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compressor inhaler (nebulizer) and cn-231, white logo

I bought it on the advice of a friend, she has been using this inhaler for a long time. I liked it, I liked the equipment, it has several nozzles, a good guarantee, an acceptable price. Nozzles sit comfortably, it is convenient to wash them.See full review

mobile air conditioner electrolux eacm-13hr/n3, white logo

The specifications say that it is quiet, but the number of decibels that they write there is when it just blows (ventilates) like that. When cooling is turned on, the noise increases dramatically. At night, it can periodically turn on / off, maintaining the temperature, thereby interfering with sleep. The night mode only turns off the indication on the device (so that it is not bright) - it does not affect the operating modes and noise.See full review

32" tv tuvio full hd dled on yandex.tv platform, stv-32fdfbk1r, black logo

I want to say that if you evaluate by the price: quality ratio, then the product is excellent. For the money, this is exactly what I expected from the product. Yes, sometimes loading times are annoying, but for the price, I'm willing to put up with it. The problem with sound is that at a low volume you can’t make out anything because of the “bass” sound, and at a volume at which you can clearly make out TV replicas, you can hear it throughout the apartment.See full review

ter-2 press for installation of sewing accessories for clothes of buttons, eyelets, buttons, holnitens, punches logo

Its pros: It penetrates the jacket well, it is more convenient than manual Has cons: You need nozzles that are bought separately, but I knew about it so there are no problems.See full review

cordiant snow cross 195/65 r15 91t winter logo

I compare with a number of spikes GOODYEAR, Gislaved NordFrost and Cordiant Polar 2 (not a spike). All the above-mentioned European rubbers are good in their own way and I can’t say anything bad, except for their cost. Gislaved deserves special honors. But after purchasing the Snow Cross tire (for meager money), not a single member of our family doubted for a second that we had made the right choice. Absolutely nothing lost to their predecessors. Well, maybe in handling at high speed. Since we See full review

hankook tire kinergy eco k425 195/65 r15 91t summer logo

soft, but for their money is very good. I don't know about explosions. Now I roll almost like slicks and nothing explodes at 180 km / h. + there are side cuts to the cord and nothing, bless you ride ! !! Its pros: size 195/65/15 drove 4 seasons during normal use in terms of mileage, probably 50 thousand. Riding without particularly sharp accelerations but at decent speeds behaves well! Different cons: noisy from 60 to 80. But for me Shumka in Merce is good, so I can’t say for sure about the adeqSee full review

philips fc8293 powergo vacuum cleaner, red logo

The vacuum cleaner is decent, cleans well, there is not even a trace of wool left on the carpets, and by the way, I have a cat and a dog! The power is quite satisfactory, but it is not very convenient to regulate, since the regulator is on the handle, and not on the vacuum cleaner itself. Volumetric dust collector - 3 liters, which means that the bag will be changed less often! I hope for a long-term cooperation))).See full review

a set of bits, drills and a twister attachment for a deko ds20 screwdriver logo

And now let's essentially, do not take into account the bits from the kit, because we ourselves understand what they are. Of course, the twister itself looks like a homemade product, but it costs its 600s. Here we must take into account that it is not for power work, but for small work. Yes, the runout and the axis are also present. I myself would have made such a homemade product longer, therefore it is worth the money. I would like to see this instance of steel.See full review

eikosha car fragrance air spencer 40g floral healing shower logo

Probably the most persistent fragrance in the car. For the winter I will put it under the passenger seat under the stove duct. Has pros: The smell, it is convenient to use, or rather opened the "caserver", put on a plastic cover and that's it! ))) Cons below: After a month or two of use, it starts to smell a little less, but as soon as it warms up (by the stove or the sun) - it again pleases with a light but stable aroma ! !See full review

casio collection ae-1000w-1a quartz watch, alarm clock, chronograph, stopwatch, countdown timer, waterproof, display backlight, black logo

Nice dial and strap. For this category of watches, nothing more is needed. Wow, buy a G-shock. In general, the impressions are pleasant. The box arrived sealed.See full review


Got pros: Everything works, the R5 5600x processor warmed up to 80+ degrees with its boxed cooler, put this tower and the problem is gone, now the temperature of the processor is maximum around 60 With its cons: I don’t know if this is a drawback, but the thermal paste in the kit is just very small, somehow squeezed outSee full review


Definitely recommend! ! With its pros: Spaciousness. Aerodynamics, almost no difference when driving felt. Well, outwardly normal! Has some cons: You can think about fixing the fastener tightening. It weakens over time, not critical.See full review

charcoal grill weber go anywhere, 43x31x41 cm logo

This grill is a high-quality convenient thought-out equipment for cooking delicious food. It makes no sense to compare with ordinary barbecues. A bunch of recipes and cooking options, I am very satisfied and my family tooSee full review


I bought this rubber in the spring of 2022 and for three summer seasons only positive impressions, no jokes, no hernias! Rubber in the dimension 205 / 55R17 was installed on a regular sedan. Judging by different reviews, the quality of rubber may depend on the manufacturer, my rubber was from France. For the summer season in 2022, I installed the same model on an all-terrain station wagon in the dimension 235 / 55R18 (these tires are already from Portugal), over the past season, the impressioSee full review


There were problems during assembly (the holes in the back do not match with the armrest) One bolt could not be screwed in. Lightning diverges on the lumbar pillow, but because it is not visible from behind. And the folding mechanism does not work well, it is impossible to lean back without using force, which is very inconvenientSee full review


If you often work in front of the camera or have online meetings on zoom or scype, this is a great women's headset - beautiful, practical and comfortable. Pros: Price, box, design. Comfortable fit on the head - does not press hard (8 hours is comfortable enough to work. Cons: The sound and the microphone are quite clear and loud sounds, BUT the sound "walks" from one ear to the other and the sound of the microphone often disappears - the interlocutor stops hearing. If you purchase such, then thrSee full review


There is not enough sticker on the box "Top. Do not turn over! ". Some pros: This is the second time I order this oil (5 liters) from this supplier. Everything is fine. Made in EU. Different cons: Both times the canister in the box was upside down. A little spilled. Gram 10 literally. Not critical, but not pleasant.See full review


I work as a DJ, I run it in tandem with ddj-sx2, through serato dj. Recently, I like to cut on latency 1ms and play with the addition of all sorts of loops, plus tapping something on the samplepad. In short, it turns out the simultaneous playing of 4 decks with the addition of effects on 1/2 of them, all this causes a rather serious load on the laptop, and the sound starts to croak a little. If you set latency to 5 ms, the problem is mitigated or even disappears, but religion does not allow me tSee full review


Ride for 3 days, including with a blocked rear wheel. The snow fell good, the frosts rose. I didn’t go skidding into the snow even once, even with a locked wheel downhill, starting off. Handles very well in snow. What happens next season remains to be seen. But it is immediately clear that this season she departs well. Yes, she is noisy. In a foreign car, this may be a minus. But choose: either noisy, but a good grip; either quietly and with a bad handle; or take tires more than 4-5k apiece and See full review


the water heater of this company worked in my country house for 16 years without any complaints, daily switching on from May to OctoberSee full review

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