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August 26, 2020


Faster and less fees: REVtoken withdrawals are now available in TRC-20

Dear Revain community members, we’re glad to announce that, from now on, in addition to ERC-20, our REVtoken supports TRC-20 protocol. It means that starting from today you will have two options for withdrawing your assets — ERC-20 and TRC-20 as a more convenient alternative with lower withdrawal fee.

Apparently, your first question will be: “Why should I withdraw REVtoken in TRC-20 instead of ERC-20?”. First of all, TRC-20 will allow you to withdraw your REV tokens faster. It means that after the approval from our side the speed of transferring your REVs on an exchange wallet or your personal wallet will be higher. To be more precise, with ERC-20 transction processing time may stretch up to 32 hours. With TRC-20 your average waiting time wouldn't exceed 4 hours.

Second, Revain platform withdrawal fee on TRC-20 will be 0,5 RVN instead of current 2 RVN when withdrawing in ERC-20. Moreover, after transfering your RVN tokens to the TRON wallet it doesn't matter whether you will send tokens to your other wallet or whether you will try to exchange it, all your transaction fees will be lower than ERC-20 ones.

Here are some exchanges supporting REVtoken on TRC-20 for now: BTC Alpha, KuCoin, DragonEx and Poloni Dex.

How to withdraw your RVN through TRC-20?:

  1. Click on your profile name located in the right corner of Revain Website.
  2. Go to “My account” section.
  3. Go to the “Wallet” tab.
  4. Click on the button “Withdraw”.
  5. And then choose how you want to withdraw your assets.

Please keep in mind that before withdrawing you should enter the TRON wallet address in your profile settings.

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Comments 2

Victor Nnamah

25 days ago

This review was very helpful to me, I was finding it hard to withdraw my tokens but after reading it, it became simpler. I just withdrew my tokens few minutes ago, I could not withdraw in ERC-20 so I withdrew in TRC-20. It was very swift and withdrawal fee was just 0.5RVN.

Çoşkun Kuzu

7 months ago

It was a good informative article. The withdrawal fee was significantly more attractive than 2 RVN's being 0.5 RVN. I guess there is no need to think too much. Click on your profile name in the right corner of the Revain Website. Go to "My Account. Go to the" Wallet "tab. Click on the "Withdraw Money" button and then choose how you want to withdraw your assets. Operations are also very simple.

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