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December 25, 2018


Crypto Wallets category is now available on Revain platform

Remember our little survey? We were actively thinking which category (besides existing Projects and Exchanges) Revain should add next. Turns out most of you said Wallets.

So here they are! Third category is now available for you to review. As always, we started with a small pack of major Wallets and we will add more of them as time goes. You can rate each Wallet on Security, Anonymity and Ease of use.

Here is the initial list of Wallets:

Besides that, we show basic information about each of them such as a number of cryptocurrencies which you can add, Wallet type, extra services available, devices and operating systems supported.

We really wanted to end this exciting year by releasing Wallets category, so this is an early version and we still have some work of polishing ahead of us. But the main functionality is here.

Take a look on it: https://revain.org/wallets. We can’t wait for your reviews!

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