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GenreSurvival, RPG
Statusto be released

About Decimated

Decimated is a post-apocalyptic RPG multiplayer survival game with true digital scarcity and true item ownership. The game features its own blockchain economy where players can trade virtual blockchain items

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The best gaming platform

Decimated review is here Decimated is an animated 3D graphic design block chain games. This game is play online and can be in team and the players are compensated for playing games in this platform. Decimated been a post-apocalyptic RPG...See full review

My favourite game Decimated very good game.

Hi everyone do you know about Decimated, and Do you Know about Decimated. I really like this game. A new game called Decimated has been launched and uses blockchain to control the flow of virtual objects and notes inside it, as well as to manage...See full review

safe game and fun game good game Decimated

Hello everyone. The creation of broken laboratories, Decimated, is a land-based RPG / MMO that has been abused by corporations and neglected for greed! the world is full of all criminals and pirates, but through all the destruction and destruction...See full review

Decimated is one of the safest and most fun games.

Hello everyone. Today I'm going to tell you about the Decimated game. This game is Decimated Decimated, a 3rd person survival game where players can choose different roles as human or cyborg. They can choose to collect and trade illegal sources...See full review

Decimated Company

Decimated review is what I want to really tell you about . When you are hearing about 3D graphic design block chain game, then decimated has the best description for this. Decimated is a platform where games are been played online with one...See full review

Review on Decimated War game by David Emmanuel

Decimated is a multi player game where player, you can also team up with your friends to claim some valuable rewards like car, territory and Arms and ammunition. At first players begin like an ordinary human but with time they can choose to perform...See full review


Decimated game is one of the best game in the crypto world and also in the ecosystem it has a good graphics design and also a 3D graphics. The game also uses RPG mode which makes is very fun and entertaining to play. You can download this game very...See full review

A great game for the future.

Hello everyone. My review today is about the Decimated game. This game is considered one of the best games in Blockchain games. The design of this game is very good and has 3D graphics. This game has a widely used RPG game and very many players...See full review

Pulverized - An endurance game

After the annihilation of the earth by industrialization, environmental change, calamities, starvation ... humankind has let completely go to the detriment of a simulated intelligence. Wrecked is a multiplayer endurance game where you need to...See full review

Deciamet is a survival game

Review the Decimated game. One of the good games is the last RPG player survival game. It is also an online multiplayer game. It is possible to select the DIO icon in this game. Because the gaming platform is also in-game for trading. That is...See full review