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July 16, 2020


Meet the newest review competition on Revain

Revain is launching it's next big review competition. Write high-quality reviews and receive token rewards!

Rewards for this giveaway will be sent to you in RVN tokens (don’t confuse it with RVN from CoinMarketCap). 1 RVN ~ 1 USDT. After that you will be able to withdraw RVN and receive REVtokens.

1) To enter this competition you have to be a follower of Revain’s Twitter and like and retweet this tweet.

2) Write a high-quality review with screenshots on any company on Revain platform. Reward - 0,5 RVN per review.

Your screenshots should represent the issues you raise in your review. For instance, a screenshot of a bug in a wallet or a trading chart of a token. Reviews with screenshots non-related to the review will be removed.

3) After the end of the competition our team will manually choose 5 reviews which we will find the most detailed and helpful. Authors of these reviews will receive additional reward of 10 RVN tokens (~ 10 USDT). We value user’s personal experience with the exchange above all.

The competition will be held from July 18 to July 28, 23:59 (UTC+0).

Remember: high-quality review doesn’t mean a positive one. A review can be positive, negative or neutral. All reviews should be fully original and contain at least 300 symbols. Please pay attention to the quality of your review, low-quality ones will not be rewarded in this competition. We expect a detailed, reasoned and well written feedback. Rewriting someone else review (even with some differences) is prohibited, please write your own original ideas.

If you have any additional questions please ask them in Revain official Telegram group.

What is RVN token

RVN is Revain’s inner token and exists only inside Revain platform. Your reward will be sent in RVN tokens on your Revain account. After that you can exchange your RVNs on REVtokens and then trade them on many popular exchanges. Please don't confuse RVN with Ravencoin (RVN) from Coinmarketcap.

1 RVN ~ 1 USDT

How to receive rewards

1) To enter this competition please join our Telegram channel, Telegram group and Twitter.

2) After you publish your review please fill this Google form. After the end of the competition on July 27, we will need a few days to check everything. Then we will announce the results on our social media and start sending RVN to the winners.3) To see your RVN’s, please go to revain.org, log in, click on your name at the top right corner of the site ---> My Account ---> Wallet.

How to withdraw your RVN from Revain

To exchange RVN for REVtoken you need to verify your account via Telegram Passport. Click on ‘Settings’ ---> ‘Log in with Telegram’, then follow Telegram instructions. After that, enter your wallet number on which you want to receive REVtokens. Click ‘Save changes’. Then click on ‘Wallet’ ---> ‘Withdraw tokens’.

How to receive even more rewards on Revain

💸 Did you know you can earn tokens on Revain platform even without the competition? There are several ways how you can earn rewards:

1) We have a leveling system which gives you rewards for reaching certain levels. To progress through levels you should earn XP by doing different actions on the platform.

By reaching top Level 10 you will receive total of 83 RVN (~83 USDT)🔥

Learn more: https://revain.org/promo/gamification

2) Every week our moderators are choosing a number of companies listed on Revain. High-quality reviews on these companies are rewarded with additional XP and tokens.

Learn more: https://revain.org/blog/companies-of-the-week-on-revain

3) Once you reach top Level 10 you will start receiving 1 RVN for every review you will write.

4) We have a Telegram and Reddit activity competitions.

Every week 3 participants of Revain Telegram group and Reddit who left the biggest amount of messages will receive RVN tokens.

Learn more about Telegram competition: https://revain.org/blog/rewards-for-most-active-members-of-revain-telegram-community

Learn more about Reddit competition: https://revain.org/blog/join-revains-reddit-activity-competition


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