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About Splinterlands

Splinterlands is a decentralized collectible card game built on blockchain technology. It is similar in concept to games like Magic the Gathering and Hearthstone where you build up a collection of cards, which all have various different stats and abilities, and use them to battle other players in skill-based matches. By using blockchain technology, players can own their digital cards, and can trade and sell them freely just as if they were physical cards, without the control of any centralized company or entity.

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Splinterland is the best blockchain games

Hello Everyone, Today I will introduce you to Splinterlands, a blockchain game that I have used for a long time and love very much. Splinterlands offers users the ability to earn cryptocurrencies by…See more


Greetings to all of you first.I have been playing and introducing you to the best game ever since. The name of the game is "Splinterlands". In the Splinterlands game you are offered to earn…See more

The game made a big impression on me

Today I would like to share my thoughts on this game, which has been playing with you for a long time and is the most popular in the world. This game looks fun and enjoyable. He has managed to…See more

An interesting game, ideal for fans of this genre.

In this opportunity I would like to leave some comments about this particular game, where we can be part of battles in real time through collectible cards that have their level of action, power and…See more

Splinterlands is great game in blockchain games.

Today I'm going to talk about the most popular game that people like and use in blockchain games. This game is called splinterlands, and it's my favorite game in blockchain games. I started using it…See more

Very addictive game

After having a hard time getting to find my well pleasing blockchain game, I came across splinterlands, an EOS game that has really captured my attention and mostly my time. After having such a…See more


Splinterlands was introduced to me by a friend and I found out that it is decentralized collectible card game built on the blockchain, it was released in 2018 and it was aimed at deck building and…See more


Thanks to blockchain technology it has virtually made thousands of users today earn some extra income from performing various activities online ranging from bounty hunts and referral campaign also…See more

The Splinterlands Drew My Attention To Card Games

The card section of the blockchain games is the type of game I never believed I will end up enjoying, this is because I don't really like strategy games but prefer the action type of games. This…See more

Splinterlands is a trading and a game all together

Splinterlands is one that I call a trading multiplayer card game. It also has a storytelling that is based on the mystical world. I also use to play-for-free just to completing daily questions all…See more


Splinterland is a steem Blockchain oriented card game packs of cards could be purchased with crypto currency or even with PayPal. This card could then be wagered against other players online to…See more