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cordless drill driver makita df333dwye 12 v logo

Good product, good quality, not bad.

Revainrating 4 out of 5

The product was purchased at a discount for 4732. For the price, you should be happy with the Makita brand. Pros below: Lightweight, comfortable, quite attractive, performs the basic functions of the work. Some cons: A slightly weak battery, the cartridge is loose, the storage case is rather weak (not the same quality as it was before).See full review

cable baseus cafule usb - lightning, 1 m, black/red logo

Has some pros: The wire is excellent, I’m pulsing on other type-c devices for several months, I took it to Ali there for a long delivery of more than a month. It’s fast here for 4 days, but I recommend a little more expensive 100% take it and don’t think about it. Original wires compared to these Slag. Happy shopping everyone! With its cons: it may take a little more space, as it is thicker and harsh in the cold, but this is quality. Soft only silicone, but I have not seen good .See full review

wired microphone fifine a6v, connector: usb type-c, black logo

Not bad for beginner rappers, content makers, etc. The only thing in the kit would immediately take a pantograph, so that the impressions are simply incredibleSee full review

orto wrist brace swr 602, size s, right-sided, beige logo

Fixes the palm and hand. The hand was slightly weakened, since only the fixation of the palm was needed (fracture of the 5th metacarpal bone)See full review

abc mount stand-01, black logo

We have a 43 "TV, so the legs rest against the back, it is fixed with 1 bolt, but it should be with 2. It's not critical, but they put a plastic corner in the back so that it doesn't leave dents. Everything is complete, even there is a lot left.See full review

yeelight plug-in light sensor nightlight led, 0.5 w, color: white logo

Great night light for your money With its pros: Beautiful, does not blind in the dark, there is a light sensor. With its cons: No, except that there is no motion sensor in it, but for this amount it will not be. Well, it occupies an outlet.See full review

cpu cooler id-cooling se-224-xt basic, silver/black/grey logo

Fits the description completely, very satisfying.

Revainrating 5 out of 5

I took a cooler for am4 ryzen 5 5600g, the kit includes fasteners for different sockets. Informative instructions in 2022, there were no problems with the assembly. The cooler has rubber vibration dampers. Doesn't interfere with memory sticks even in the first slot. Top for your moneySee full review

ceiling lamp yeelight ylxd013-b, 50 w, number of lamps: 1 pcs., color: white logo

Great lamp for living room and bedroom. It is very convenient to turn off the remote when you go to bed. amazing night light functionSee full review

smart speaker yandex station mini without clock with alice, black onyx, 10w logo

Of the entire list of column features, I use only an alarm clock, a reminder, and sometimes as a translator or a quick way to get an answer to a question. Feels like I bought a treadmill Children, old people will probably be useful. Total pluses and minuses solid 3 stars. I'm waiting for a column with ChatGPT integrated into itSee full review

xiaomi mi robot vacuum-mop 2 eu, white logo

Best thing I have ever used, highly recommended!

Revainrating 5 out of 5

It turned out to be the most bought robot vacuum cleaner, in our city it is not at all. Vacuum cleaner with a bang! I recommend to buy 👍See full review

power supply super flower leadex platinum (sf-850f-14mp) 850w logo

Due to the location of the IEC320 connector, there may be problems with some cases with a completely internal location of the PSU, for example with Jonsbo U5S, I had to look for another cable for this case.See full review

msi mpg b560i gaming motherboard logo

as a gift they put a brush for caring for the board and two screwdrivers. launched in tandem with 10100f and ssd from an old PC with a knurled Windows in just a minute, rebooted a couple of times, blinked all the colors of the indicator lights. See full review

tire hankook ventus prime 3 k125 215/55 r17 94w summer logo

Wonderful quality, one hundred percent satisfied!

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Different pros: The tires are fresh, late 2022, and look straight. I haven't checked the driving characteristics yet. Now, because of the , as far as I understand, only Made in China tires are brought in, previously, as far as I know, they were brought from Hungary. Some cons: Made in China. But I hope that there is no difference in the quality of workmanshipSee full review

hp 512 gb sata 16l53aa ssd logo

Bought as a replacement for a laptop. Installed Windows 10, activation with the old key went without problems. Everything works with a bang!See full review

tsc desktop thermal barcode bluetooth logo

I just unpacked it, after printing it out I try it, I'm waiting for the tape. I tried this printer before buying it, with a friend, she is a supplier to WILDBERRIES, and this thermal printer fits the bill. All shk were read in stock. The packaging is gorgeous. See full review

watch casio a1000d-7e logo

I was surprised by the quality for this price.

Revainrating 5 out of 5

A very necessary function of the hourly signal, when driving for days, and probably the only one of all chronometers where I really often use a stopwatch . And I found another very sad flaw by scratching the gl, it turns out that Casio does not supply gl to service centers for the A1000 model, it supplies it to all the others, and this one needs to be bought new in the store entirely . some kind of mystery .See full review

melatonin fast dissolve tabs, 10 mg, 60 pcs, 1 pack, citrus logo

A working preparation, its effect on everyone is different, but for me personally it acts instantly for 10 minutes. And it’s like someone cuts out the tumbler and until the morning a sound sleep. I generally have enough dosage of 3 mg. These are more profitable, since half a tablet is enough for me and an instant effect, a total of 120 doses is obtained. I don’t take it often, only if for some reason I myself can’t fall asleep, it happens to be nervous and I can’t fall asleep, or I come home froSee full review

matador mp 47 hectorra 3 185/65 r14 86t summer logo

I was surprised by the quality for this price.

Revainrating 5 out of 5

After 4 years, my kit was worn out, the tread remained about the same one and a half mm, the sidewalls were worn down to 0. Didn't disappoint. I decided that I would not experiment and order exactly the same kit. I recommend these tires, because for their price they worked perfectly. The photo shows an old tire (4 years later) and a new one, carefully packed by the seller, for which he has special respect.See full review

massdrop x koss porta pro x on-ear headphones: 🎧 noise-cancelling mic, voice assistant, track skip | collapsible midnight blue logo

In the event if something were to happen to them. pah pah pah. I will purchase precisely the same ones as you. Below are some advantages: Very light and condensed in size. The open design of these headphones is my preference overall, and they suit my ears perfectly. The user will experience flawless sound quality, and the basses will work with a boom and not with any sort of fanaticism. Simple design, After a few months, I was unable to hold off, and I made the decision to investigate "how and wSee full review

💾 4tb wd my passport usb 3.2 gen 1 slim external hard drive (2019, black) with compact case logo

I purchased for backups that are kept in a nightstand or cabinet. I didn't even let him leave the house. At most ten times did I connect it to the computer. Although it was typically stored in a nightstand in a factory film, after removing the film it turned into trash - even the rubber legs broke off! The appearance worsened than that of my 10-year-old macbook, which fell from a 3-meter height without effects! The Mona Lisa was disturbed more frequently at the Louvre than this craft, and this iSee full review

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