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sfp transceiver mellanox mfm1t02a-sr logo

Mellanox MCX311A ConnectX-3 SFP + fiber patch. I did not manage to squeeze out more than 5Gbit / s. But for a Network card + 2 SFPs + optical patch = about 4'500 = this is several times cheaper than buying in conventional stores.See full review

grill kitfort kt-1655, black logo

Received this device as a gift from relatives for the New Year. I tried it right away - for the first grill, I think it's a great option, the only thing that's hard for me is non-removable panels, it's not very convenient to wash. Of the pluses, of course - it heats up quickly, it can be decomposed by 180 degrees, the handle does not heat up, there are 2 containers for liquid (fat and other things). In general, I am satisfied, if we consider other models from other manufacturers, then this is inSee full review

gaming chair chairman game 15, upholstery: imitation leather, color: black/red logo

It was possible to pay attention to the centering in production. First purchase. and stupid marriage. How to align the chair - I have no idea, if only with a crowbar. Got pros: Thoughtful ergonomics, good armrests. The chair is designed for big growth! from 180. Different cons: Axis tilted a few degrees. It is felt. I had to get used to . there is no time to change. Probably in the future I will consider more serious firms.See full review

sup-board koi 11.6 350*84*15 up to 180 kg (complete set) logo

Has some pros: Fire design, dimensions are definitely the strong point of this SUP for a family of 3 people Cons: When inflating with a pump, the ago must be held vertically so that it does not descendSee full review

hub/concentrator usb-c hub 5 in 1 forall/adapter with usb 3.0, rj45, hdmi 4k, pd charging up to 100w for macbook pro/air logo

Different pros: Price, strength, compactness, lightweight (aluminum), charging through it works. Some cons: RJ45 only at 100 Mbps (why it is called powerful is not clear) - for such money it is not a disadvantage. Charging type-c is only for charging, nothing more can be put there.See full review

refrigerator saratov 263, white logo

Quite a good device, without any unnecessary options with an acceptable price. Refrigerator for limited spaces and for a maximum of 2, or, if strongly compacted, then for 3 people. Neighbors, when they ask what kind of refrigerator, are surprised that the brand "Hong Kong" still exists, so maybe not everything is lost. Has some pros: Compact - I took it for a summer residence, so the size mattered. I bought it on the advice of friends - they have been working in their office for more than 5 yeaSee full review

cordiant snow cross 195/65 r15 91t winter logo

Has pros: Quiet, for winter tires. Holds the road well For 2 seasons, all the spikes are intact Has some cons: On rolled snow, at a speed of 20-30 km / h, strange braking, the car drives a littleSee full review

32" monitor asus rog swift pg329q, 2560x1440, 175hz, ips, black logo

Ownership experience a couple of weeks. Guys who change from small monitors, it is REALLY big! Keep this in mind. The choice was between Aorus FI32q-x and this monik. The decisive factor was the price (at the time of purchase aorus cost 20 thousand more). In my copy, minimal light. I found one broken green subpixel almost at the very bottom of the screen, I don’t even think about giving up because of this. Eyes do not hurt after sitting for a long time. After 24' and 60hz, it's just space. Took See full review


With its pros: Comfortable in the hand, adjustable speed, high-quality assembly. Got cons: The lack of the declared ability to maintain speed under load. Lack of information about the number of revolutions at a particular speed, except for the maximum.See full review


A good buy. There are a lot of lamps in the house for such lamps, we take only this company and this color. They shine brighter than other manufacturers of higher power.See full review

thickness gauge rdevice rd-990 lite + galvanized gauge, turbo gauge, ruby ​​gauge logo

I ordered a thickness gauge for myself. Went through a lot of different proposals and settled on this option. Performed for a month. During this time, I managed to help my friends and I myself got a new vehicle, for this, in principle, I initially took it. The device is of high quality, does not lag, and in general is very convenient to use. I recommend with full confidence!See full review


I was seduced by the price and what keeps power surges. It would be better to buy a UPS and a Bosch refrigerator. At home there is the most budgetary Bosch with two compressors, bought 5 years ago (room 25 meters) - you never hear it. The same one stands in a dacha in a room of 50 sq. m and you can hear it at the other end when it starts working. The freezer is hard to open. The handle is made in the door, but the door sticks quite strongly and you have to rest against the door of the refrigeraSee full review


Headphones fire! They work amazing. And the sound is very good and the microphone functions perfectly. Appearance is cool. I recommend to everyone.See full review


Has some pros: Dirty torn bag. I ask you to return the money 7000 for food 12 kg Grandorf Cons below: Dirty torn bag. I ask you to return the money 7000 for food 12 kg GrandorfSee full review

adapter isa ad02 16 a white/grey 1 pc. logo

Its pros: Very handy adapter. Now I want to replace everything in the house with these. Cons below: Too wide. It is difficult to plug a plug into an adjacent outlet.See full review


Already the second breeches in the family. My wife has 2 spikes, and I had to replace the already killed Nordman (peace be upon his spikes) for powerful out-of-town trips. Chose ice cruiser 7000S. Rigid? To some, yes, but the sidewall is reliable, I can’t sleep on it. Noisy? Maybe if you roll on asphalt, but the spikes were not stuck there for this, only to spoil the road. Expensive? I can’t judge here, everyone has their own wallet. But I'm for reliability, not cheapnessSee full review


For such money I am completely satisfied with the device! The amps are adjustable, the voltage changes, that's all I need! The wires are of normal section, and in general they are of high quality. Particularly pleased with the metal case! I recommend!See full review


We opted for the cable, as it is flexible and we laid it at our discretion in the screed. Also immediately installed the regulator, for their own peace of mind. In the work showed itself well, thoroughly heats the floors.See full review


Grain-free foods are definitely the best balance for city/apartment dwellers. And they sleep well, and playfulness is preserved. Has some pros: The size of the feed, the composition is quite good grain-free feed. After a similar grain-free, slightly more expensive one (temporarily out of stock: ( - the cat ate with the usual appetite. Cons: There is no lock on the package, it was decided by pouring into another package.See full review

construction set creator ghostbusters car ecto-1 2352 parts / ghostbusters car / compatible with idias / children''s play set creator logo

Excellent shop! I buy not the first set! The quality is excellent. Special thanks for the packaging! Buy and you won't regret it! The photo shows the start of assembly.See full review

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