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December 4, 2020


New Bitcoin Review Competition

Exciting times call for exciting Revain competition!

Bitcoin had a great month and reached a new all-time high. The crypto community is abuzz, the experts are pumping out forecasts and the new crypto enthusiasts are trying to understand what exactly is going on.

So it’s the perfect time to write a review of Bitcoin on Revain. Especially since we are giving out prizes.

The rules are simple. Write a review or update your old one and cover one of the following topics:

  1. Why Bitcoin price is definitely going to go down.
  2. Why Bitcoin price is definitely going to go up.
  3. The best way to get Bitcoin.
  4. Your best personal story about Bitcoin.

If you have any special slang names for Bitcoin - include them as well. We are interested in learning new lingo!

The competition will have 5 winners:

  1. Two authors of the most liked reviews
  2. Two authors of the most commented reviews
  3. Author of the Revain Team’s favorite review.

Each of the winners will get 10 RVN.

The competition will last until December 25th, so the winners will get nice Christmas gifts.

Good luck!

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