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Space Misfits

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About Space Misfits

Space Misfits is a single-user alpha multiplayer space version. 3D-MMO sandboxes in sci-fi setting, Space Misfits enters into Enjin Multiverse, Space Misfit is a universal race where you have to farm as many items as possible supported Enjin. More 12 000 items worth $ 40 000 are available in the farm race. The season will end and be updated as soon as all items are received by players.

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Nice space game:Space Misfits

Hello everyone, today I will present you my review of Space Misfits, a blockchain game from the Blockchain games section. I've been playing Space Misfits for about 3 weeks and I can say that I am…See more

Let's go to space.

This is a multiplayer game that turns out to be a real adventure. Traveling to space becomes an intense experience full of adrenaline, since Space Misfits is located in the vastness of outer space…See more

Space Misfits a science fiction online videogame

This is to give you the first hand report of my experience with Space misfits, it is a science fiction online video game which can be played by a very large number of people simultaneously. It is a…See more

Space Misfit Will Make You Excited

The blockchain game Space Misfits, is a 3D Low Poly Space Sandbox MMO that is affiliated and partnered with the ENJIN platform that allows players to hunt, collect and mine for different items and…See more

Multiplayer open world space game

Space Misfits is a blockchain multiplayer action and adventure game powered by Enji based on a very distant future of science fiction where we must build ships, explore the space atmosphere, create…See more

Loot freely

It is a game where you can trade with the items you collect or if you want, you can earn money with the loot you collect. Game graphics are moderate. The game is supported by Enjin. That's why you…See more

Space Misfits

It's a fun and action-packed game that I can only play with an Enjin wallet. I can say that it is a space adventure game that can be played on blockchain for Space Misfits. I had to spend some…See more

Blockchain action space game

It is a blockchain game launched in 2019 where we can collect, sell or exchange items for cryptocurrencies. It is focused on venturing into an action-packed world where we must go through different…See more

Space Misfits: Fun Space Game

In this difficult time for the topic of the pandemic and that you should stay in house, surely you will have a free time with which you want to have a good time, here this a good option with this…See more

Space Misfits

In my post today, I will talk about another blockchain game, Space Misfits. As the name suggests, this is a space game. I can say that it is a kind of game inspired by the 80's and cyberpunk era…See more