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About Taurion

Taurion is much more than just a fully-decentralised, autonomous, and unstoppable MMORPG. It’s also a cryptocurrency with Human Mining. Human intelligence, skill, effort, and team work are needed to Human Mine cryptographically secure blockchain assets and currencies in the game. This stands in stark contrast to how other coins are mined with large farms of expensive mining hardware. The game rules below are used by every player to compute the game and achieve consensus. Furthermore, since Taurion is transparent and open source, it is also provably fair.

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Taurion a decentralized human mining game

Taurion is a video game that is massively multiplayer online role-playing game which combines aspects of a role-playing video game and a massively multiplayer online game together, it is a decentralized, autonomous human mining game. You as a…See full review

Taurion: Taurion is should attempt game for blockchain gamers.

Beside being a totally independent and relentless game, Taurion has the absolute best designs accessible available; as well as mastering abilities collectively, taking into account that a group of people mine and can cryptographically get…See full review

Taurion is must try game for blockchain gamers.

Aside from being a completely autonomous and unstoppable game, Taurion has some of the best graphics available on the market; in addition to learning skills as a team, considering that a team of humans mine and can cryptographically secure…See full review

Leisure with the ability to grow fast. It’s up to you to try to see what you like: Taurion.

Taurion is a blockbuster game created with the help of XAYA, created in the developing world over time. This is based on a completely distant fate, in which twelve families had to leave Earther due to loss of property, and three remained the best…See full review

One of the two-person games, Taurion is a very good game.

Hello everyone. Taurion game. I played this game with my sister and we both enjoyed this game. We both liked this game. This game can be played by both people and both can be in the same group. It is very interesting to play online in this game. In…See full review

This is an exciting online game with great graphics

I propose the Taurion game from blockchain games if you want a game with a lot of excellent visuals and complex features that enhance human intellect. This game is highly complex and intelligent, and it includes a lot of entertaining elements that…See full review

It just so happens, I consider the Taurion review.

Today I will introduce Taurion game. Taurion is open source game and it is open simply on pc, yet I figure flexible variation will be realesed soon. I like to play this sort of games on my high level cell phone when I'm not home to loosen up…See full review

Incidentally, I consider the Taurion audit.

Today I will present Taurion game. Taurion is open source game and it is accessible just on pc, yet I figure versatile variant will be realesed soon. I like to play this kind of games on my advanced mobile phone when I'm not home to unwind and…See full review

By the way, I think about the Taurion review.

Combining the aspects of Taurion, a role-playing video game, and a large number of online games, the mass player must master the online role-playing video game and Taurion's work to work towards decentralized self-governance. key, research, mining…See full review

Taurion- it the best game of Blockchain.

Hello everyone, friends. Today I'm going to write you a review of Blockchain's 1st place game. The name of this game is Taurion. This game is not yet fully released and you can only play the beta version. This game is an online RPG and you can only…See full review


Hello everyone. My name is Rowshen. Today I am going to tell you about a very well designed game. The name of this great game is Taurion This game is one of the most well designed games. This game is a very interesting game and one of the fairest…See full review