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March 9, 2021


NEM Review Competition

It's new Review Competition time!

NEM is a fascinating project. Launched in 2015, the "New Economy Movement" aims to create tools for efficient and convenient management of crypto and blackchain assets. Over the years it has created a true crypto ecosystem that includes tools for regular users, for companies and organizations.

This is a prime example of a project, that deserves more attention. So we are launching the NEM Review Competition!

The rules are simple: write or update a review of NEM until March 13 and get 3 RVN!

Good luck!

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Barış D

30 days ago

NEM is a blockchain network and uses its java base. The company has a collective growth vision and mission. This is the most important thing for a company. NEM aims to energize blockchain technology and contribute greatly to the development of blockchain technology in collaboration with individuals who trust and cooperate with each other.

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