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About Prospectors is the first MMORTES on EOS blockchain. All game activity happens within the project’s smart contract, and all the assets, owned by a player, are secured to him in the blockchain. The players interact within the game. Every user receives the right to control three characters (workers) who will act on his behalf. The players can team up in unions and commercial organizations for communication and more efficient work. The game currency, Prospectors gold, is the basis for economic relations among players. Prospectors world is grounded in the real economic model and functions due to the free market laws. Players have access to resources, land, and tools. They pay taxes to the State for land use and commercial activity. These payments fuel the development of Prospectors game world.

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Prospectors an idle game built on EOS cryptocurrency ledger

I give a detailed report of my encounter after signing up as a player on Prospectors, prospectors is a strategy game you play to earn and in which you as a player assume the role of a gold mining entrepreneur with assigned workers, the golds you...See full review

A review of a useful game that is fun to play.

Speaking of Prospectors., This game is the first MMORTES in the EOS block. and the gameplay activity takes place within the framework of the smart contract of the project, and in other words, all the assets owned by one player are blocked....See full review

Prospectors is a good blockchain game

To begin with, the game is quite addicting. The game's first UI is rather nice. You are given three workers to begin with. The more you do with this worker, the more land you acquire. The game is centered on economics, and workers pay taxes to the...See full review

Prospectors is a blockchain based on EOS for gaming.

I got to figure about this platform from online searching of games. It is amazing and happens to be built on the EOS network. In addition,Dive into the nineteenth century Gold Rush air from your gadget! This thrilling round of procedure offers...See full review

Prospectors attractive online blockchain game

Blockchain technology has inundated the world of gaming platforms to unprecedented proportions. Every day, new online game concepts arise, promising sophisticated digital designs as well as lucrative prizes for the victors. Prospectors can be found...See full review

One of the fastest choice games to have fun.

The Prospectors is a web multiplayer sport that takes region in actual time. You, as a player, ship your labourers off to complete tasks at the same time as you do some thing else, and even as there is no way to increase the quantity of workers...See full review


Prospectors is a appropriate game with an truly interesting plot. The tale starts offevolved in an unclaimed northern u . s . with a gold mine, wherein nobody lives. Gold investors and prospectors went to their houses withinside the Nordic nations...See full review

Prospectors blockchain network game

The game's concept is based on the Gold Rush of the nineteenth century. The game is designed to replicate real-world economic activities such as gaining access to resources such as land and paying taxes for utilising them for commercial reasons...See full review

A game for all users who like to make good money.

_As with any strategy game, it is simply impossible to make money in Prospectors without setting clear goals and objectives. We need to systematically move towards the main goal - gold mining. And it is very addictive, the process of the game...See full review

Prospectors is an educative and interesting blockchain game

The Prospectors is an online multiplayer game that takes place in real time. You, as a player, send your labourers off to complete tasks while you do something else, and while there is no way to increase the number of workers assigned to you, you...See full review

prospectors review - a great blockchain game

Prospectors is a wonderful American game about gold mining that is built on the EOS blockchain. It's amusing, well-developed, and well-designed. But you've come because you want to know if you can make real money with it, and the answer is YES, you...See full review