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About Nole Legends

NoleLegends aims to be the game that bridges the gap between gamers and philanthropy with blockchain. They aim to create a fun experience that gamers can enjoy for years to come that also speaks to its audience in an inconspicuous and cleverly disguised educational system.

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Nole Legends: Exotic game based on the TRON network

In my efforts to guide in this time of pandemic to find a healthy fun entertainment for leisure time at home, not only serve to entertain but also to earn some money for it, I got this game NoleLegends quite exotic as both its characters and plots...See full review

My favorite game Nole Legends very good game

Hello everyone. The beautiful name of this game is Nole Legends. This game is one of the best and most convenient games to make money and it is very easy to make money. This game is very different from other games. I play this game when I go out...See full review

Nole legends

The game nope legend is a crypto currency game with alot of enjoyable features and fantastic designs. The game is mainly stragetic and adventurous. I must say that this game features is so entertaining The game is being supported by the Tron...See full review

safe game and fun game great Nole Legends.

Foster your #1 legend in this game, Each character has their own exceptional capacities and attributes. In this chase, the Waterway Tree fills in as the focal tree of NoleVille and is regularly used to develop apple natural product, and the force...See full review

safe game and fun game good Nole Legends.

Develop your favorite legend in this game, Each character has their own unique abilities and traits. In this hunt, the River Tree serves as the central tree of NoleVille and is often used to grow apple fruit, and the power of the Dervish tree is a...See full review

entertaining and very colorful game

Nole Legends is a game that tries to achieve a lot on the blockchain, it seems like it could become something great, has an incredible variety of entertainment options in the world virtual, it is a world where you can experience diversity and...See full review

Review on Nole Legends by David Emmanuel

The game was developed by the great Tron Network. The special thing about Nole Legends game is that it has many features apart from the gaming. The limitation of the the game is that some of the features are not related with the game.there is...See full review


Hello everyone, i'm going to be bring to you today a beautiful crypto-currency game called NOLE LEGENDS.This is a beautiful game with lovely designs which enables players game with easy and better understanding of what to do,it is a game of...See full review

"Nole Legends".

Hello everyone. My review today is about a game called Nole Legends. This game is supported by the Tron system. This game has its own unique features like other games. I would like to point out the need for external and internal features to...See full review

Nole strategy game

I'm watching the Nole game. An interesting and great design crypto currency game. The game is also in the strategy experience section where the characters are selected and played by the characters. So you can save your cryptocurrency money in this...See full review

"Nole Legends"

Hello everyone first. This game is a blockchain game and a nice design cryptocurrency game. The name of this game is "Nole Legends". This game will also be developed with the support of the Tron system and you can save your earned cryptocurrencies…See full review