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About Taurion

Taurion is much more than just a fully-decentralised, autonomous, and unstoppable MMORPG. It’s also a cryptocurrency with Human Mining. Human intelligence, skill, effort, and team work are needed to Human Mine cryptographically secure blockchain assets and currencies in the game. This stands in stark contrast to how other coins are mined with large farms of expensive mining hardware. The game rules below are used by every player to compute the game and achieve consensus. Furthermore, since Taurion is transparent and open source, it is also provably fair.

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Taurion a decentralized human mining game

Taurion is a video game that is massively multiplayer online role-playing game which combines aspects of a role-playing video game and a massively multiplayer online game together, it is a decentralized, autonomous human mining game. You as a...See full review

Taurion is an interesting blockchain game

I found an amazing game today. I like to play this game online since it is more enjoyable. In this game, you can also exchange cards. You must excavate and play large farms in this game. I like this game and will recommend it to my friends. Please...See full review

It can be one of the most fun games to spend your time with.

Taurion is a PC sport. It is an internet multiplayer simulation sport that combines a part of the PC simulation game and on line multiplayer games. This is never an independent decentralized mining sport. For the three Taurion houses, no matter...See full review


Taurion is a PC game. It is an online multiplayer simulation game that combines part of the PC simulation game and online multiplayer games. This is by no means an independent decentralized mining game. For the three Taurion houses, no matter what...See full review

Taurion blockchain network game review

Starting with the game interface and moving on to its credibility, online being a decentralized blockchain game has a high user rating, a fair playing game without cheating in the sense that all actions on the game are recorded, making it extremely...See full review

A short outline of an extraordinary blockchain game.

It's an ideal opportunity to investigate the game undertaking Taurion, The online customer game Taurion is a combination of the class of MMORPGs, RPGs, Procedure, Sandbox, created via Independent Universes Ltd, this venture has numerous...See full review

One of the fastest choice games to have fun.

Taurion is a blockchain sport that plays as well as a real-international leisure enjoy. It's a decentralized and self-contained game. It is made from exploits that imitate human responsibilities like as creation, Each of the houses has a hard...See full review

Very cool RPG game for cool players the world

_ in the blockchain platform, I met a lot of games of different complexity and game design. I want to draw your attention to the recently released Taurion, a free game with RPG strategy elements. This recent Project was developed by a very famous...See full review

Taurion amazing blockchain game review

Taurion is a blockchain game that performs as well as a real-world entertainment experience. It's a decentralized and self-contained game. It is made up of exploits that imitate human tasks like as construction, crafting, transportation, hiring...See full review

A brief overview of a great blockchain game.

_ It's time to take a closer look at the game project Taurion, The online client game Taurion is a mixture of the genres of MMORPGs, RPGs, Strategy, Sandbox, developed by Autonomous Worlds Ltd, this project has many features and advantages, and...See full review

Taurion: Taurion is should attempt game for blockchain gamers.

Beside being a totally independent and relentless game, Taurion has the absolute best designs accessible available; as well as mastering abilities collectively, taking into account that a group of people mine and can cryptographically get...See full review