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September 9, 2019


Introducing Revain Widget

Today we proud to announce Revain Widget, the next big step in our conquest of the cryptocurrency review market. Revain Widget is a web application which every website can install and integrate more than 10,000 reviews available on Revain.

Try it now: https://revain.org/public-api/widgets

Who is it for?

There are two main use cases. Companies can add the Widget on their website to reinforce their users trust by linking reviews from a third-party service, while aggregators with lots of listed tokens, projects, etc. (like coinmarketcap or cryptocompare) will be able to add reviews on all сompanies.

Reviews on your company

  • Trustworthy and high-quality feedback written on your company by a diverse group of users
  • Increased trust and credibility among crypto community
  • User feedback from third-party unbiased service, which shows all opinions despite their attitude. According to research by Reevoo, 68% customers trust reviews and the company more if they include both positive and negative reviews

Reviews on all companies

  • Largest base of crypto reviews on the Internet
  • Additional high-quality content for your users to interact with
  • Increased depth and engagement to your service, which will result in more user activity and time spent on the site
  • Overall rating on all crypto entities, which can help users to understand the quality of a project, exchange, wallet or card

What are Revain Widget features?

Our widgets are a great way to give customers the confidence they need to use your product and increase your trust among crypto community.

Easy to setup

Revain Widget integration into your website is a matter of a few clicks. Just copy one line of code, insert it on certain pages and let your users enjoy the reviews.

Responsive and code-free

Revain Widget is designed with flexibility and customization in mind. You can choose between two types of widget depending on your priorities. After that you can easily customize it by a number of options.

Ensuring that users stay on your website

If your users would like to write a review, they don’t need to go too far. Registration and writing process are smoothly integrated into Revain Widget and done without leaving your website.

Blockchain all across

Revain is the first ever blockchain-based feedback platform. All reviews, comments and updates left on our service are stored in Bitcoin blockchain and can’t be changed, deleted or manipulated by any party. Therefore, your users always can count on transparency and incorruptibility of the feedback they read.

Revain Widget setup and customization

In order to create your own widget go to the widget page and click 'Try now'. When you start creating your Revain widget, the first thing to do is to choose between 4 classic and 5 lite widget designs.

Classick widgets include Grid, Carousel, Slider and Sidebar styles and are a perfect choice if you’ve got space to spare. Lite widgets are designed to be as small as possible and allow you to focus on one specific part of the message that you want to convey to your audience. Lite widgets include Badge, Score, Community and Rating templates as well as a super-austere Mini one.

After choosing the template, proceed with “Continue with this template” button.

On the right side of the window, there's a configuration panel that allows you to see how your current design looks on both light and dark themes as well as different screen sizes (desktop, tablet and mobile).

On the left side of the screen you can start to customize your widget and witness the effect your changes incur in real time.

Customization consists of a number of options, some of which are different depending on the template you are editing. Some numbers also have upper and lower limits, so don’t worry about breaking anything

There are only two required fields. The first one is “Company” in which you have to type the name of the company you want widget to display reviews on. The second one is website address, in which you have to paste the address of the website the widget is going to be posted on.

There’s also a number of non-mandatory, which you can utilize to tune the widget to your liking or skip altogether. The number of customization options of this kind differs from widget to widget. In this case, in Grid Widget template, you’ve got:

  • Content Lines, which changes the number of lines shown before the “See full review” button

  • Review shadow, which, unsurprisingly, defines the shadow behind the review block

  • Write review option, which defines the existence of this panel

  • Review size (Full or Mini)

  • Review sorting, which defines the order in which reviews are displayed (highest rated or most recent first)

  • Number of reviews displayed before the load more button

  • Review background color

Once you press the “Finish customization” button all that’s left to do is to copy the resulting snippet and then add it to the code of your website.

Excited? Check out how widgets work by trying to create your own one here! https://revain.org/public-api/widgets/create

As always with our products, we are trying to make it as good as polished as we can prior to the release, but everything is designed with YOU in mind. So, don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you’ve got any suggestions or ideas.

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