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Review on EOS Knights by Shalom Kolawole

The First Of It's Kind, EOS Knights

Being the first doesn't makes you the best. The EOS Knights really need to keep the good work going. It is the first in a way that no other game has been built on the EOS blockchain before it came. It is a game with a very simple and straightforward gameplay and storyline. It features some killers or fighters whose sole function is to protect a village from constant and incessant attacks from some scary creatures which are called goblins. These fighters comes in four forms namely:

The Knight: Is the fighter that makes use of a sword to destroy these creatures. They happen to be the strongest with the greatest killing power. These fighters has a name which is Eric.

The Archer: Being an Archer means having to deal with these creatures using a bow and an arrow. Oria is the name of the Archer.

The Mage: This type of fighter makes use of magical or mystical powers to take out the creatures. Fighting with a Mage happens to be interesting and less tough compared to other fighters as killing the monsters can be done at a great distance. It also applies for the Archers but I still prefer the Mage to the Archer. The Mage is known as Scarllet.

Although they have made provision for three different fighters, one would have to go into battle with just one, making choice a big problem for me. Eric which also happens to be the Knight is the strongest and the most prone to the damage of the creatures while the ones with less strength (Archer and Mage) can cause damage to the goblins at a distance. There are also pets available on the game. These pets provides support to the fighter by helping to take out the goblins. They come in classes and are 24 in number. These classes are the Normal, Rare, Unique and Legendary. There are 8 available pets in the Normal and Rare classes and 4 in the Unique and Legendary class. To have a greater chance of winning battles, upgrade of both the fighters and the pets should be done. These upgrades makes use of the Magic water. These Magic water can be purchased, can be gained by sending pets on expedition and is also given to new users

Due to the fact that the game is built on the EOS blockchain, one would need the EOS tokens to be able to gain access to the game service, a wallet to store these tokens is also required. Loss of tokens or any form of any has never been experienced or complained of by any players ever since it's existence (in 2018), making the game a welcoming type. Having the EOS Knights would be one of the happiest things you would do as enjoying fascination is sure.

Pros & cons

  • It is a decentralized game, having it in the hands of no one
  • It's the first of it's kind, I'm sure the producers must have put in their best for that reason
  • It is multi lingual as it accepts more than one language
  • They have their mobile applications available for download and can also be played on the desktop
  • The game has a very nice graphics with beautiful designs
  • One can earn in the form of EOS tokens in the game
  • The game takes almost all my time in a day, I conclude it's addictive
Adejoh Samuel
December 27, 2020
Being the first of it's kind is nice and the gameplay is also. I have written a review on this same project, and I managed to give a complete details on the project, check it out and enjoy it
Shalom Kolawole
December 26, 2020
I was introduced to this game by a friend. At first I declined, because I don't really like playing games. I later tried it out and really enjoyed what I saw. The graphics, the gameplay and the fact I earn from it is fabulous. Nice game it is really