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War Riders

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GenreMMO, Racing

About War Riders

War Riders is a next generation, post-apocalyptic MMO driving game in which you can blow up cars and mine BZN Tokens. You can customize your vehicles by using car parts and weapons while you can store cars in your garage.

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War Riders: Colorful 3D car game

Game that uses the blockchain and is based on the ethereum platform. It is an entertaining action and strategy game in which with your cars you must compete with other players in order to destroy your enemy. Explode your vehicle, The game is not...See full review

An exciting combat vehicle game with unique features

This game is an exceptional and breathtaking vehicle combat game, it is one of a kind,it posses varieties of features that makes it different from other vehicle game in the blockchain ecosystem. This game was designed differently with vehicles...See full review

War riders: an interesting vehicle combat game

They are not so many vehicle combat game on the blockchain ecosystem, war riders have become a thrilling and unique vehicle game due to the fact unlike other vehicle game it is designed with weapons for battle against enemies. Gamers earn...See full review

War Riders: An Exciting Vehicle Battle Game

There are just scarcely any vehicle hustling game on the blockchain however what makes War Riders unique in relation to other vehicle games like 0X racer is that the vehicles are furnished with weapons for battle against different rivals, this...See full review

Cutting edge dystopian MMO dependent on a thing exchange

An online MMO dependent on the Ethereum chain, comprises of an arrangement of trading things in the game with different players, permitting to acquire a few benefits to have the option to have a more prominent position in the game, where it is...See full review

"War Rider"

Hello everyone first. Let me tell you about a blockbuster game today. The name of this game is "War Rider". This game is a war game. You have to fight to survive in this game. The main logic of the game is to develop your own tools. Another thing...See full review

War Riders: A Thrilling Car Combat Game

There are only few car racing game on the blockchain but what makes War Riders different from other car games like 0X racer is that the cars are equipped with weapons for combat against other opponents, this makes the game thrilling and interesting...See full review

WAR RIDERS. Multi-player battle game.

WAR RIDERS. A multiplayer battle game that uses blockchain based on the broadcast platform. In the game, users are given the opportunity to earn cryptocurrencies and buy various vehicles by fighting their opponents. The better you equip your cars...See full review

The game that makes money by staying: War Riders

Good day everyone, today I will write my review about the War Riders game, a game from the Blockchain Games section. I have been playing the War Riders game for about 2 weeks and I can say that the knowledge and experience I gained drove me to...See full review

War Riders

In my post today, I will talk about another blockchain game, War Riders. I can say that it is a really passionate war game for this game. It's the kind of war game where you have to kill to be the last man alive. The main purpose is to let...See full review

War Rider game is a multiplayer game

The game War Rider was launched by Cartified and only the pre-alpha that has been released. The game is the first decentralized MMO strategy game of mining crypto currency. The game is adventurous since player can hunt other players, take over...See full review