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EOS Knights

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mobile, web
GenreCasual Arcade

About EOS Knights

EOS Knights is the first mobile blockchain game on the EOS platform. All player actions are performed on smart contracts. Data is also stored in the EOS blockchain. Let's play EOS Knights together! Hire a knight to protect the town from the goblins! - Collect good materials. - Craft items with collected materials. - Equip items, the hero becomes stronger. - Your knights can grow faster with a pet.

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EOS Knights: One of The Best RPG Game

I love classic RPG games, One of my best find in satisfying my craving for it is, EOS Knight, a mobile idle role playing game, which happens to be the very first of its kind on EOS platform. All players actions are done on smart contract while they…See full review

Image and novelty under the main Eos block.

The Eos Knights game has been described as a great portable blockchain game that goes through the EOS or Eosio stage. In modern times, it works on the interface to show more than fifty types of crypto play. To play this sport you must first get an…See full review

Imagery and Innovation Through The Main Eos blockhain's Down

Eos Knights Game has been characterized as the principal portable blockchain game going through the EOS or Eosio stage. During the last months, it has been working on its interface to show a more agreeable method of playing with cryptos. This game…See full review

EOS Knights - First blockchain game powered by EOS.

One of the earliest blockchain games on the EOS platform was EOS Knights. Thousands of people across the world play EOS Knights on their desktop computers and devices running Android or iOS. To begin playing this game, we must first obtain an EOS…See full review

Securing The Town And Crushing The Orcs On The EOS Knights

The Blockchain games are of comparable attributes like Decentralization, designs and 3D view. They end up having an intriguing storyline and fun pressed experience are what they appreciate. I was acquainted with the blockchain games as of late and…See full review

EOS Knights

Hi everyone do you know about EOS Knights? This game is a very well designed game. It is also convenient to play this game online. This game is a very interesting game and a safe game. This game can be played by children or adults I play this game…See full review

Most popular game.

The EOS Knights Game is the first mobile blockchain game to operate on the EOS or Eosio platform. It has been upgrading its interface in recent months to provide a more pleasant method of experimenting with cryptos. Because it supports players…See full review

The EOS Knights

It is a RPG type game based on blockchain. You shield your town from beasts and save the residents. There are steady in-game upgrades. The additional time you spend in the game, the more you create. The Knight: Is the contender that…See full review

EOS knights

Another rpg blockchain game. Good for people who loving playing rpg games and earning money. The more time you spent in game the more you will earn. In this game you need to protect your village from monster. You are defending your village with…See full review

EOS Knights Setting The Pace

Activities on the blockchain technology continues to increase and has gradually expanded to encompass blockchain gaming for recreational and financial purposes. Good blockchain games today, offer digital valuables and collectibles that can be sold…See full review