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EOS Knights

37 · Very good

mobile, web
GenreCasual Arcade

About EOS Knights

EOS Knights is the first mobile blockchain game on the EOS platform. All player actions are performed on smart contracts. Data is also stored in the EOS blockchain. Let's play EOS Knights together! Hire a knight to protect the town from the goblins! - Collect good materials. - Craft items with collected materials. - Equip items, the hero becomes stronger. - Your knights can grow faster with a pet.

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an addictive game pioneer on the EOS blockchain for mobile phones

blockchain-based games currently offer very valuable incentives for their users. Eos Knights lives up to that premise, and rewards its players very well. is a very addictive game in which you will…See more

EOS Knights: One of The Best RPG Game

I love classic RPG games, One of my best find in satisfying my craving for it is, EOS Knight, a mobile idle role playing game, which happens to be the very first of its kind on EOS platform. All…See more

EOS Knights Setting The Pace

Activities on the blockchain technology continues to increase and has gradually expanded to encompass blockchain gaming for recreational and financial purposes. Good blockchain games today, offer…See more

Defend to win

It is an RPG type game built on blockchain. You protect your village from monsters and save the villagers. There are constant in-game improvements. The more time you spend in the game, the more you…See more

Protecting The Village And Defeating The Orcs On The EOS Knights

The Blockchain games are of similar characteristics like Decentralization, graphics and 3D view. They happen to have a very interesting storyline and fun packed experience are what they enjoy. I was…See more

The First Of It's Kind, EOS Knights

Being the first doesn't makes you the best. The EOS Knights really need to keep the good work going. It is the first in a way that no other game has been built on the EOS blockchain before it came…See more

First game on the EOS platform

EOS Knights is one of the first blockchain games organized on the EOS platform. Thousands of users worldwide play EOS Knights on their desktop computers and smartphones with Android or iOS operating…See more

Merging Decentralization And Modern Technologies To Give Players The Best

Being a Knight is actually possible on your mobile device. Well allow me to introduce you to a game that happens to be the first of it's kind (as it is the first to be built on the EOS blockchain…See more

Don't You Want To Be A Knight?

EOS Knights is a strategy and war game that can be played on the EOS Blockchain. Users try to protect the people living in their region from monsters by developing their own knights in various ways…See more

The EOS Knights Is The Best

I happen to be a type of person with less passion for games but EOS Knights is irresistible. It happens to be a very interesting game and has made me make it the first review on my account. I had…See more

EOS Knights, A Game That Got Me Glued To My Screen

I happen to be a gamer and was lately introduced to the Blockchain games (early this year). I managed to download some of them and played also. Among others were the CryptoCuties that got me…See more