchange platform where users can exchange different currencies with low interest rates and commissions for recharging and transferring digital assets, the operations of this platform are marked by Cascadia Electronics Corporation, which then since the beginning of its development in 2013 was starting to launch different updates and it was not until 2016 when the first stable version available for users to start using this platform was launched, among the coins that this exchange pSee full review

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Revainrating 4 out of 5

Bitbank is an exchange platform that maintains its operations in Japan, this exchange since its launch has had a great reputation in the country since it is among the main exchange platforms in the country, one of the reasons is because this exchange manages a large capital within the country, in addition to that, it has great support from the community, having large masses of people who support and endorse this currency. One of the characteristics of this platform is that it supports fiat curreSee full review

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Kyber Network

Revainrating 4 out of 5

Kryptono is an excellent exchange platform where users can carry out different transactions and operations so that users can exchange their cryptocurrency for another easily and safely. One of the characteristics of this platform is that it supports a large number of assets so that users can admit and operate within the platform, it also offers you to be able to use fiat currency so that they can buy and sell assets automatically. This exchange platform has excellent security so that users can cSee full review

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