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February 19, 2020


Meet Revain FAQ section

New to Revain? Not quite sure how everything on works yet? Worry not, we’ve got your back with an extremely detailed FAQ that covers all the core topics and questions that you were likely to come up with while browsing the platform.

Don’t know what RVN is? Not sure how to earn XP and level up?Wondering how to withdraw your tokens? Something else?

Revain is so feature-rich that it can get confusing, but we’ve got you covered with our new and shiny FAQ. All the main points are covered in out FAQ and for any advanced or inquiries or issue reports, you can contact our friendly admins on Telegram.

Check out the platform’s FAQ! https://revain.org/faq

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Lucian Nagy

1 year ago

Regards dear Revain team & community. My only issue on which i couldn't find an answer was to the fact that "IF" you're not using telegram, how can you withdraw your rvn tokens? Can you find a solution or a new protocol for the withdrawing procedure, like on publish0x platform for instance, where you can switch the ethereum adress to withdraw your earnings and it doesn't require a telegram account. That would solve a lot of things and more people would join this awesome community. Regards

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