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Forgotten Artifacts

39 · Very good

GenreAction RPG

About Forgotten Artifacts

"There are many Forgotten Artifacts hidden around the universe. The adventures you embark on are dangerous and you'll need your weapons and skills as you venture on your quest! There is loot of unimaginable value to find and each adventure is unique with well over 4 billion variations! Hack and slash your way through undiscovered lands on your quest for loot. Each chest you stumble across is a chance at discovering some of the rarest artifacts in the universe!"

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Forgotten Artifacts: A Profitable Cryptocurrency Game Backed Up By Ethereum.

Newly developed projects are still making their way into the cryptospace every now and then, from exchanges, wallets, to crypto cards and then games. This brings me to a cryptocurrency game known as…See more

Now it's called Lost Relics.

The success of a game with these characteristics depends largely on the benefits it offers to its users and how entertaining it can be, since it is an excellent combination to guarantee its…See more

Forgotten Artifacts an action role-playing cryptocurrency ledger game

Forgotten Artifacts is an Action role-playing cryptocurrency ledger game and a first of its kind which is a subgenre of video games that combines core elements from both the action game and role…See more

Forgotten Artifact is a game all Action and Adventure Loving Gamers must Experience

Forgotten Artifact now renamed Lost Relics is adventure and action games loving players like me, on it you get a double dose of trills and fun. Forgotten Artifact is a multi-verse game designed to…See more


Forgotten Artifact is the first blockchain integrated action. is the one of a very cool game which I can earn some crypto when playing it and enjoy the game let me speak on how to earn, the…See more

Forgotten Artifacts Now Known As Lost Relics

Forgotten Artifacts which is now known as Lost Relics, is a multiverse type action game with non fungible tokens powered by the Enjin platform. It is described as one of the most interconnected…See more

A challenging game

It is a game built on blockchain. The game is in the category of adventure. Creating an account is very simple. There are detailed descriptions on the websites for users who have difficulty in…See more

A must-play game: Forgotten Artifacts

Hello everyone, I will present you my review of the Forgotten Artifacts game from Blockhain Games, one of my favorite episodes today. The reason for this review about the Forgotten Artifacts game is…See more

Forgotten Artifacts

Forgotten Artifacts is a war game where you can explore dungeons. You collect materials by visiting dungeons in the game. It is an easily playable game. You can choose four different characters in…See more

Forgotten Artifacts

In my post today, I will talk about another blockhain game, Forgotten Artifacts. First of all, this game is a dungeon exploration and war game. It has a simple gameplay. All you have to do is…See more