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Blockchain games are a new type of online video games. They use blockchain technology to integrate cryptocurrencies into their internal economies and enable public trading of digital assets

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mlb champions logo
25 reviews

MLB Champions is a blockchain-based sports game that anyone can play using their very own figures! Every game of MLB Champions is tied to a live MLB game in real time. The better your team performs in a live MLB game, the more rewards you will earn! See more

lordless logo
25 reviews

LORDLESS is a fantasy game where you rule your Tavern. Recruit bounty hunters, send them on quests, and reap the rewards. You can also play a bounty hunter to complete the quests and get the rewards. See more

ethermon logo
23 reviews

One of the first decentralized games, Ethermon creates a world of Ether Monsters (Mons) in which players can: - Capture and train Mons to form a powerful team - Battle against others’ teams - Trade Mons and collect in-game currency for monetary reward Ethermon combines Blockchain with Virtual Reality (VR) to set the foundation for the Game 3.0 era. See more

soccer manager elite logo
19 reviews

An evolution of the classic SM Worlds real-time multiplayer game, utilising blockchain technology, giving you true realism, ownership and total control. Only a limited number of clubs are available to manage in one exclusive game world, “The Elite Championship”. All the clubs are owned by shareholders (other players) who appoint their managers. This... See more

kingdoms beyond logo
19 reviews

"Kingdoms Beyond is a free to play game that leverages the Ethereum blockchain to track ownership over assets that you earn in game. Assets that are on the blockchain are backed by Ethereum or Dai to ensure that there is a base value. The core gameplay of Kingdoms Beyond is to collect, train, and battle using heroes. Each hero is unique and has a... See more

cryptowars logo
19 reviews

An epic decentralized civilization is rising. Build and customize your village, form alliances, summon an army and go to war with your enemies to take control of all realms. CryptoWars is the first strategy game to fully run on smart contracts, everything you obtained in-game, is really yours on the Ethereum blockchain. See more

vibe or die logo
18 reviews

Vibe or Die is a Multiplayers FPS blockchain game where players earn crypto for every time they kill an opponent and loose and vice versa. The game integrates VIBE, NEO, ETH, and BNB. See more

blocklords logo
17 reviews

Blocklords is a well-known strategy dapp game first introduced on TRON blockchain, as a member of the TRON Arcade fund. Since then it has integrated NEO support and won two awards. The development continues with Ethereum integration through LOOM network and NFT support. See more

merge cats logo
16 reviews

Merge cats is a free mining game with ERC20 tokens integration. The goal of the entire project is to enable the player both for having a good time as for receiving cryptocurrencies for it. See more

iqeon logo
16 reviews

IQeon is an Estonian blockchain startup that has developed gaming PvP platform, which allows players to monetize their in-game achievements. The peculiarity of the project lies in the fact that the platform uses IQN digital asset. Users receive it for winning game matches and can use IQN to participate in the ecosystem games and exchangeit for... See more