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Blockchain games are a new type of online video games. They use blockchain technology to integrate cryptocurrencies into their internal economies and enable public trading of digital assets

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etherbots logo
14 reviews

Etherbots is a strategy collectible game on the blockchain. Get your powerful bots and and start the battle! Etherbots parts have gruaranteed uniqueness and scarcity, enabled by blockhain technology. See more

knight story logo
14 reviews

Knight Story is a collectible RPG game on the Ethereum network.Battle with goblins, craft items and build a village. Own and trade the items powered by blockchain tech See more

cryptoflowers logo
14 reviews

CryptoFlowers is a game about collecting and breeding digital flowers. Using the power of Smart Contracts and Ethereum network, the game allows you to collect, breed and exchange unique digital flowers. While CryptoFlowers are not digital currency, it provides the same level of security. Each Cryptoflower is genetically unique, it cannot be destroyed... See more

enjincraft logo
14 reviews

Enjincraft is an enjin-powered Minecraft server with blockchain-based assets in the form of ERC1155. Play Minecraft as usual in this great server and get rewarded with real in-game assets. See more

chain warriors logo
14 reviews

Chain Warriors is a browser based MMORPG where you can collect unique sets and artifacts and sell them for the real crypto! Classic RPG mechanics, PvP and PvE battles and enjoyable graphics will allow you to take a break and grab your piece of glory in this new and unknown world. See more

decimated logo
14 reviews

Decimated is a post-apocalyptic RPG multiplayer survival game with true digital scarcity and true item ownership. The game features its own blockchain economy where players can trade virtual blockchain items See more

war riders logo
14 reviews

War Riders is a next generation, post-apocalyptic MMO driving game in which you can blow up cars and mine BZN Tokens. You can customize your vehicles by using car parts and weapons while you can store cars in your garage. See more

containment corps logo
14 reviews

Tower defense multiverse game powered by Enjin. While playing Containment Corps players will earn Crystal Shards which can be exchanged for Blockchain Items from the Shop. See more

nole legends logo
14 reviews

NoleLegends aims to be the game that bridges the gap between gamers and philanthropy with blockchain. They aim to create a fun experience that gamers can enjoy for years to come that also speaks to its audience in an inconspicuous and cleverly disguised educational system. See more

cheeze wizards logo
14 reviews

Cheeze Wizards is the world's first blockchain battle royale with cheese. In the world of Cheeze Wizards, magic is power, power is ether, and being the Big Cheeze is everything. See more